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Have to go to a mandir in the morning, is this wrong?


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Basically a close family friend has asked my grandad (mona) to take them to a  mandir in Walsall for whatever reason as they don’t have a car. My dada ji has agreed to take them but it a bit unsure about the route and doesn’t have enough confidence to use the Tom Tom as it’s broken and faulty. 

I said I will go will with him and put the google maps satnav on my phone. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with going as long as I don’t do namaskar to the moortiyan and take their parshad, I was just going to go in and sit down at the back and once they’re done come back. 

However when I told my other relatives (all are non amritdhari) they were like why are you going there? You’re not allowed to go in there! That’s wrong. 

I don’t think as a amritdhari I am doing anything wrong to go to a mandir if I just go to sit down and not worship. The only reason I am going is so that my grandad knows the route, if I was going to pray and seek advice from a pandit or do pooja would be different. 

Am I committing a sin? Would like to know sangats view

(I know there has been a recent “Hindu Sikh” thread, this has got nothing to do with that).

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The point is you know they're stone who cannot give you anything, let alone liberation . But for ppl who believe in them, they are God. So we should act in a way which doesn't hurt anyone. 

Having said that, it's important to remember waheguru is pervading everywhere fully, even inside those idols. But we don't worship "sargun saroop" as it's temporary . We're"nirgun upasak" , worshippers of formless being. 

So just keep these things in mind even when u go to mandir. Just going to temple doesn't incur sin or threat to your amritdhariness . That's ludicrous and sounds Abrahamic. Lol

I did went to a shiv mandir once, and even bowed a little, but in my head I was like "I salute you who's inside this idols" 

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9 hours ago, Bundha said:

Ha Ha we don't have any problem going into a pub or a club or a betting shop,  but WHAT go into  place of worship? God forbid!

It's is a place of worship. what you think they do there? 

Go by all means, listen and observe and be respectful,  just don't participate in any of the worshipping of the statues.

This is the most irresponsible post on this topic.  Comparing you go to parties/pub/betting shop to going to mandir has no equivalency.  

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On 9/14/2019 at 2:44 PM, Redoptics said:

He can go in just don't follow any of their religious customs.  Guru Nanak Ji went everywhere even to mecca.

Yes Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji went to mecca but he went to teach Gurmat.  The reason for the Guru going to mecca is the most important part, so why leave it out?  Leaving the reason out means you are purposely distorting history for your own views.

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I think you should not enter the Mandir and stay in the car. Because as an Amritdhari you are distinctive and even though you are planning on sitting at the back you will still be seen by others and they will assume that you are worshipping there. I know how animated Sikhs get when they see other Sikhs being present at places where non-Sikh worship is taking place. Say if a Mona and Keshdhari Sikhs who also go to the Mandir see you there then the next time a Sikh tells them that they should not be doing murti puja at a mandir then they will the fact that they saw you an Amritdhari as some sort of justification of their own manmat. 

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