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Gender neutral bs

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25 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

So true! lol

Women are crazy like that. 

The attractive ones never think about the future and revel in the adulation they receive like they are high on drugs. When they get on, and they see they are no longer the centre of focus, it hits them suddenly and hard. 

Attention is the currency in girl world. 

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On 10/31/2019 at 5:39 PM, Jonny101 said:

This is the evil of the lgbtq community. At first they said they just want equal rights which they got but they didn't just stop there.  Now they are targeting kids by indoctinating them at school at a very young age. 


This is Kaliyuga in full force and it is only getting worse. Sad thing is when you see misguided Sikhs standing up for these reprobates as if they are doing something very Dharmic. They don't realize they are standing up for a Paap filled lifestyle.

I believe that LGBT folk are just very weak-minded individuals who experienced trauma at a young age (usually sexual), now they are "rebelling".

I suspect that somewhere deep inside them they know what they're doing is wrong, so they wish to take as many down with them as possible out of spite.

There's also some evidence that it may be caused by vaccinations which are dangerous to human health as they contain many very powerful poisons that affect the brain, the gut and the sexual organs.

Any LGBT folk I've "met" aka overheard in conversation are just sheep like folk who want to band together behind some banner lol. Today's world is all about kaam and money. The entertainment world makes it look like "love" and "dating" is soo important, and fine, to them it is. They put "love" on such a huge pedestal when its really just lust lol. These ppl are not psychologically adjusted. Leave the Sikhs and the kaum out of it. We don't need their bakwaas infiltrating the faith.


edit: These gays just want to be accepted by society for their perversion. They have no actual power in them. Its just Kalyug's way of lust. Some people don't have the ability to think for themselves.

if you can find me an Amritdhari Sikh man, who wakes up at Amritvela and does his Nitnem everyday, does Seva and Simran who still wants to take another male's organ up his hoohaw after years of prayer, then I stand corrected.

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