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Beard curling

Guest Guest Singh

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Guest Guest Singh
On 3/3/2020 at 4:25 PM, jkvlondon said:

probaly wax or old stylee FIXO..... what happened to old style thatee ? remember my dada ji used to put one on at night . This seems tortuous and a P take of SInghs ... 'han bai main parlour/niayaan te chalan , bus apni darde nu curl karna. Nahin mere kol time ha nahin gatka/boxing/barjis karan vaste sorry curling pura ghanta lagda '

It is not necessary to go to a barber actually. Look at this Singh doing it on his own. It sure does take time but once done I think for about 2-3 months you don't need to do it again.

Especially for the professional Singhs, this must save them some time as they wouldn't need to tie their beards everyday. Most of all, it is much better than kes katal just to look "presentable". One would be able to at least maintain rehit. Hai ke ni?

(Ofc those who are comfortable with their beard as it is, nothing like it.)

And once the person is comfortable with the curled beard for some period, who knows they might even turn to growing it naturally.

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On 2/24/2020 at 5:31 PM, Guest Guest Singh said:

Please have a look at the attached picture. After curling, the guy's beard looks cleaner and less messy without having to cut it. I think this is a better alternative to Sikhs who end up cutting their beards in the pursuit to "look good"/"presentable" or even a better alternative for trying the beard, although it does require you to go the same salon where kes are murdered everyday. Your thoughts?


For a Singh or Kaur to be going into a Barber shop for this curling thing is a bit odd, if they want to do beard curling, they should do it themselves instead of going to a Barber where Hajjamat is performed every day.

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