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Delhi riots: Mosque set on fire

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Sikhs Should Support CAB It's Good for Afghani /Pakistani sikhs we should see Our Panth interest First... The Other community Have 52 countries + good political Representation in European Countries.. 

I was thinking something tangentially related to this. Take Advaita, or Bhagti, and the way their teachings are used as a sort of close to Sikhi basis for undermining Gurmat or claiming Sikhi. And so

A reason why I had left this forum is because of all the dumb theories and all the anti Hindu and Muslim posts.

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47 minutes ago, Arsh1469 said:

A reason why I had left this forum is because of all the dumb theories and all the anti Hindu and Muslim posts.

I was thinking something tangentially related to this. Take Advaita, or Bhagti, and the way their teachings are used as a sort of close to Sikhi basis for undermining Gurmat or claiming Sikhi. And so as, various, often times weird accounts, have posted xyz assertations either disguised as Sikhi or to discount or undermine or sew doubt about Ithias or Gursikhi. And so responses have been made to those assertations of various kinds. 

I myself have for instance warned against the threat Advaita narratives by certain posters have posed to the Paanth, but if you ask me how I feel about Advaita? I love Advaita, it's fantastic, there is a ton of Truth in it. Other things that I've encountered that helped me immensely and arguably helped me reach Maharaja and prostrate myself, were super close to Advaita. 

But in that way, as anti Sikhi narratives, and news, and politics and social media are responded to it make it seem like an anti whoever environment, and maybe sometimes it is, but there is also trans generational trauma, and a whole lot of negativity and attacks on Paanth that are being responded to. 

But I think if you ask individuals here, how do you feel about the average, insert group here, they'd say no problems. They do their thing, they don't bother me etc. I like their food or their music or I like this about their Dharam or I like they did this. 

However, there are elements within these groups, and governments who simply are animous to the Paanth, Askih, and they will not be given any freebies. 

To all those truly following their Dharam. Respect. 

To all the Good Muslims. Respect. I know some for sure. 

Especially to the Advaita and Bhagti adherents. Respect. 

To all the good Jews and Christians. Respect. 

To all Native peoples. Respect. You will get your land back. Maharaja will see to it. 

Become Asikh however, then Asikh Sangaro if it must be so. 

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    • 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    • I am sure theres many sikh videos of weddings. Look at rainsbai weddings. Or akj weddings.        There is milni. As the girls side of the family is in charge of the venue. They get their earlier and prepare breakfast langar ( cha pakore etc). Then when the groom and his family come over. They meet each other outside the gurudwara in the parking lot. Ideally the girls family should be doing kirtan with vaja dholki of Aye Mil Gurshikh... as they welcome the grooms family. but if noone from the girls family is a musician, the two families can just greet each other with fateh. Then each of the relatives are introduced to their contrapart. The father meet the father in law. They can say fateh and give sarope to each other. Then the mothers, brothers, uncles, aunts. Then the grooms party is invited to eat langar ( i think they do this before matha teking and as they are sangat, they are allowed to eat first...i think) After langar, groom and his family go matha tek. The groom sits in front of the sangat where they do matha tek.  Then bride walks in. Matha teks, sits next to groom. The palla ardaas is done. Then the shabad about Pallai taindai laagee (or is shabad done before?) And then lavaan etc. 
    • I bet the saura/FIL was quiet before marriage because his wife and daughter made him. I can just imagine it: The MIL "dont start foolish arguments, let the girl be married off first, with your incessant talking and debates, you have alienated all of our neighbors and friends. Stay quiet and dont ruin the girls life!" I am terribly sorry to say theres only 2 ways two deal with these type of people. Be extra strict or humble.  1. The amritdhari person can just say I have taken amrit and vows to the panj pyare and I intend to live by them. I just do what my guru says and am too dumb to engage in debate with smart ppl like you. I dont intend to be a debator or scholar, so please leave me alone. I just want the happiness of my guru. Anytime, the FIL tries to start a debate, just say you are probably right and  i am not smart enough to debate and walk away.  2. Your amritdhari friend is a jija, a son in law. Tell him to use the power that position gives him. He is not a bahu to quietly take what the sass says. The father in law is interfering in his household and needs to be shown his place. The singh should say, i am an amritdhari and you knew this when you married ur daughter into this house. Either you and your daughter comply with my rehits and rules or you guys leave. For the guru, I am willing to destroy my marriage.  (If feels that is too harsh, he can add, I am not a tyrant, you can believe and do what you want. ) But there will be no guru nindya in my house. Your friend is the jawai/SIL. Tell him dont be afraid to make some threats and act tough. Inlaws should be wary of the SIL.  This may not seem like  the best thing to do for family relations,  but people like these actually respect power and tyranny only. The more kind and soft spoken you are, they will ride roughshod over you. You can read about a similar incident here:  https://www.gurmatbibek.com/contents.php?id=21     
    • Yes there is a product called TRS based on nanozoolites. It detoxifies heavy metals. I dont know too.much about it tho. Check out Vita Lives Free on youtube for more info  
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