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Friend having relationship problem!

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11 hours ago, Shaheed4life said:

Veerji i think he is talking about the friend(amritdhari) who has a father in law (probably not amritdhari ) who is saying this.

Father in law of my friend wears 5 kakkaar but says that amrit and khande di pahul r 2 different things.

He is a fuddu missionary who thinks that no one can defeat him in debate.

He is against dasam granth, ardaas and sarbloh rehit.

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5 minutes ago, intrigued said:

How can he believe in amrit but not Dasam bani? To my knowledge, the contemporary sources that talk about Amrit also mention Dasam bani. Ask him to give a puratan source that doesn't have that...


He says that khande di pahul is NOT amrit.

He says one doesn't hv to go to punj Pyare to get amrit.

He wears 5 kakkaar to befool people.

He is an arrogant snake.

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11 hours ago, intrigued said:

Sounds to me like he follows Kala Afghana and the like

Exactly. Serious attempts to sever its roots from Sanathan Dharma entirely. Not believing in Reincarnation means its a non Dharmic ideology believing only in materialism thus no real spirituality, sending devotees to Nothingness as described by Communists. So they are real soul destroyers and dangerous.  


Perhaps he can clarify whom he follows and what he practices to escape the karmic cycle. 

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