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Met Police kicked out of Singh Sabha in Southall.


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Tensions rising as UK police and Sikh activists continue to clash

Posted On March 1, 2022

officerThe Sikh community’s tensions with the UK police seem to not be getting any better as in recent days a recruitment stall set up by the authorities in a gurdwara was removed by Sikh activists.

The activists recognised an officer who infiltrated at the West Midlands 3 protest In September 2021 and was seen taking pictures of the protest coordinators and filming key players who were assisting.

On the day he was approached and confronted by activists and he denied being a police officer, now, in recent days he’s been seen in uniform at a West London gurdwara with other officers attempting to recruit Sikhs to the police force.

He was then met by activists and asked to leave.

The police ban in Sikh spaces, by Sikh activists and major senior Sikh orgs, came after the 2018 raids by UK Police on 5 Sikh activists’ homes.

This was in relation to investigations on Jagtar Singh Johal – the information and activities of the raids were highly publicised in the Indian media as they stated it was due to diplomatic pressure put onto UK authorities by the Indian state.

Since the banning a long list of incidents have occurred as tensions seem to keep rising and ongoing court cases and police arrests continue to happen due to the work of some Sikh activists within the community.

We reached out to some key figures in the community to help get a better understanding of these issues.

Gurmel Singh, Supreme Sikh Council UK, said:

“Following the raids on the houses of the five activists and the extradition attempt of another three activists a perception evolved in the Sikh community that due to pressure from
a foreign government particular individuals are being targeted.

“This was exasperated by the misplaced and unnecessary comments by the Home Secretary in US last November.

“Whilst there is a constructive structure with the MET that allows community concerns the same cannot be said about the West Midlands Police and some other forces.

“We will be organising a meeting of Gurdwaras, key organisation and activists to resolve the issues and work toward rebuilding the trust.”


Deepa Singh, Sikh Youth UK, said: “The issues with UK police targeting Sikh activists continue as they have attempted to extradite Sikhs, illegally raided our homes, given false intelligence to Indian authorities of innocent activists like Jaggi, harassed and Interrogated our families, stopped and detained us at UK border stops under schedule 7 acts, racially assaulted and abused in custody, put onto government prevent schemes to disrupt our activism, disrupted our funds, silenced our voices on media and continuously harassed Sikhs in the community who speak up.

“This issue isn’t getting any better for them and Sikh activists and orgs across the country are asking us to call for a permanent national banning on them as they continue to upset the grassroots core Sikh activists in UK.”

Mankamal Singh, Sikh Network, mentioned:

“Mistrust of the Police by many UK Sikh community groups goes as far back as the 1970s, driven by bias treatment and miscarriages of justice stemming back to the societal and institutional racism of that era. The precursor of the Sikh community groups came in the form of large community campaigns, ‘defence’ groups and youth movements set up to protect the community from violent racist attacks and the lack of confidence in the police, who themselves were often seen as sympathisers of the attackers.

“From the 1980s onwards, British policing has at times been perceived as an instrument for criminalising Sikh issues at the behest of the warm relationship between the UK and Indian governments. In certain instances, it has been felt that the Indian government has been able to utilise some of the UK Police forces to directly target and arrest the Sikh community activists in the UK who speak up against the Indian state.

“Over the past decade, that perception has crystallised with the case of the West Midlands 3 and the theatrical police raids on known Sikh activists’ homes, seen to be used to perpetuate and sensationalise reporting in the Indian media.”

Shamsher singh, NSYF, added:

“Since the 1980s the UK establishment have used their police and military to target Sikhs and support Indian genocide. India uses narratives of “extremism/terrorism” to justify killings of Sikhs, when the UK police uses these narratives they have taken the side of India. We mistrust the police because we know what their role has always been, to target and silence Sikh resistance to gain the economic favour of India.

“Most recently in Jaggi’s case his MP made the claim that the UK is not acting because of trade deals, just like in the 1980s the UK supported the invasion of Sri Darbar Sahib to secure helicopter sales. Trusting the UK and it’s police is a naive thing to do.”

Here at Unsaid Digital we would like to always be a voice for the Sikh community and state that spies have even been infiltrating the Sikh community In Germany where they have been convicted of infiltration and entrapment against the Sikh community.

This isn’t anything new but seems to be an issue that neither side in the UK will back down from, we hope that our community  will start being treated better by UK authorities, and that activists can continue to raise issues of concern that affect us.

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On 3/1/2022 at 7:05 PM, proactive said:

It Started off like this -;


And it ended like this...lol. Respect to the Singhs who forced those mammay out and kept the ban on police using our Gurdwaras to spy on our community. 


Looks like there's been a lack of coordination between the 'biraderi' in west and east London? 


Happy Vaisakhi! #TSG #U31 visited #Barking Gurdwara today. The only thing more amazing then the building, was the welcome (And the food!) #HappyVaisakhi



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    • First thing, these types of situations aren't anything new to the panth. Second thing, if we don't do different moves to previous ones, how can we expect outcomes to be different? Plus, if he's put his head up above the parapet like that, I'm sure he full well knows where it can go.  I'm sure he's not naive.    They should break out all those people who have been imprisoned for Waheguru knows how long, well after their sentences were completed. Actually that should have been done a long time ago. 
    • Hello everyone! Its a been a minute...How you been? Guess i am back because H*ndus are out full force wanting to k*ll Sikhs ..... We are facing turmoil.... Meanwhile on twitter they going insanse with their genocide threats memes etc I dont even know anymore what there is left.....sick and tired facing injustices  Either Amritpal will be k*illed of or an 'accident' like Deep Sidhu  Its insane last 3 years have been like we are in the same ditch cycle  @dallysingh101 @californiasardar1 @Kaurr @MisterrSingh (and rest i can't remember)
    • There is a lot of false media , false allegations , false whereabouts of Bhai Amritpal Singh. A person who has taken a step , to devote is life in helping :- 1. Those who on drugs 2. A lifeline for those Mothers who see there children ,dosed up in Drugs  3. Telling them to take amrit , do meditation , do seva , read gurbani 4. Stand up for your rights 5. Get together as a kaum  6. Speaking up against atrocities carried out on the minorities   He is deemed as a threat to Punjab , for his actions . How low can the Police , MPs, the leadshership in India go . They are very threatened by Bhai Amritpal Singhs mindset , a mindset to free the Sikhs , and unravel the corruption behind Indias politics.  May waheguru keep Bhai Amritpal Singh in chardikala and give him strength to fight against injustices and wake up the Kaum worldwide regardless of ones background.  
    • There's bus service called Indo-Canadian operating from Delhi to main cities of Punjab (like Ludhiana). Never tried it but I know people who have and heard it's quite safe and stops along the way at restaurants. From Ludhiana, you can take a local bus to Moga city and book a hotel (don't know much about Punjab hotels as I never stayed in one). You can book online for the bus.  I've travelled to Punjab for a long time, as a local of that area, it's perfectly safe. Just take normal pre-cautions. Local shop food in Punjab is safe to eat if you can handle oil, masala's, etc.  You don't have to worry about being targeted because of being Sabat Soorat. Seen plenty of Sabat Soorat men and Nihangs and no one targets them. Police are not an issue, they don't bother anyone whose trying to get by their life normally. You can keep a few hundred rupees in your pocket just in case you do get into trouble with them in an unlikely incident.  To blend in, Try to dress like a local. Wear a white Kurta-Pajama or simple western clothing  Pretend you're just visiting from another Indian or Punjab city (don't tell people you're from abroad as you can get overcharged for cheap things) Communicate in local Punjabi as much as possible or speak in an Indian accent if you can't. But some NRI's have accents that give it away easily.  Bargain when you're buying things (apart from food places or if the shop specifically says "fixed price"). Bargaining is great and you can bring down the price by half.  Lastly, just enjoy your stay, there's a lot of history to explore in Punjab too apart from the mainstream/popular places like Wagah border, Harmandir Sahib or Chandigarh.  
    • Flipping 'ell: She had a son.   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11878435/Chilling-moment-honeytrap-killer-lies-son-not-come-home.html
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