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Can someone who knows more about Sikhi than me educate me on a few things?

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20 hours ago, SinghPunjabSingh said:

1. No

2. Emphatically not!

3. Not really - how holy could a City where Muslims were the majority before 1947 (and Hindu's are the majority since 1947) possibly be?

4. It is not essential (after all Amritsar is not our version of Mecca or Benares as Sikhi opposes the "pilgrimage" concept)

5. In terms of what Harmandir Sahib means to the Qaum it is "primus inter pares" (first among equals) for what it means to our Itihaas but if you matha tek before Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj at any other Gurdwara in the world daily that is in no way any less a positive and equal blessing.

PS: I will answer your other posts as soon as I can later and just by answering your questions does not mean I know more than you. We are all students (Sikhs). And yes I'm including as fellow students even the moneh you hate so much!



Thank you for actually sharing your thoughts on the questions I posed.

Much appreciated!

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2 minutes ago, californiasardar1 said:



It's amusing that so many people are now upset about "interfaith anand karaj" ceremonies, for example. We got to that point by adopting an all-inclusive "anything goes" attitude in terms of how Sikh weddings are conducted. And when the pro-"interfaith anand karaj" crowd points out the immense hypocrisy, it is difficult to answer them.

how about Singhs start practising puraatan anand viyaa ceremonies and monas can do Anand Karaj, that sounds fun lolz

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4 minutes ago, californiasardar1 said:


How about monay go straight to the wedding reception?

Then they wouldn't have to waste $500 paying some guy who just arrived from India to a tie a pagh on them.

yeh in Reading Berkshie, I know a family where the boy refused to wear a pagh and do Anand Karaj. I guuess they just did the court marriage  (civil ceremony) and then there was a party!

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