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Can someone who knows more about Sikhi than me educate me on a few things?

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12 hours ago, Singh1989 said:

Not to forget the miraculous stories visiting Darbaar Sahib. Someone gone blind got their sights back, leporesy got cured, langraa started walking again, cancer disappeared - once the people entered the Holy Sarovar and submerged.

Our understanding of the micro and macrocosmic world is just beginning. If quantum physicists and biologists were to study Amritsar, especially in its prime, I'm pretty sure they'd find that it indeed has the ability to heal. 

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On 4/10/2022 at 3:43 PM, ipledgeblue said:

it is not egotistical to use one's own judgement to try and improve another person ?? Especially if they are sheeple or have bad judgement.

Without judgement how will we get  a khalsa raaj?

In bani, I don't think it applies to all judgement, however would be helpful to post some tuks.

The downside is there are an infinite number of atmas improving. So if overly emotional about it, it's a trap. Don't get me wrong. Corrections are free wherever I go. 

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