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Shud nihangs control our gurdwaras in villages and cities?

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35 minutes ago, shastarSingh said:

We make too many big marble gurdwaras with lots of air conditioners. It's waste of money and bad for environment. Nihang gurdwaras are so good for environment. Our punjab will be full of thousands of horses. Horse liddd (dung) is great for soil and farming.

It can also be used as a fuel just as cow dung.

Lpg cylinders r BAD and expensive.

Wood is good but we hv cut so much wood that we don't even hv wood for burning dead people in India.

@GurjantGnosticCan horse dung be used for cooking?

Still in use. Mongolia. Africa. 

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23 minutes ago, Premi5 said:

Shud nihangs control our gurdwaras in villages and cities?”

They know how to fight so I think they should be given a chance to improve security of Gurdwaras and stop ‘beadbi’ incidents

Not just stop beadbi but to remove the head too. Especially of the one who planned the beadbi.

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