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Arabs unite together after BJP spokesperson insults Prophet


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2 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:


 you may see it in older posts when the farmers protest started, these vile hinduvsata it cells were full mode i mean you wouldn't believe what i saw from them and these are meant to be our so-called 'dharamic brothers'....The would make memes Gurus Ji pics with p*rn ....constantly make fun of 84, twitter trends repeat 84, salute kps gill ...they are the most vile of vile....sick mouth vomit ppl ....they're only power is behind IT cells or media so them getting called by Arabs, knowing they are nothing but bunch of mices in real life ...they make fun of  islam yet come face to face with these muslim boxers they would wet their pants....they try so hard to be alpha but they are nothing but cowards in real life...

Sikhs have no power so they're easy punching bags for them behind their media 

You don't see a fraction of what muslims do compare to hinduvatas...and most hindus live and work in these Gulf states so them getting their a$$ handed back to them is fun to watch. i dont expect Arabs to stand with Sikhs nor do i care to..im sure they support congress gov too but just sit back and watch the show lol

^ This guy was spreading fake news calling farmers terrorists and Sant Ji terrorist so F him too

The way Hindus use us against Muslims we should do same..if RSS are fighting Christians in India (who are another enemy of Sikhs) then let them... sit back and watch the circus show lol

Yup that is exactly what I'm saying . Hindus are so dumb and hating on bjp but they know that a large number of them go work in the islamic countries lol. Israelis have a well functioning country and dont need to go to these arab countries so they can continue to do all the <banned word filter activated> they do against Palestinians. I mean millions of Indians live in the gulf.  What did these Hindus expect will happen with the way they are doing things? They have no power other than being a large market for selling products. They are so dumb.

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22 hours ago, proudkaur21 said:

Look at the drama that is going on in India. If anyone wants to have a good laugh watch this lol.


check this out ^ lool 

I was asking a panthic Sikh in India about his thoughts and he said they're just sitting back and enjoying the s#it storm lool even though those muslims are not innocent. 

However some of those tweets i posted earlier of those arabs when you scroll down their timeline some of them where callling Sikhs 'Islamphobia' regarding that kashmir issue grooming'..also they're just anti bjp but supports of congress and gandhi ...so don't expect them to support us 

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