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Khalsa Fauji That is so true! Couldn't have said it better myself.

That is exactly how i feel, spot on :umm:

You'll haf 2 BE Khalsa to haf the right to fight for Khalistan.

The Youth nowadays (no offence blush.gif ) are going away form SIkhi and we have to do summing abt it! its harder than it sounds huna but there has 2 be a way grin.gif

Anyways forget abt that, it would just turn the conversation towards the young sikhs instead of keeping to the main subject of Khalistan.

dunno if all this even makes sense!

BHul Chuk Maaf



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Sorry Veer Ji :umm:

Everyday is very important, everyday we draw closer to death, every day Guru Ji gives us a Hukam. We need to listen and understand and not forget our past learn from the mistakes we and others have made,learn from the inspiration they have given us and if we're lucky we might even reach Sach Khand ^_^ let alone Khalistan !!

Bhul Chuk Maaf


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Pheena, you ask rhetorically where this nation exists…

Let me start this post with this ....  :T:  :nihungsmile:  :T:  some smiles to set the tone. Unlike controlled media brainwashing establishments in the west and east will have you believe…as sovereign sikhs we can talk about this while we smile  :nihungsmile:  :T:  :nihungsmile:  ….. and no not wicked smiles, but calm, confident ,fearless smiles that hold their head up against state terror and the poli

tics of brainwashing till their last breath.

I suspect that those who speak against a Sikh sovereignty have thought this out beyond just moving their lips or their keyboards.

So please don’t merely tell us that you don’t support a sikh nation. It is very easy to NOT be inclined in some direction. Please address the following, some of which is pasted from a previous post of mine…

I respect what you say in that you are not a khalistani. However, if you don't mind a little exercise and being challenged, kindly tell us what you DO support rather than what you don't support.

Do you support the current lines in the sand drawn by the British who came to your home, killed and raped your great-grandparents? This is documented history, not drama.

Those who say they are not khalistani, do the borders and current nations and constitutions initiated in 1947 before most of us were born JUST HAPPEN to magically line up with your “ MAP-ISTANI ” preferences?

Do you rally against the sovereignty of any existing nation? If not, why not? So many existing nations were created by oppressors rather than those oppressed.

MOD:EDITED Please keep in mind that this is not personal, I am referring to the above mentioned radical movement and mindset, no person.  :nihungsmile:  :T:  :nihungsmile:  :T:

I had written a long reply to your quesiton, but i do not wish to waste my time in making this a Political Debate as I myself am not a political Person. So i will make it very short and Simple.

I do strive to be a Khalistani, but not in the intentions that most are trying or claim to be. To me Khalistan has nothing to do with a peace of Land. Land that belongs to No-One except that Creator himself. Khalistan exists wherever the Pure Reside. NO LAND can Guarantee that those who reside within its boundry are Pure, Rather it is the People that Create the Land of Purity. That Land begins with the Uncultivated Land of your Heart. That is My Khalistan. That is where my Khalistan Begins, When the Heart is Pure, so is the Fate of my House (body), So is the Fate of the Land on which the body walks and Only then does the Land becomes Khalis(tan). NEVER Before then. It is Said, that a Saint can walk in a Brothel and soon as he sets foot in that Brothel, it becomes a Temple. Being Saint Like Gurmukhs is our Birthright, then there is no need to worry about a peace of Land named Khalistan, but then everywhere you set foot will become your Khalistan.

This quote posted by Tableji speaks Volumes and gives a glimps of what was/is in the Hearts deep core of Guru Gobind Sinh ji

"raaj n chaaho mukath n chaaho man preeth charan kamalaarae"

Also i do not think ill of those who want a seperate peace of land and name it Khalistan, it is thier Life, their choice and they should Direct their Life-Time-Energy in which direction they feel it should be directed. Not everyone is Born to be a Warrior. Not everyone is born to be a Saint, rare are those who are both.

so What does a Pro-Khalistani Sikh seek from India or the British? A Seperate Country supporting its own weight? Or a Sovereign Nation as the American Indians are.

As for us being Victim under the great rule of India all i have to say is:

I Do Not Forget

, But I Forgive.

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Pheena pahanji/pahaji/veerji

I commend you for such a composed and open minded response to my provocative post. In fact all those who differ on the issue, I agree with much of what you said and appreciate the way you said it. Pheena your suggestion of where your Khalistan begins is beautiful, (of course my opinion would emphasize “begins”).

A common theme seems to be we don’t need borders to have sovereignty or Khalistan. I respectfully suggest that we must get past the trappings of our minds. You are imprisoned by borders my friends and you are right you DO NOT need them. In that respect, Khalistan is getting rid of borders. In doing so, you must put a roof of dignity over your head and create a home with large welcome mats.

Not all borders protect, nurture and promote societies. The wrong border can limit or strip people of sovereignty. A jail incorporates the concept of a border. Life itself has many trappings of borders. A bordered nation can use its power to first brutalize, then insult, then ‘lovingly’ reprogram—to limit the sovereignty of a minority to a point where a once proud minority is conditioned to limit itself in its aspirations. Your people are a shadow of their formers selves born as slaves with ankle shackles. But they are told they have freedom because look how they can move their arms and have economic opportunity and be accepted equivalent to the extent they will disgrace their own history.

Borders can also be healthy. They demarcate healthy interdependent relationships. Families live in separate homes or ‘borders’ from one another to pursue their own interests, family culture, goals etc. A gurudwara has borders, there may be gates

, security, rules but those are healthy borders with the most beautiful welcome mat. Nations are no different, and can also be good neighbours that are interdependent but have their own border to sustain the unique values and purpose of the nation.

A person who is sovereign makes choices about borders within their mind as well as borders in the world around them. A person who is sovereign will recognize borders that imprison as well as liberate and will be inclined to think about this actively. Moreover, a sovereign person will think, struggle, and sacrifice for future generations. They will not simply accede to man-made, politically sustained oppressive lines in the sand by doing a cost-benefit analysis considering only their own microcosmic lifespan.

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