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The Use Of Chairs In Guru Ji's Darbar


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i think sitting on the floor is correct seven kings sabha gurdwara and karamsar gurdwara (sorry for spelling mistakes) have got it right i usually go to the neville road one in east london its nice all done up BUT use chairs and thats wrong to me personally.

but u know what sikhs who aint into sikhi that much wont care becuase to them its just a chair u know and when u try and explain it to them why i sit on the floor and not above Guru Maharaj all they give u is funny looks.......

BTW im NOT referring to the bibia in the pictures im talking bout those people who could sit on the floor but choose not to (the healthy non disabled/old people)

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Some of you are sick fanatical individuals. One women clearly has a zimmer frame in the picture for God's sake. That is the silver walking frame incase you never noticed it. That means she find it difficult to walk without support!

You need to get a life.

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Ok Balaitee Sher made a good point about it..

bit on the other hand..

Some of you are sick fanatical individuals.

You need to get a life.

over reaction? rolleyes.gif lol

We have a woman who comes ina wheelchair into darbar hall..

while another wheelchaired man prefers struggling up the stairs (can extend his knees so he makes lil steps up stairs) - That's sharda init.. :lol:

Guru Ji's darbar is open to all - disabled or not. If people start bringing up chairs just for the sake of it - "cant sit on the floor coz i cant be bothered" kind of attitude - then call me fanatic or whatever u like but the answer from me is no :)

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oh please - you mean that little old bibi sitting in the chair? next to the zimmerframe?

are you her physician? did you bother talking to her about it? is the rest of Sangat blissfully unaware of her physical abilities? or did you see her sitting in the presence of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj and felt SO outraged that like a true saint soldier you stood there and took her picture and posted it on the forum?

who knows maybe the bibia at your GuruGhar have more himmat than the naujawans. maybe this precious moment of your time could have been better spent focusing your energy in the direction of Guru Ji instead of at this old lady. i dunno.

yes at the age of 60 Guru Amar Das Ji showed respect by walking backwards whilst fetching water for Guru Angad Dev Ji to never turn his back, yes we should show maximum respect as possible for Guru Maharaj but the duty is left on each of our own heads anyway!

why cant we just focus on ourselves? a member of my family is a bazurug in a wheelchair and is prevented from seeing Guru Maharaj because the truth is these days we got no love.

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Khalsa ji's,

My motives for posting these pictures are being questioned. Over the next few years we are going to have more and more people asking for chairs to be placed in the Divan halls, just like what happened in the langar halls. Maybe some time in the future we will all be sitting on chairs.

Now when non Sikhs are coming to Gurudwara for wedding etc, they are too requesting chairs.

This will be an issue for us to deal with in the next few years, hence for need for this discussion, at this Guruhar there were empty chairs in the Divan hall, up stairs, and there are numerous empty chairs left behind after wedding in the Divan halls.

This is not a debate of disable access to Gurudwara, which I fully agree needs to be addressed.

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the bibiji looks like she cant really walk properly.... so i understand no one shud be higher than maharaj.. but it comes to the point.. where ppl say wheel chairs shud be allowed... all im sayin is... ppl have difficulties and problems... we shud'nt let that stop them from coming into sangat etc

pull chuk marf....

plz dont start any bashing!

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