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300 yrs, and still not known?

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Gurpyari sangat ji.............i agree with most of da points above........we definatly an erjently need educate our young an our elders hu r forgetin der responsiblities...........an we need where our bana to be recognised............now days u see ppl r affarid dey mite be called binladens,,dey wera topiaa.. wacko.gif ........if ur scared of doin wat ur father says den ur da biggest coward. :@




Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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The day we start dressing in BANA, the day we have a uniform, we WILL BE RECOGNIZED!!

What we need is 'BANA & BANI' in us. I was reading this passage on the uniform. And the author says, If someone is in uniform, we automatically figure out the history behind that person, and what he/she represents.

For example, a police officer in uniform, we give them respect, because of the amount of training they've done, and what position they hold in society.

A U.S. Marine, who is in uniform, stands out from the crowd, and people know what he/she represents.

We are the fauj of DHAN DHAN Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj, we're the knights of God, we have to show that, we have to be in BANA, and show the significance of our history, of our past, then people will learn to respect it, and honour that.

Sorry for the long post, just my two cents! ^_^


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Guest rsingh

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Even though Sikhs have been in the UK for a number of years some man things still don’t happen when they should. last year in Birmingham a gang of muslims cut of a sikh teens kesh when he was on his paper round.

sikhs still face so much discriminatinon last week a sikh was not allowed in the London EYE because he had a kirpan. They said no weapons even though the law says the kirpan is an article of faith. Its not security as a number of Sikhs have been with kirpans.

comities of gurudwaras should do more youth pograms and invite schools colleges etc to see gurudwara and raise awarness. I go to gatka classes at gurudwara but even that we pay for our selves for shusters, etc. even though the comitee have money and sangat is willing to give they wont spend it on the youth. They even tried to stop classes.

They need to help raise awareness in society and overcome ignorance. People will cal you stuff like arab, bin laden, but maybe we should blame our selves for not educating them. In primary school cildren do a whole book on India and hindus but 2 pages if that on sikhi.

A while back a talk show host wrote an article for the news paper and said things about arabs, etc. the article was actually published a year earlier but was republished by mistake and he was sacked by the BBC and had to issue a apology. But when some one says something about Sikhs u complain as individuals but nothing happens. Theres no legal sikh org like in U.S. but there is a need.

Look at mother taresa she was great I cant say she weren’t he got somany awards, etc by so many states, etc and on the other hand look at Pringlewara, bha

i sahib Puran singh hes done so much but was he recognised NO, why he was SIKH. He didn’t convert people he did great things but because there is or was no sikh/panjabi media. We need sikh run media such as Panjab radio, sikh times, etc. Panjab radio opened in UK and withi 2 yrs along can another 4 radio stations. Its ridiculous we need asikh TV station as Alpha is rubbish. They couldn’t even record 2min of opening of kar seva, etc but they can finih early to play bhangra videos.

Pull chuk maff

sorry its so long

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vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw!

vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!!

I think I posted this somewhere else too, but I'll say it again.

Just like the Muslims are now, its only when some big catastrophe happens that people switch back to being sikh... we haven't had something big for a while (20yrs?) so we're all lazy and just don't put our effort forward.

Saheed Bhai Fauja Singh said the same thing. He said Sikh blood will be split every 20-25 (I can't recall the exact time scale he gave) because Sikhs have become lazy.

But's its great that we as the next generation are picking up on these issues. At least with Guru Ji's kirpa we won't make the same mistakes our elders and leaders made. I strongly believe if we can educate our generation then we can have a stronger future. After all we will grow to be elders and some of us leaders.

And I also think we need more educated professional Singhs and Singhnia in the professions and in the public eye. I think that would help to educate the masses on what true sikhi is. A lot of people are confusing it with panjabi culture, bhangra and stuff.

Bhull Chuk Maaf!

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