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Play Your Part, Pray For The Panth

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26 days left

Just over 250 000 left

We won't get another shot at this, so wherever we are in the world, for the next few weeks lets ALL do as many as possible and give it a final push.

Benti to keep bumping this thread!

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Baba Basant Singh ji (Johlan Wale)

In the early 1920's Babaji, using his spiritual insight

understood that dark days overshadowed the Panth in the near future,

and so he had five hundred Singhs baptized and he sent them to the

high hills of a forested area in Jallunder to meditate and pray for the Panth

esclusively, everyday they would arise at two in the morning and recite Sukhmani Sahib

in a freezing river, they would then commence their meditations.

Once a Nihang came to see Baba Basant Singh ji

and he lamented to Babaji about the sad state of the Panth under British rule,

Babaji said "Bhai, the state of the Panth is indeed bad, and it will worsen,

but these hard times will be lessened because we have five hundred Singhs as we speak

who have given their lives to meditate and pray solely for the Panth's chardi kala."

Guru's Grace

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Bhai Randhir Singh ji

"During the horrowing tortures of the heros from the Lahore Conspiracy Case in which True Patriots like Bhai Randhir Singh bore burdens of torment and long incarceration in the dingy dungeons of British Imperialism's worst prisons Gurbani was the Singhs only source of comfort.

It so happened that Bhai Randhir Singh from his very arrival in the Multan prison in solitary confinement, could be found reciting hymns from Gurbani, many of the other prisoners were illiterate and had never even been to a Gurdwara, yet slowly but surely they began to read Gutkha Sahibs and recite the hymns like Japji Sahib and Sukhmani Sahib, in fact one of the Sepoys, Sadhu Radha Singh became an ardent Sikh and was praised for his melodious recitations of Sukhmani Sahib which gave strength to his tortured comrades.

Over time many of the prisoners had memorized as many as thirty hymns from Guru Granth Sahib like Attar Singh, and when the British tried to punish them by handling the Gutkhas with unclean hands and eventually depriving the Singhs of them, it was to no avail because as the Singhs had memorized the hymns they now began to shout them louder than ever.

When Bhai Randhir Singh ji was tortured by being shackled in the South Indian heatwave in a dingy cell for days without food or water, he and his comrades maintained strength by reciting Japji Sahib over and over, in fact Bhai Sahib ji said that their weight and health were restored and maintained by the holy word of Gurbani alone and not by any nutrition or physical stimulus.

When some prisoners of this sangat escaped in a daring operation they recited Chandi di // at the top of their lungs, 50 British guards fled for their lives and the 8 Singhs ran to freedom, Bhai Sahib ji who remained in prison continually recited Sukhmani Sahib for their health and freedom.

In fact throughout his darkest hours, Bhai Sahib ji relied only on Gurbani to give him strength, and even when the Judges and Authorities questioned and punished him he would only respond with verses of Gurbani to show that God alone can judge the soul and all is his sweet Will whether it brings pain or pleasure."

Guru's Grace

"Bhai Harbans Lal, president of the Guru Granth Sahib Academy of America has translated the whole of that Sacred Scripture into Shahmukhi, Persian and Arabic scripts for the benefit of many Pakistani, Iraqi, Iranian and Afghanistani Sikhs and religious scholars and readers alike.

Similarly, Jaspal Kaur of Thailand has translated the Guru Granth Sahib into Thai and a Hukamnama is taken every morning in the head Gurdwara in Bangkok in Thai.

Gurbani has also recently been translated into many other foriegn languages such as French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Bengali, Gujrati and ten other Indian languages--thus spreading the holy hymns of the Guru's worldwide and in as many tongues as mediums."

Power of Money~~~

1. Most of us think that money has a lot of power.

2. We believe that money can give us ever-lasting happiness.

3. That is why through out our life, we struggle to earn money.

4. But can money really give us ever-lasting happiness?

Gurbani reminds us that:

Sukh Naahi Bohte Dhan Khaate (SGGS: 1147)

1. This means that even if we have lot of money, we can not get ever-lasting happiness.

2. Money can give us temporary happiness, but it can not give us permanent happiness.

3. We may not believe in this line of Gurbani.

4. So, let us look at the rich people in this world, and ask these questions:

~ Is every rich person happy?

~ Is every rich person healthy?

~ Is every rich person without tensions?

~ Is every rich person wise and intelligent?

~ Did our Gurus collect wealth for their personal use?

~ If money cannot give us ever-lasting happiness, then how do we get ever-lasting happiness?

Gurbani gives us the answer:

Sarb Sukhaa Har Har Gun Gaaye (SGGS: 1147)

~ Ever-lasting happiness is obtained only by Praising God (Naam Simran).

~ Naam Simran protects us - everywhere and every time.

~ Though Money can be stolen from us, Naam Simran cannot be stolen.

~ We spend a lot of time to collect Money; similarly, we can try and spend sufficient time to collect Naam Simran or Naam Dhan.

Gurbani shows us this method to get ever-lasting happiness.

Contributed with the Grace of Waheguru by: Satnam Kaur

Guru's Grace

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Date: 30 May 2009

Time: 05:10 - 21:10

Location: Guru Nanak Gurdwara

Street: High St, Smethwick

Town/City: Smethwick, United Kingdom

Phone: 07878760899

Email: info@chaupaisahib.org

In order to support this aim, The British Sikh Student Federation along with Kaurageous and The Sikh Naujawan Academy will be hosting a 12 hour Chaupai Sahib Jaap on Saturday 30th May 09 at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, High St, Smethwick from 5am till 5pm followed by Katha, Kirtan and Kavishiri.

Please take out the time to attend and support this event.

for Rauls and more info call:



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On the Power of Gurbani:

Sant Darbara Singh of Lopon Wale:

"By having the divine darshan of Adi Guru Granth Sahib ji and the holy hearing of it's hymns--the sins of millions of past lives are obliterated"

"by reading and listening to the amar bachans or immortal praises of Gurbani and by enshrining then in one's heart--the mortal man becomes immortal"

"make a rosary of praises strung upon the light of Gurbani and meditate on it so that the sun of enlightenment effaces all of your pains"

Sant Jagjit Singh (Lopon Wale)

Once a Sikh and Sant Jagjit Singh ji had the following discussion on religious merit:

A Sikh asked Sant ji "Babaji why do pilgrims go to the Kumbh Mela? What merit do they obtain by so going?"

Sant ji said "Bhai, by attending they have twelve years of past sins destroyed"

The Sikh questioned further saying "Babaji, I cannot attend, but I would also like to have twelve years of sins removed, what else could I similarly do?"

Sant Jagjit Singh ji replied "you can bathe in the Ganges or at other places of pilgrimage and the sins will be similarly washed away"

The Sikh continued to ask "Babaji, those places are very far, you seem to be hiding something great, what can I do to gain greater religious merit than these simple acts?"

Sant Jagjit Singh responded by saying "Yes, Bhai, there is something far greater you can do that will remove many more sins than bathing in the Ganges--simply have an Akhand Paath done, and place a vessel of water next to Guru Granth Sahib ji for the whole duration of the recitation, then after it is finished drink that water--it will have been transformed into the most purest nectar by having the holy stream of Gurbani pouring it's spiritual influence into it--this is the true pilgrimage and holy bath that destroys all sins"

Guru's Grace

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Gurbani Recitation Cures All Ills

"In the times of Baba Nand Singh ji, the Maharaja of Patiala renounced Sikhism also in favor of Tantric practices, he began to eat meat, drink wine, use intoxicants and commit debauchery, after living such a sinful life he became very ill, as his condition painfully worsened, his court's people got worried and they asked Baba Nand Singh ji who was meditating near by if he could save the Raja,

Baba Nand Singh ji refused and said "the Maharaja had peace when the Guru Granth Sahib was in his palace and hymns were recited therefrom--but since he has removed it his health has declined"

When he was again requested by the Ranis to divinely intervene, Baba Nand Singh ji finally agreed to help, but he said "it is not I who can save the Raja, Akal Purukh will not restore him to health--he is destined to suffer in hell, but through the continued recitation of Gurbani he shall be healed,

Under Baba Nand Singh ji's supervision 101 Sampat Akhand Paaths were started and through the holy influence of those recitations alone--the Raja was liberated from his evil karmas--such is the power of Gurbani".

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Vahiguroo Jee Ka Khalsa,

Vahiguroo Jee Kee Phatehi!

video of chaupai sahib:


Date: 25May 2009

Time: 06:00 - 12:00p, (midday)

Location: Sri Guru Singh Sabha Slough-Deori

Street: Sheehy Way

Town/City: Slough, United Kingdom

Phone: 07837066221

Email: gupt_sevadaar@hotmail.co.uk

The aim of Chaupai Sahib One million is to collectively complete 1,000,000 Chaupai Sahib paath’s in memory of the victims of the 1984 genocide, to pray for justice, and for the chardi khala of the Panth, www.chaupaisahib.org

This is our chance to unite across the globe, pray together and demonstrate our unity on this issue.

In order to support this aim, Slough Sikh Sangat will be hosting a 6 hour Chaupai Sahib Jaap on Monday 25 09 at Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Sheehy Way, Slough, Berkshire. Parkaash will be at 3.45am, followed by Nitnem, and hor beant baniaan da ucharan. come feel the bliss of amritvela!!!

Please take out the time to attend and support this event.

a few photos from previous programme (professional lol ) can be found on bhai atma singhs flikr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/atmasingh/

ive also attached some good ones!

Vahiguroo Jee Ka Khalsa,

Vahiguroo Jee Kee Phatehi!

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I hve been doing paths of caupai shaib since 10 years for chardi kala of panth daily between 5- 10 paths apart for chardi kala and success of singhs also jap shaib paths for 20 years .I hope I MUST HAVE CROSSED 30,000 FIGURES OF CHAPUAI SHAIB AND 8 000 JAP SHAIBS PATHS.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Quick reminder, the 12hour Chaupai Sahib Jaap is this Saturday 30th May 09 at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, High St Smethwick from 5am-5pm followed by Kirtan by Acapella Jatha & Ragi Gursharan Singh ji, Katha by Giani Baldev Singh ji and Kavishiri by Jagowale Jatha.

Please take out the time to attend and support this event.

Sewadars still needed for Rauls. To volunteer please contact one of the sewadars below:


*G5 Sikh Media will be covering the event through audio and visual recordings. A G5 Sikh Media Stall will also be present with the latest hoodies, t-shirts and posters.*

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    • The Nihangs still believe that Guru Gobind Singh Jee gave Gurgaddi to Guru Granth Sahib Jee. It is the foremost Granth. And Dasam Granth and Sarbloh Granth got Gurgaddi from Khalsa Panth.
    • https://theprint.in/theprint-essential/the-3-granths-in-sikhism-the-debate-surrounding-sarbloh-granth-dasam-granth/754060/ The 3 granths in Sikhism & the debate surrounding Sarbloh Granth & Dasam Granth The Nihangs, apart from venerating the Guru Granth Sahib, also hold in reverence the Sarbloh Granth and Dasam Granth. ThePrint explains the distinction between the three granths. CHITLEEN K SETHI 21 October, 2021 11:37 am IST Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi. | Nicolás Pérez/Wikimedia Commons | Representational image Text Size: A- A+   Chandigarh: The brutal killing of 35-year-old Lakhbir Singh at the Singhu border last week by a group of Nihangs as “punishment ” for allegedly trying to desecrate their holy book —the Sarbloh Granth — has triggered a fresh debate around Sikh scriptures and literature. The Sarbloh Granth is distinct from the Guru Granth Sahib, which is considered to be a living guru of the Sikhs. However, the Nihangs, apart from venerating the Guru Granth Sahib, also hold in reverence the Sarbloh Granth and Dasam Granth. ThePrint explains the distinction between the three granths and the controversy surrounding the Dasam Granth and Sarbloh Granth. The three granths While it is said that the Dasam Granth, another holy text of the Sikhs, is a compilation of various writings attributed to the tenth Guru —Guru Gobind Singh — the claims have been disputed. However, some of its contents like the Jaap Sahib are part of the daily prayers of the Sikhs — the Nitnem.In 2010, two groups of Sikhs clashed over the authenticity of the Dasam Granth at a gurdwara in Canada. Last year, a protest was staged at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in New Delhi over a discourse from the Dasam Granth. The Sarbloh Granth, meanwhile, contains the famous Khalsa Mahima or the praise of the Khalsa, a composition attributed to the tenth Guru. The Sarbloh Granth was first published in the mid-19th century by Baba Santa Singh — jathedar of the Budha Dal Nihang order — and has been their revered text ever since. While in traditional Sikh gurdwaras only the Guru Granth Sahib is placed, the Nihang Sikhs place all the three granths in their gurdwaras. Explaining the significance of the Sarbloh Granth, Dr Jaswant Singh, assistant professor at University College, Dhilwan, said the Sarbloh Granth was discovered in a period later than the Gurus but it is composed in almost the same style as the Dasam Granth. “It’s a narration, a story of a battle between the good and evil forces which ends with the manifestation of the Sarbloh avatar.” “Though its contents reflect the puranic tradition, yet it is a transformed version. Its most significant content is the Khalsa Mahima or the praise of the Khalsa attributed to Guru Gobind Singh. The oft-heard and quoted ‘Khalsa mero roop hai khaas…khalsa mein hi ho karo nivaas,’ is from the Sarbloh Granth,” added Dr Jaswant. Dr Jaswant also said that apart from the Nihang gurdwaras where the Dasam Granth and Sarbloh Granth are placed along with the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sarbloh Granth is also placed in the Mai Bhago Gurdwara at Nanded Sahib (in Maharashtra). Talking toThe Print, Sikh scholar Dr Dharam Singh, who was also the editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Sikhism, said the Guru Granth Sahib is the compilation of the ‘word’ of the Sikh Gurus. “Guru Gobind Singh ordained that the Guru Granth Sahib be considered a living guru by the Sikhs. In all Sikh gurdwaras the Guru Granth Sahib is placed with great respect, bowed and prayed to,” he said. “The Guru Granth Sahib is a revelatory scripture while the Dasam Granth and the Sarbloh Granth are part of Sikh literature. As the name suggests, the Dasam Granth is attributed to the tenth Guru but there is a huge debate over it. Some scholars agree that some portions might have been authored by the tenth Guru but others reject the claim completely. Some parts of the Dasam Granth are included in the Nitnem (Sikh daily prayers) like the Jaap Sahib and Sewaiye,” added Dr Dharam Singh. “The Dasam Granth also includes the Bachhiter Natak, Chandi di Vaar which have resonance with Puranic literature. The only gurdwara where the Dasam Granth is placed like the Guru Granth Sahib is at Nanded Sahib,” said Dr Dharam Singh. Also read: Who are Nihang Sikhs? Sect accused of Sikh man’s ‘sacrilege’ lynching at Singhu ‘Sarbloh pothi is not sacred text’ Even as the debate over the Sikh holy scriptures continues, in a sermon delivered Monday, Sikh preacher Ranjeet Singh Dhadrianwale said Lakhbir was killed for no reason at all. “What is the proof that he committed a desecration? They killed him saying that he intended to desecrate their Sarbloh Granth. The Sarbloh Granth pothi is not a sacred granth,” said Dhadhriwale. Dhadrianwale, who was at the forefront of 2015 protests against the desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib in Bargaari, further said: “When we utter the words Guru Granth Sahib our heartbeats increase. We have so much respect. He is our real Guru whom we adore and worship. But in this case the desecration which was attempted was of a pothi (book) of the Sarbloh Granth which half the Sikhs don’t even consider (as sacred). Before getting agitated over someone harming your father, you should know clearly that your father is the Guru Granth Sahib and not the Sarbloh Granth.” His remarks came after the Nihangs justified the killing, saying that just as the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sarbloh Granth was like their “father” and if anyone tries to harm their father “it is their duty to defend him”. Also read: Punjab govt sets up SIT to probe if Lakhbir Singh was ‘lured’ to Singhu border  What Nihangs claimed Nihang leaders, meanwhile, claimed that Lakhbir had come to their “dera” some days ago and allegedly entered the bus where the granths were placed and removed the cloth in which the Sarbloh Granth was wrapped. The Nihangs camping at the Singhu border had housed the three granths in a bus near their living area. “He ran away with the Sarbloh Granth and we caught him with it. There were boxes of matchsticks lying there and we suspect that he had come to do something big,” said Nihang leader Baba Raja Raj Singh during a press conference at the Singhu border Sunday. Also read: ‘Devil & deep blue sea’: Why Punjab’s politicians are silent on Singhu Dalit lynching  
    • https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/international/world-news/afghanistans-sikhs-to-make-choice-between-converting-to-islam-or-leaving-country-report/articleshow/87204174.cms As the security scenario in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, Sikhs -- a community that was already in a dire situation before the collapse of the government -- practically have to make a choice between options of "converting to Sunni Islam or run away" from Afghanistan, said a report.The community, which once numbered in the tens of thousands, has been ruined and devastated by years of emigration and death, driven by both systemic discrimination and an uptick in fanatical religious violence
    • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-59015889   Alec Baldwin: What are prop guns and why are they dangerous? Published 4 hours ago Share IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES On a film set, a real-life tragedy has happened. Police say US actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza on a film set in New Mexico. They were working on the film Rust. Tributes have been paid to Ms Hutchins, 42, while Mr Baldwin is said to be distraught. One local paper found him in tears outside Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office. An investigation is under way and we don't yet know what went wrong. A spokesman for Mr Baldwin said there had been an accident on the set involving the misfire of a prop gun with blanks. Such incidents are rare and the news has stunned the film industry. The use of firearms on set is subject to stringent safety standards. "On the film I recently made, even my plastic gun, I had to sign out, sign in every day," said Australian actor Rhys Muldoon. "So that's why this particular case is so incredibly baffling." Despite sounding innocuous, both prop guns and blanks can be dangerous. Here's what we know about them. What is a prop gun? Blanks are used in the film industry to imitate live ammunition. The reason they are so convincing is that blanks are essentially modified real bullets. While the term "bullet" is commonly used to describe what is loaded into weapons, more properly it is a cartridge that is loaded: a self-contained ammunition package made up of a casing holding an explosive powder that when fired, blasts out a projectile, or bullet. Blanks differ because although they use explosive they don't use a projectile. A prop gun could mean a range of items, from non-functioning weapons to cap guns. But it can also mean a real weapon, or one adapted for firing blanks. Together they add authenticity to productions - fire a blank using a prop gun and you'll get a loud bang, a recoil and what's known as a muzzle flash, the visible light created by the combustion of the powder. Has this kind of incident happened before? Yes. You may remember Brandon Lee, the actor son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Brandon Lee died aged just 28 in 1993 while filming The Crow, when a prop gun which mistakenly had a dummy round loaded in it was fired at him. Dummy rounds contain no explosive charge and in this case were used to film a close-up. When blanks were loaded part of the dummy round remained in the gun. After Lee was shot, the cameras kept rolling. It was only when he did not get up at the end of the scene that those on set realised something was wrong. In another incident, in 1984, US actor Jon-Erik Hexum started joking around on the set of a television show after being frustrated by delays in filming. He loaded a revolver with a blank, spun the chamber, put the gun to his temple and fired. Unlike Lee, he was not killed by a projectile, but rather the force of the blast was strong enough to fracture his skull. He died days later in hospital. How can blanks and props be used safely? Hexum's death highlights a problem with blanks - even without a projectile they pack enormous power. Adding to the risk, some film sets use extra powder to make the visual impact stronger. Film sets usually have strict rules about the use of prop guns. Specialists provide weapons for use on film sets and advise on their use. "There's basic safety measures on every set," said Mike Tristano, an armourer who has worked with Alec Baldwin in the past. "You never point a gun, even if it is not a firing gun, at anyone else. I'm at a loss how this could have happened and how it could have done that much damage." A common shot in film shows an actor firing into the camera and Steven Hall, who has worked on films such as Fury and The Imitation Game, says it only happens with safeguards. "If you are in the line of fire... You would have a face mask, you would have goggles, you would stand behind a Perspex screen, and you would minimise the number of people by the camera, " he said. "What I don't understand in this instance is how two people have been injured, one tragically killed, in the same event." Others working in film wondered why, at a time when gun effects can be cheaply added using computers, blanks are still being used at all. "There's no reason to have guns loaded with blanks or anything on set anymore. Should just be fully outlawed," tweeted Craig Zobel, an actor and director whose credits include Westworld and Mare of Easttown. "Prop guns are guns," TV writer David Slack tweeted. "Blanks have real gunpowder in them. They can injure or kill - and they have. If you're ever on a set where prop guns are treated without proper caution and safe handling, walk away. "No show or shot is worth risking people's lives," he added.
    • Gurbani tells parents not to impose on their children this way. Perhaps somebody knows the location or I'll see what I can find. It's either in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji or Varaan Bhai Gurdas Ji.  Once they know you are able to leave and have the backing of Gurmat perhaps you will find you have new bargaining power for the behaviors that are acceptable in your family. You don't have to be the man of your house just be a man of your house, who sticks to his guns, backs with Gurbani, and speaks the truth for Sarbat Da Bhala. You are not beholden to them. If they want that extra icing in life called multigenerational support of extended family they have to create an environment for all three of you to joyfully have families there. And earn your consent. It is a great thing to do, provide for the elders...when they respect you and help you create your own joyful life.  I am only now rekindling certain familial relationships after being brainwashed my whole life that I was a man at birth, responsible for my mother, and going to be her retirement. It's sick and deranged. I actually want to do all those things. They way people twist it into slavery is disgusting though, and I will have no part in one sided contracts honored only by me. A big turning point is when I realized they all expected that to be at the expense of me having my own life, family, etc. And that as a larger family none of them were worth anything. A bunch of shallow, nindaks, assimilated into white supremacy before my eyes. No thanks. Hypocritical. Lying. Scheeming.  Next.  Family is a team. It's everyone playing the same game, by the same rules, and working together or it's not. Either we all win or it's not working right.  Bro. You can move. You can take a sibling with you. The flamingos leave their babies do they not? Guru Nanak Dev Ji took off on foot did he not? You can stay too and lay it down bro. Calm, cool, calculated, chardikala and correct.  They get rude, bring in Sangat to witness and support you. It's your family business, be a pro. The parents don't listen and learn something off you go. If you respect your parents, respectfully tell them what they need to do to have the life they want. If it includes you. 
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