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****chaupai Sahib Worlwide Jaap?****

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guruufateh g

with baba jis kirpa i spoke at Gurudwara sahib in richmmont hill new york on sunday about chaupai sahib n is relevence

ima try to do it at the other Gurudwaras nearbye too

what im doing afterwards n which helps for alot of the anti jis and uncle gs and bujurgay of the panth are to have a box handee at te guruudwara where people can write the number of chaupai sahibs they did and put it in the box

then someone who can use the internet well can enter them in under the sangats name

come on we gotta do it i really believe it will work sache

esp since the the website says the hukamnama when this started was santan ki kaaraj aap khaloya

God is with the panth

its time for less talk n more doing i know we can do this !!!!!!!

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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fathe Khalsa ji,

We in Hamburg (Germany) started last Saturday to make 5 Chaupai Sahib before reading Rehras Sahib. This Proram will be every Saturday.

For Future we are planing after our Dasam Granth Information Weekend to make a Akhand Jaap of Chaupai Sahib in reading and Kirtan performance.

I hope Sangat is will support this, cause our Comittee doesn't so we have some troubles here but, with guru mahraj jis kirpa we are doing this Sewa for panth.

wjkk wjkf

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Mod Note: This Thread was started to encourage international sangat to take part in the Chaupai Sahib Jaap. Please refrain from arguments and personal attacks. This thread was started in good faith, lets please try to keep it that way. Next time warnings will be issued. :)

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