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Manmohan Singh

is he a proper rehitdhari Sikh, and possibly a Khalistani?

I'm just asking for info, nothing moee :wub:

Although I'd doutb any of above blush.gif

bhull chukk maaf


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Guest mehtab
well i hope he does but dosnt become like Cptn. Amrinder Panjab minister.  :wub: @
from what i have heard/read/come across, amrinder singh isn't corrupt at all, maybe coz he belongs to royal family (again something i have heard/read/come across) and doesnt need to amass wealth like other politicians.
is he a proper rehitdhari Sikh, and possibly a Khalistani?
i dont think he is, but one view most people share about him is that he is much better and honest as compared to other leaders...and so at this point i feel he is our best bet...just my views.
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One man stood on top of a jeep and put a loaded gun to his head. He threated to kill himself if she did not become prime minister.

:wub: crazy man :)

btw, someone know bout this manmohan singh guy? his background history info, his stance on sikhs in punjab or whatever. it would suck to have a singh as PM if he isn't gonna improve the lives of sikhs and others.

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Sonia Gandhi has declined to becom the next PM of India due to her Italian origin. She has pointed out Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh is a well respected, well-educated Sikh Economist. He follows rehat well, and isn't a corrupt leader.

One thing for sure, this will help Sikhs out internationally. However, will give hindus the right to difuse the problems of 1984, and say once again "SIKHS & HINDUS are BROTHERS!"



Sonia decides not to become PM, Manmohan may

New Delhi, May 18

Sonia Gandhi today decided not to become Prime Minister and indications are that Dr Manmohan Singh could head the new multi-party coalition government.

The dramatic development over the new government formation took place in the afternoon when Ms Sonia Gandhi, who had met the President, Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, in the morning and was to meet him again tomorrow, dispatched party seniors to leaders of allied parties, conveying her decision not to take up the top post.

The General Body of the Congress Parliament Party, which had elected her as leader of the CPP on Saturday, had been convened at 6.30 pm, apparently to elect a new leader, though officially the purpose of the meeting has not been disclosed.

The allies were also told that her "decision was final" and that they should not insist upon her becoming Prime Minister. Her reluctance to take up the post was on account of her "deep hurt" caused by the Sangh Parivar campaign against her on her foreign origins.

Mr Manmohan Singh, widely tipped

to become the Prime Minster if Ms Gandhi sticks to the decision, himself met Dravida Munatra Kazhgam (DMK) chief M. Karunanidhi to convey her decision.

Along with Mr Arjun Singh and Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad, Mr Manmohan Singh also met CPI (M) leader Harkishen Singh Surjeet and told them of Ms Gandhi's decision. Mr K. Natwar Singh and Mr M. L. Fotedar met Ram Vilas Paswan, while Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar was told of this decision by other leaders.

The allies have assured the Congress leaders that they would fully back any leader of the Congress party in the formation of the new government, while they would prefer it to be Ms Gandhi.

Mr Amar Singh of the Samajwadi Party told reporters that his party had left to Mr Surjeet the decision on who should become the Prime Minister. He said the SP wanted formation of a secular government at the Centre led by Congress and in this regard had extended

"suo motu support" to the coalition led by the party. — PTI

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