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Singh Better Than King - Babbu Mann


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There was a debate on Akash Radio last night regarding the song, Sukhwinder Singh - Akash Radio was of course pro Sant/Baba gave reasons like oh why do Police cars and Ambulances need lights - so they can move traffic he goes - he compared it to Baba's needing emergency parchaar - lol.

A great call from Italy shut him and the anti Babbu Mann lot up he said these Baba's and Moranwalis call Babbu Mann' roda/mona/kona' those who burned alive DUSHT PAPPI Ajit Nang Phoola were also Moneh,while Phoola was dressed as a Sikh - why did they burn him alive - due to the fact they had pyar for Sikhi and Panthic Dardh in their hearts - just as this album shows - Shaheed Harjinder Singh Jinda and Shaheed Sukhdev Singh Sukha were also moneh at the time they shot Vadiya and so on - his point being they are targetting Babbu Mann just on that basis - hasn't Dhadriawala got nothing better to do - and Moranwali can talk can't he - I have recently heard about his dodgy things hes been up to aherm aherm - dashmesh force may expand if he wishes lol .

Badal apprenlty has asked for an apology from Babbu Mann - I firmly speak out against anyone be they Sant/Dhadi/Jathedar you name it anyone who is against this album - they are insecure .

Both the Govt(Badal) Hindu Sarkar - along with Dera/Babas have been targeted thus the album is banned the two main players in Panjab - are the Govt and Babas who control the masses - Babbu Mann has exposed both of them in true light - the VIP issue - red light - only the government gives a red light or issues it - one had these Babas claim nimrata and claim they are anti Govt next Govt issue them red lights!as VIPS - Dera Politics at its best

Moranwali Dhadrianwala Badal and others can stick to their own - Shardalus/Dera/Groups - Mind your own business you don't speak for the masses who support this album

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    • From what happened last week it looked like the Hindus started it and the muslims ended up on top with what happened in Birmingham.  You're right apne don't really bully minorities, we are racist though. I can't blame the Hindus to some extent when it comes to suls. Their leadership let them down big time allowing huge amounts of suls to stay behind after partition. We've been fortunate to have an almost sul free Punjab, we only know what suls are like due to living next to them in the west. Punjab has the lowest percentage of suls in all of India. Suls like to push the boat to see what they can get away with and when they go too far like they did in Myanmar recently, the majority community finally has enough and retaliate. If they were a community that kept their head down and worked hard no one would hate them but they just try to push their way of life on all of us. They have conflicts with every other religion. 
    • One major factor for the Hindus are doing what they are doing in the UK is the political backing. The Hindu political leadership in India is comprised of Gujjus and it is the Gujju diaspora that is spearheads in countries abroad.  Even if we had this level of political backing, we Sikhs don't do what these two other communities do.  We are wired differently. Even if we were an overwhelming majority, we don't pick on other communities.  But for some reason, these two other communities love to use their numbers.  But as a neutral observer, it is interesting to see Muslims in the UK on the back foot.  The Hindu lobby groups seem to have turned the tables on the Muslim lobby groups.  The police and local authorities seem to protect Muslims but they look quite helpless.  Muslim lobby groups seem to infiltrate systems from a lower level but the Hindu lobby groups seem to be excercise from a higher level. So it seems to be top-down vs bottom-up.      
    • The thing is that Hindus will only give it the large when in a significant majority and as soon as the numbers turn against them they pretty much give up. The only exception I've seen to this is the Tamil Hindus of Sri Lanka. They also have appalling unity, did the Punjabi, Tamil, Nepali Hindus come to help the Gujaratis? Nope. Yet you had Arabs and Somalians helping the Indian muslims and Pakistanis.  Sikhs historically have always been a minority in India and even greater Punjab so we are used to fighting when the numbers are against us. Just look at how we retaliated against the muslims of UP who heavily outnumber us when they tried to take our land. Even in Hyderabad Sikhs have fought against Muslims who make up a huge amount of the city.   
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