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Sangat Jee . Do You Believe In This Prophecy ?

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It basically says about operation bluestar in beginning .

Then , it goes to say that Malwa and Doaba will feel pain of tyranny .

Sikhs will march onto Atari .

After much hassles and suffering , Sikhs will unite .

And then , it says China will attack India . ( exact lines are "Tabhi roos cheen hind pe chad aave ")

And then it says out of 70 crore hindus , only 70 lakh will be alive . Rest killed in the huge war that takes place.

And then , it goes to say "Delhi ke takhat par beh jaave guru ki fauj ...".

I read an internet article by indian defence expert saying that china may attack india by 2012.


Here is a youtube video about it :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e28Vnubtz8


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Guest shastr

some say this is part of maharaj's sau sakhi. but there nothing to prove its authentication, cuz sau sakhi pothi has been edited from its orginal contents. and its hard to come across the orginal sau sakhi pothi, which is in fact filled with stories and prophecys.

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Sau sakhi was distorted by Britishers. They still have the Original copies. Also

WHatever is mentioned above is very true. Also 'Ross Firangi CHeen Japan Sab Karenga AMRIT PAAN'. Time would come that All religions would turn to ONE VARAN. Also Russia would make Long HIGHWAY thru Punjab.

BY 2012, Many Economists have pridicted that Dollar would COllapse. CHina's Yaun would emerge as new currency. also Western powers would not be able to control POWER worldwide. Problem would emerge from OIL in Middle East( I can feel the Heat in the Region especially Saudi Arab) as i am Living in Dubai).

Also Global Warming Issue was long back raised by Bhagat Puran Singh ji. He also mnetioned that in coming Futue states like Bombay,Calcutta,Banglore and Other Costal areas are in great Danger. Northern States of India would suffere from Sever Heat Strokes due to changes in Climatic Patterns.

Yesterday only I read in Papers that the Temp. in delhi has already gone to 40 deg. in ending of March-10 month. Just imagine what would happen in month of June and July.

There was one Famous Predictor(He is a Economists) that Western Powers would suffere from Riots, Civil Wars, Food Shortages, Cyclones, Earthquakes.

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Some tought the world would end in 2000. It didn't.

Some think it will end when the myan (Aztec / Ancient Mexican), calender ends in december 21 2012. Do you thibk it will be the end of the world? I doubt it - See what happens. If you think it will there just under two years left do everything you ever wanted to!

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"Ram Raheem Puran Quran Anekh Kahe Mat Ek Na Maneo

Simrat Sastra Ved Sabhe Boh Bhed Kahe Hum Ek Na Janeo"

Why believe in such prophecies when everything is in Waheguru Ji's hand?

And also there is doubt of the authencity of this sakhi. No means of disrespect but wouldn't Guru Ji have included all of this in the Dasam Granth or somewhere in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib? If not all of the prophecy but maybe just a clue?

Not sure but this is what I think.

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prophecy is included in dasam bani, and outside dasam bani in sau sakhi. i think the reason could be that the prophecy is changeable, it is not set. we could have had a much more peaceful transition to the foreseen future. It all depended on collective karams of humanity, but now it's too late.

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  • 10 years later...

This was posted 10 years ago but It seems to be a possibility in the the near future, more convincing now than it was 10 years ago.

Is this included in Dasam Bani as well?

The Hindu is full of hankhar today, blinded by it. Hankar is the beginning of the end. 

Also, insulting Gurus, holy men and prophets has become a norm for Hindus, especially extremist Hindus. The amount of nindiya you see Hindus doing of holy men is alarming. The things they say about the Muslim prophet, Jesus, Mary, and our Gurus is shocking. Its twisted, perverted and sick. Even by accidently reading it you feel like you have committed 100 sins. Far too much paap is building up in that country.  

I think history is soon gnna repeat itself in India, they've had a couple of decades of "freedom"  

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13 hours ago, jkvlondon said:

well so far China has built an outpost inside LOC and the silk road motorway project is moving forward when this completes then it will be easy for China to attack deep into India, pakistan, iran, turkey  and into Europe . Modi will goad then surrender territory to China and then call for boycott of china goods whilst giving multi-million contracts to China's CCP party . Osho was right India is a nation of cowards and two faced people. This is the reward for attacking Harmandir Sahib, killing sant lok and making Gursikhs miserable - destruction by Akal Purakh.

China is dying to attack India, Pakistan is drooling over it, lol 

It's very true, the amount of Gursikhs that country has tortured and killed. 

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