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Solider Of Allh Muslim Gang Taunting Sikh Community

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I think the gore in UK don't have any back bone. They let Muslims walk all over them. Come to USA or Canada, and the Muslims are all too scared to make a fuss about anything. They behave like civilized people here. UK is a world apart. Why do British people let all these crazy mullahs and imams into their country? They are messing up the youth.

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So here are the soldiers of Allah


Can anyone please tell me why they put on Patwa accents and use more slang than the cast of Kidulthood? I can't believe these morons have six pages of comments in reference to them. Brothers, a bunch of little, scrawny, boys mouthing off is nothing serious. You get this all over the net between faiths, nationalities, ethnic groups, rival sports fans etc.

I have lost count the amount of times I have been to Punjabi forums where fellow "Sikhs" have written the most disgusting things about Muslims, particularly Pakistani ones and I haven't seen them having a fit over it. Heck even on this forum there are people who declare Muslims as gutter rats, evil etc. The irony here is we are complaining about something which our community indulges in quite frequently.

As for the problem. Yes there have been cases and there cases of Sikh girls in relationships with Muslims but often such girls have precious little in the way of education about our faith. Educate our daughters and all these things will go.

Now for the Pakistanis, who I presume wrote the above, it can be Afghan Muslim youth or even a fake post designed to cause friction between the two communities. Do they target exclusively Sikh girls, in my opinion they do not, hear me out on this. These Pakistani youth who go about indulging in such practices will do so to any girls. In the latest cases practically all the girls that were abused by these men were white. Not one was a Sikh girl. They are opportunistic predators. As for some believing they will not do it to their own you are very wrong. I know of scores of Pakistani girls as well who have been used and abused by men promising to marry them, live with them and love them forever. People may say the blokes would be killed by her brothers. But not every Pakistani girl has lots of brothers, cousins etc. The girls will also keep it hidden from their families, out of shame so who would know? This is the same trap our girls fall in. By the way I also know of cases where Sikh youth have done the same with their own girls i.e. pass them around mates and leave them on the scrap heap after they are done.

The three things we should concentrate on are

1. Educating our youth, girls in particular

2. Males should set an example. So that means no drinking, clubbing, screwing any female in sight etc.

3.If there are gangs doing this, then the response is the stick, as they don't understand anything else.

On a final point I have several Pakistani friends and they are some of the loveliest people I know. A few are religious (Sufi) and I can have the greatest of spiritual discussions with them. My father went to Pakistan to visit Nankana and Panja sahib and he said of the Pakistani people collectively that he has never met a more welcoming, humble people ever.

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