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If You Become The Jathedar Of Sri Akal Takht For 4 Years Post... What Will You Do? - Contest


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1. What will you do?

Serve the needy- the starving, the downtrodden, and the ill.

Serve truth to whoever will listen.

2. What major positive or negative changes you will plan to bring? Help the poor get into work, provide shelter for the poor, feed the hungry, help them get established- whether they are white black, chinese or red.

3. What will be your 4 major policies or your signature ideas

1. Call on the Sangat worldwide to step forward and donate to the poor and hungry.

2. Call on the sangat to step forward and help the needy to get jobs, get shelter and grow or make own food etc.

3. Disregard all rituals and teach all to purify the heart, of the importance of silencing the mind which in turn gets rid of the 5 theives and to embrace all as One as per Gurbani.

4. Provide shelter for the downtrodden in the gurdwarras, every extra room to be filled with those who have no place to stay until they are established.

4. What changes will you prefer or plan to bring in SGPC? (Some facts: There are 175 members, mostly voted by rural folks. They are official holders of annual 600 crore budget).

Outlaw corruption, bribery, theivery etc, alcohol and taking advantage of others, jadoo etc within the membership.

5. Create your own question and answer it by yourself !!

Why is there a shortage of Brahmgyanis?

Because people have no idea how much they procrastinate or are lost in trishna(ego of seva, seva for glory of self, not for god).

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My first step would be to make sure every gurdwara in the world has a copy of the 1945 sikh rehat maryada and make sure it conducts itself according to that and that the gurdwara do not deviate from this.

hmm that is interesting, but they should have made a rehit maryada before the singh sabha movement, so that the maryada would have gone into the gurdwaras with the singhs that replaced the mahants.

However, how would this be done in gurdwaras not under SGPC control such as takht Hazoor Sahib and takht Patna Sahib, or in the dals?

How would sikhs be convinced to give up puraatan maryadas and follow the SGPC maryada?

Also should SGPC maryada not be approved properly by Singhs, as it was not totally approved when it was installed to be used?

Some questions!

On another note, we could make an Akal Takht takeover anniversary day dating back to 1920?!

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If i was given seva of sri akaal takth sahib jathedar. I would consult rest of takths jathedars before implementing anything.

Here are some of things i would look into:

I would divide issues into three categories and try to implement them.

1) Socio-Political 2) Sikhi Parchar 3) Resolving/stream lining/seperate Panthic issues - 4) Hertiage perservation re-integrate sikh Art/historical frescos back in the panth.

1). Socio-political issues

- First thing first, we need alternative source of income- strong diversified investment to bring money into main center of sikhism other than dasvand(which is already huge revenue budget of sgpc) so i would consult and look into various investment chances.

- Buy a media- start a sikh channel talk to various companies to show ads in between so its paying for itself. (It should not be in clash course with gurmat principles)

- Buy a huge land in outskirts and make cricket ground- charge money for any world wide sponsors who want to put their ad/billboard off- such as nike, IBM, addidas, rebakk in the major sporting events. It be competitor

- Start I.T related outsourcing consultant business for forgein gov't to invest in centers in punjab to support their customers abroad

- Work with gov't to make punjab tabocco free

- Revamp amritsar airport- design amritsar airport to reflect sikh art..!!

- Buy vicinity blocks around sri darbar sahib and lease them to shopping complex- each shops have to approved off course- should not be in clash course with gurmat principles (free from four kurahits)

- Try to brand all the shops sikh oreintated names off course by striking a right balance between branding and beadhi.

- Hire amry of public relations sikh media persons (abroad and in punjab) authorized by sri akaal takth sahib to release statements, downplay highly damaging incidents- do damage control, condeming incidents.

- Make a public stations in each district/pind in punjab kind of like speakers corner where each person can record 5 minute video of suggetions to send to sri akaal takth sahib via internet link.

Use all the revenue generation money above to capatalize on sikh media- create huge sikh media giant like atn media which sub channels, maintain/sustain lobby politican push fwd sikh cause, first encourage sikh gurdwaras abroad in media to follow maryada if not provide incentives/cheques to sikh gurdwaras abroad (committe members) to follow maryada and make their gurdwara an learning gurmat and spiritiual expereince for all.

2). Sikhi Parchar to include all:

- Lift some of the restrictions regarding mona's cannot do certain type seva in the gurdwara without touching ithasik and takth sahib gurdwara's maryada.

Come up with an action plan to re-integrate, rebuild relationship with monae's, alchoholics and integrate them back in the panth while carefully strike a right balance (not to follow giving small arm and asking for leg type of mentality)

- Allow monae's to do kirtan(tabla) or joridhar playing raag kirtan instrument/harmonium while main kirtani is still being amritdhari singh, allow monaie to sit behind kirtainiya so they are more engaged in the seva and can feel emotional vibrations of kirtan/sikhi so they are slowly getting more and more attach to Gurmat. Kalyug mein kirtan pardhana || Follow somewhat model of dodra sangat..they did amazing job in this front to include everyone in the seva.

- Revamp anand karaj maryada by upholding anand karaj maryada available to those who are taking oath of taking amrit in future and are genuinely preparing to take amrit and already have taken amrit with that being said we must ensure, we provide alternatives options to sikhs for auspicious day as marriage- those who are yet serious or inclined to take amrit- provide them sikh chaplain service and get them married by generic vows from sri guru granth sahib, mool mantar patt- infront of guru maharaj hazoori. so that atleast - oh gurdwara/sagat- (sangat/free concept of langar/seva/kirtan/katha) naal ta joraie rehan..you never know when maharaj does kirpa among in sangat in gupti roop bring someone closer to him.

- We need to do learn from contary to gurmat organization like radhaswamis. They have basics right, lets learn some of basic things from them- most of their followers are staunch veggies, sober followers (don't drink alchohol/take tabocco/take substance).

We need Divide the Parchar in punjab in three different phases, each phase would different schools/centers would offer 1 year course free of cost- where as

Phase 1 will run by past alchohlics turned khalsa/sikh doctors/holistic practioceners/hakims/ayurvedic specalist- this phase will strictly deal with integrating alchoholics/addicts back in soceity thats it either by chi/yoga healing energy, scholarship, ancient medicine- ayurveda vidya mentioned in shardha puran granth by bhai mani singh ji.

Phase 2 would be basic introduction to Sikhi- concept of naam simran and seva- so so much mool mantar da patt and so many hours of seva in a day etc. Lets provide students an divine/spiritual environment before shoving sikhi in their throats- thats where radhaswamis are beating us as they include everyone:

Sant baba isher singh ji rara sahib used to tell students who have not taken amrit to do 108 paki mala's of mool mantar for year (108 kachi mala of mool mantar = 1 pakki mala of mool mantar) for a year before come back and take amrit from panj pyares.

Phase 3- students/past addicts-alchohlics- taking amrit- continued to be nitnemi/simran abhyas, further taking courses on theology- becoming parcharariks/katha vaichaikhs and on etc.

3). Resolving/stream lining Panthic issues-

- Elements of Sri akaal takth sahib maryada should be revamped to protect key core values of sikh foundation ( amrit ceremony, naam, sri guru granth sahib saroops, sri dasam granth sahib, miri-piri) that anyone who tries to do parchar against those key core values should be summoned.

- Make personal/samparda's/jatha maryada separate from panthic maryada - seperate them as secular soceity have seperated church and state...thats the only way fwd with unity.

Make it clear to all when engaging panthic maryada or in panthic circle (doing parchar in ethahisk gurdwara/takth sahib gurdwara's/sgpc run gurdwaras) one must endorse panthic maryada and speak by putting panthic maryada before than samparda/jatha.

Install sri dasam granth sahib ji and do parkash (follow model from hazoor sahib) along slighty slower than sri guru granth sahib ji at all five takths of sikhism and if required sgpc controlled gurdwaras with that being said- leaving room for flexibility for other gurdwaras

Make it clear that no samparda's or jatha can't do parchar pro-actively for (to incite other party) or against controversial stuff (to incite other party)

Make it mandatory to endorse same layout/same contents after carefully looking at (layout, contents) sri guru granth sahib saroops at all five takth sahib, and those who print sri guru granth sahib ji outside of that layout and same contents- summon them in sri akaal takth sahib.

4). Heritage preservation re-integrate Sikh Art/historical frescos back in the panth-

Every year, allocated fund should be available to preserve/digitized sikh heritage/art/culture

- Adapt a default gurdwara model with separate art gallery section with description with each art (pictures of shaheeds, ghugallara, authors/scholars, saints, memorial relics, frescos among other art work)- make it absolutely clear that sikh art work is there to invoke a motivational feeling inside but not there to be worshiped.

Thats it for me..take whatever you will..i m sure there are nitty gritty stuff which i am missing -i dont want to pay attention to those as i would rather look at the middle ground and look at the bigger picture- parchar which hopefully can bring sikhs together.

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Nimakh Naa Bisro Tum Ko Har Har

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Posted 12 October 2011 - 12:12 PM

1. females wear keskis- enough of this nonsense that only males wear dastars and it is "optional" for females

2. change in stance of meat in rehat maryada, regardless of the method of killing it is not allowed

3. more lareevar saroops. and manglacharan should be in correct position

4. Saroops should be written/ printed however someone wants (ie with or without ragmala)

5. Maintaining satkaar of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, those who violate should be punishment

6. Get rid of the corrupt politicians who have no clue about what is best for sikhs.

so basically we go back to how sikhi was in the good old days.. :cool2:

inb4 ban

I think your number 4 and 5 contradict - how can you have satkaar when you say some saroops have ragmala and some dont ...... this is not something we can choose

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make a SGPC hip hop group that would go on a world tour

joking, but i would:

1) set up national sikh centres in each country which are directly in control of sgpc who have democratic elections every 2 years and no person can run more than once every 3 years force there to be male/female equality

2) set up radio and tv stations in each country also highlighting problems covering key topics these should be funded by the 30% fee each gurdwara should give of the dasvand they recieve! ($$$)

3) set up free schools and help in giving loans and grants to pinds so they can develop there business and infrastructure

4) give funds to political parties so as to further our own cause... must become politically savvy

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I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but why is Sri Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar only going to be a post of 4 years? How many politicies can be introduced, revised, then just scratch the surface of being implemented and then actually see some success out of it. By the time the policy even hits the target group, another Jathedar would come in and he would have a whole different take and consider something else as more important and then the newly introduced policy will be forgotten about. This is the reality in Canada and United States, where this four year term is used throughout government.

If people want to solve the problem of corruption of Jathedar position, then four year post are not the answer. This will only increase the corrpution as it will be about getting the next four years term or another associate of the current Jathedar get the position, where the former Jathedar can run Sri Akal Takht, like Bush was the hand puppet of his father.

The Jathedar has to be a Gursikh, who only can be removed from his position, if he commits an act against Sikhi or breaths his last as a Jathedar. The Gurmukhs need to step forward and then come to a decision, who is most capable of taking up the Jathedar position.

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