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If You Become The Jathedar Of Sri Akal Takht For 4 Years Post... What Will You Do? - Contest


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How long was "Jathedarship" in the good old days, i.e. in the times of Guru Sahib and later? Was it an indefinite period of time, i.e. until the Singh given the title passed away?

Going on from OnlyFive Ji's post above I think the reason 4 years has been plucked out of the air is to prevent dictator-like behaviour occuring whereby somebody remains in the post for 10 or 20 years. The problem is the Jathedar doesn't have any political influence so it's not as if he'll order anything unsavoury like a regular, politically-motivated dictator would. Of course, implementing policies detrimental to the Sikh faith is another issue...

The only problem I see with an indefinite period of 'Jathedarship' is if he becomes so entrenched in the position, he obviously begins to keep his favourites close to him, and call me paranoid but those favourites (advisers, etc) may have deliberately been planted by "someone" to ensure he is gently nudged in the direction of an agenda established by an unseen puppet master. But that's why I suppose an exceptional Gursikh of firm moral and spiritual standing should be selected who can see through such attempts at misdirection and deception.

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I personally think decision making by jathedar of akaal takth sahib should not be one man show process at the first place, when it comes to any major panthic decisions all four takth jathedars have to be consulted and get seal of approval..this ensure accountablity and transparency..just look at the beautiful symbolism in the panth surronding five- panj pyares, panj khands, panj taktht, panj payale, panj kakars.

I am quite happy how things are going at sri akaal takth sahib, how jathedar is making an effort to consult all four jathedars before taking major panthic decisons. This is the way it should be. With that kept in mind, as long other four takth jathedars are consulted and sri akaal takth jathedar gets seal from approval from them as well in major panthic decisions it really does not matter if the term is 4 year or long term..!!

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How many Takhats were there during the time of Akali Phoola Singh Ji? Only one - Sri Akaal Takhat

If you're going to promote puratan maryada, promote it in this case as well please. The Nihangs say so many other takhat sahibs were made to uproot their power - can the same be said for Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib - Takhat of Miri Piri De Malik Dhan DHan Guru Hargobind Sahib - the Takhat of Akaal Purakh?

Yes, there are other Takhat Sahibs, but when were they made and who were they supported to be made? Takhat Sri Damadama Sahib was always referred to Guru Ki Kanshi and was where the first Dasam Granth Sahib was - nowhere is it referred to as Takhat Sahib.

The jathedar wasn't a formal title like you said, he was the care taker of Akaal Takhat Sahib - a high jeevan Singh who puts his life at the feet of the Panth.

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I think more research is needed on historical significance of five takths. We need to look for clues and puratan hakumnamas issued from sri akaal takth sahib see if rest of takth names or jathedars were mentioned..i will try to dig up hakumnamas from sant gurbachan singh ji khalsa bhindranwale works. It's known fact, sri damdama sahib- guru ki kanshi was takth where sri guru gobind singh ji compiled sikh scriptures so that place holds an very high value same goes at hazoor sahib where actual gurship to sri guru granth sahib ji was given by sri guru gobind singh ji himself and same goes for others..so in major panthic decisions- rest of takth jathedars input/consultation cannot be ignored..i hold five takth maryada/jathedar position at very high esteem and authority even higher than puratan samparda's and jatha's..!!!!!!!

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Here is what comes to my mind as of now


· All Panthic Jathebandis will need to send their selected representatives to Sri Akal Takht Sahib in order to engage in discussions pertaining to a standardized Rehit Maryada that will be mandatory, with the purpose of eradicating all sorts of confusions in the Panth regarding all those issues weve always argued about. Things that cannot be agreed upon unanimously will not be forced upon anyone, but left open for further discussion in future. The fact that were Sikhs means that we learn, grow, develop and progress gradually. No destination is reached in a split second, but we do need to accept one another and learn to agree-to-disagree and move on as a united qaum. The example of Sikh Misls will be followed, where inspite of minor differences they were always united in their core beliefs and ideologies.

· Set up educational institutions run by scholars that engage in deep and full-fledged professional research on Sikh history and philosophy, free from any sort of influence of any political party or any government. The primary purpose would be to project the truth about Sikh history and philosophy and not what is taught in Indian schools. The SGPC treasury would have to fund all such institutions, their entire research and pay wages to all those working on the various projects.

· Enforce the rule that all committee members of all Gurdwara committees all over the world are to abide by certain standards. Minimum requirement is that he/she should be Amritdhari. If he/she is not, yet it is known without doubt that he/she has the caliber and potential to bring about positive changes, and has other talents that could be beneficial to that particular regional Sikh community, then he/she can be part of the committee for a shorter tenure, and provided that he/she also works towards uplifting his/her jeevan and has the intention to take Amrit at some point in future.

· Each committee will need to have a youth wing and also should actively involve Sikh bibis who participate in their processes, even if they have to have a separate wing for bibis. Its about time we had representation of bibis in our committees.

· SGPC will need to have a separate department that involves itself in activities such as funding more schools, colleges, universities and hospitals all over Punjab with professionally qualified teachers, professors and doctors.

· Hospitals will need to run a rehabilitation program free of charge for all drug addicts and alcoholics.

· Well educated GurSikhs from SGPC will need to set up employment agencies which help unemployed Sikh youth by providing them training as well as setting them up with employment accordingly.

· More social activities to inculcate Gurmat in the youth will be organized. This will include more competitions of Shudh Gurbani Uchaaran, Gurbani Kanthh Mukaabla, Keertan competitions with focus on Raag Keertan, Kavishri and Dhhaadi competitions, martial arts competitions, youth debates and discussions on key Sikh issues and their solutions under the light of Gurbani will be promoted, funded and organized.

· Education upto class 12th will be made free of charge for everyone on all schools managed by Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

· A separate defense force of Sri Akal Takht Sahib will be put in place and their cadres will need to have commando training, and it doesnt necessarily have to be from Indian army. This will be helpful in setting up a fighting force of Sikhs in case any event similar to 1984 hits the qaum. In case there is any political event in the country when Sikhs are targeted, this force will be sent to the affected areas for protection of the lives and property of Sikhs. It will be a purely defensive and never offensive outfit deployed only and only in times of dire emergencies.

· More emphasis on sports such as soccer, hockey, basketball and cricket.

· More emphasis to uplift the status of bibis in the qaum in terms of education, jobs and their general security and well-being. Wont mind having an organization that looks into issues that bother bibis, such as dowry suicides, eve-teasing or any other sort of harassment at home or outside. Also considering the idea of trained and armed lady officers in uniform in public places where young girls are frequently harassed, teased, molested, etc especially on social/religious occasions when there are large crowds.

· Upliftment of our brothers and sisters whom weve labeled as so-called lower castes by creating and implementing an entire program to fight the menace of (a.) caste system, (b.) Sikhs being misled and converting to other faiths. This will include massive awareness campaigns all over Punjab and will be done by devoted and talented youth. All necessary steps to be taken to raise their academic, social and economic level at par with everyone else.


· Implementation of Anandpur Sahib resolution without any compromise.

· Lobby the UN as well as various foreign governments to come forward and condemn the Sikh genocide by imposing on India whatever economic sanctions are required in order to force the GOI to take legal action against all guilty, be they politicians, cops, or soldiers. Assistance will be requested from Sikhs For Justice and other humanitarian agencies be they from India or foreign countries, and be they Sikh or non-Sikh.

· Call for ban on all TV shows, TV commercials, TV soaps as well as films (Bollywood or any other) that portrays Sikhs in a way that is unacceptable to the Sikh community. The SGPC would need to have an unblemished individual as a representative in the Censor Board who will ensure that any movie that is seen as potentially hurtful towards Sikh sentiments is not given the green signal until all suggested and/or required modifications have been implemented.

· Abuse of drugs and alcohol and their sale/purchase will be made illegal all over the state of Punjab with severe penalties. Any organization dealing in them will have their licenses revoked and in worse cases cancelled, not to forget trial and imprisonment of all individuals indulging in such businesses.

· A Sikh secretariat will be set up in all countries with substantial Sikh populations to look into all issues Sikhs face in those countries, A to Z, and will become the umbrella organization for all other smaller/local Sikh outfits in those countries. This secretariat will be recognized by UN and will be reporting directly to Sri Akal Takht Sahib, thereby having no allegiance to any government or political outfit and thus free from any influence or impact.

This is not all, I may come back and add more. Meantime please feel free to add and express whatever you feel needs to be on this list, and also correct whatever seems to be wrong.

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