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Message From Sant Baba Harnam Singh Ji Khalsa Mukhi Damdami Taksal

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

The picture with Parkash Singh Badal, Badal for some reason was going to touch Harnam Singh's knee, but Harnam Singh stopped this, and touched Badals knee instead.

As you know and as can be read and seen in the media, Damdami Taksal and Sant Samaj were not happy with the appointment of Sumedh Saini.

Just imagine if all the Singhs of Taksal, Sant Samaj, AKJ, Nihangs, Sampradas, Bittu, Maan etc get together and form a 3rd front, the Akali Dal and Congress would start to have sleepless nights out of fear.

I wish the above would come true, sorry to say but every leader in Punjab is out there to become a hero. Taksal, Sant Samaj, AKJ, Nihangs, Sampradas, Bittu, Maancan get together but who will they target? The 51% Sikh population of Punjab? Revolutions dont come overnight. We need to educate the people of Punjab against the tyrant government, against fake Gurus, against the drug culture and educate them towards Gurbani and Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Sikhi way of life.

Like was said before Bhai Amrik Singh Ji Ajnala are doing a great job of their Satkaar Seva, but these allegations are false.

If Baba Harnam Singh is what some people make him out to be, has committed religious sacralige, has betrayed the Panth, has held meetings with the Radha Swami's or any other pakhandi dera organisation then this evidence should be taken to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib to the Singh Sahibaans and then Harnam Singh shall appear at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib to accept his punishment.

But, please dont waste your time in slandering your own brothers, and dont always believe what the press prints, sometimes things are not always what they may seem. It is clear that Baba Harnam Singh became the 'bad guy' as soon as he declared Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale a Shaheed. Sardar Simranjeet Singh Ji Mann are against Baba Harnam Singh because he sided with Badal. Bhai Daljit Singh Ji Bittu does not stand against Harnam Singh nor has he given a statement against him. Dal Khalsa invited Harnam Singh to release their Shaheedi Diary. Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji Dhadrianwale, comes to UK at Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale's Barsi At Gurdwara Baba Sang Smethwick last year 2011 states off stage that the Pagh of Taksal has been shreded and is in tatters, the same Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji approached Baba Harnam Singh a month or so ago when allegations flew around about Sant Dhadrianwale to release a statement in favour of Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji.

I am not talking about the gallery but the Sikh Memorial which is dedicated to the shaheeds of 1984. How can a Sikh Memorial contain no pictures or names of shaheeds?

Only time will tell what will appear inside the memorial, i'm sure Badal, Makkar, Congress, BJP were all unhappy at the idea of the memorial, but its still being made. Once the photos go up, I dont think anybody will have the guts to go remove them.

Jonny is right! So you want sikhs to support sumedh saini now. Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale could have taken an easy way out, but he did not. Which of this part is hard for you guys to undersatnd.

No one is wanting to support Sumedh Saini, Taksal nor Sant Samaj have supported Sumedh Saini. Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa did alot of things, some only which they could do, the question is, he done what he had to do, what are you doing? Sant Ji have woken the sleeping nation, but what are we doing?

These debates areguments could go on, but whats the point? Where isit getting us? Taking out grudges against each other sitting on a forum?

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The statement given by Damdami Taksal aka Gurinder Singh is attempting to whitewash what Bhai Amrik Singh Jee said as a 'personal grudge.' Bhai Amrik Singh and the satkaar committee have always been

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh A number of allegations have been put against Baba Harnam Singh Ji Khalsa. Most of these are to cause further friction in the Taksal. The Taksal on its own

Veer Chatangi ji, Quote "Badal accepted their demand for alam to be dropped, but not for saini. Sant Samaj do not agree with this, but ultimately the responsibility lies with badal." Badal gave the

So you want sikhs to support sumedh saini now.

Everytime when somebody cannot defend themselves, the first thing they will say is what you were doing? Yes, keep that up.

you sound like a woman, with your bleating.

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i will ring bhai amrik singh tommrow morning as it is late in india and get you a javaab. mr dhumma representative can u pass it onto baba jee or garvai parnaam singh to tell baba jee this time no chaliya/ maun will save him..this isnt the only time hes caused behzti and believe me when the time comes he will be further exposed. lets not get started their. also mr dhumma represantive can i suggest you make a youtube video where dhumma speaks instead of posting on sikh sangat. i doubt uk media have time to visit you..

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Waraich gurdwara land was swapped with dera: Report

Perneet Singh/TNS

Amritsar, July 20

The SGPC sub-committee constituted to probe the alleged demolition of a gurdwara at Waraich village by the followers of a dera has stated in its report that the panchayat’s move to “shift” the gurdwara was justified and no sacrilege was perpetrated during the process. In its report, a copy of which is with The Tribune, the sub-committee said after the Army acquired land at Waraich village for its ammunition depot, only 200 families were left there while other people were rehabilitated. But, these 200 families too sold off their property later and migrated to other places.

“Only the house of Balwinder Singh Comrade was left in the village and he was the one who was taking care of the gurdwara as per Sikh ‘maryada’. But as he too had sold off his house, the panchayat was compelled to take a decision on the shrine,” the report said. Later, the panchayat and a few villagers “swapped” one-and-a-half kanal of the gurdwara land with the dera for a same-size plot adjoining the village’s other gurdwara. Besides, the dera management also gave a cheque of Rs 10 lakh as compensation for the gurdwara building. The amount was to be utilised to raise a "bunga" in the name of Mata Ganga Jee at Anandpur Sahib, the report states.

The panel stated that there were two ‘birs’ of Guru Granth Sahib at Waraich gurdwara and both of them were moved to Gurdwara Ramsar at Chhamb village as per the ‘maryada’. The report said no sacrilege was committed during the process.

Prominent residents of the village also told the panel that there was no forcible shifting of Guru Granth Sahib or demolition of the gurdwara building. They said everything happened with consensus.

Concluding its report, the panel said, “As all the residents of Waraich village have sold off their property and shifted to other places, it was not possible to manage the gurdwara affairs as per the ‘maryada’. In this situation, shifting the gurdwara was the right move and, hence, the decision to swap the gurdwara land and receive compensation for its building is also correct.”

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The picture with Parkash Singh Badal, Badal for some reason was going to touch Harnam Singh's knee, but Harnam Singh stopped this, and touched Badals knee instead.

The picture says it all, you can make up whatever you want to try to lessen the besti of Baba Dhumma, but he did what he did.

Even if we had pics of baba dhumma meeting radha soami, what good would it do? We have pictures of Akaal Takhat Jathedar and other SGPC high heads like vedantti accepting RSS pictures with hindu devte and Guru Nanak's picture as equal and allowing beadbi while people are sitting in the audience on chairs in front of Maharaj and yet nothing happened.

Also, don't compare Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa to Baba Dhumma please, there is not even a close comparison by any stretch.

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Sant Samaj had straightaway made their feelings about saini being dgp and alam given a ticket, known to badal. Badal accepted their demand for alam to be dropped, but not for saini. Sant Samaj do not agree with this, but ultimately the responsibility lies with badal.

osingh, i know you arent a moorakh, but you sure giving me the impression you are an imbecile, and i say that as someone who knows you can do better, but you seem intent on making yourself look like a moorakh time after time.

I have time and time on this forum, told of example of history where Sikhs/Dal Panth had to unite with the killers of Sikhs for a certain cause. I have posted this a good few times on this forum, in topics where you have posted, are you telling me that you have never read them, or understood them?

Come on Bro! I know and you know that " Sikhs joining with the killers of Sikhs" has happened before. Or just come straight out and say it, that we can not or should not have ties with people like Nawab Kapur SIngh, Sultan Jassa Singh, and Sardar Jassa Sngh Ramgarhia.

The photos thing came about because someone complained the Gurdwara wouldm have pics of the shaheeds from the Khalistan movement. There are pics of Bhai Amrik SIngh and Gen Subeg SIngh in the gallery, and they have been there for years.

You would do it, by knowing that some sacrifices have to be made for the greater good of the panth. Sant Samaj has realised this.

Im sorry to be blunt but you have no idea what you are talking about. Put all the Panthic Sikhs together and they are not bigger than Badal Dal votebank. I put my life on that.

Sant Samaj dont have to prove anything to you.

Recently in the news, the ex-leader of the IRA, shook hands with the Queen of England, their enemy for almost 500 years. Why? Because the IRA knew that to acheive some of their aims, they had to give up some of the most fundamental republican principles, such as not recognising the Republic of Ireland (26 counties) and Northern Ireland. For many it was a bitter pill to swallow, but eventually they have seen the enormous progress made towards the re-unification of Irelands 32 counties, more than if they had carried on with their war campaign.

osingh, give it a rest. please.




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We shouldn't make such discussions become personal. It should be healthy and we should admit when we're repeating ourselves excessively, this applies to everyone.

Me, you and the third guy. I made some mistakes on this thread probably, but that's how we learn, right?

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just spoke to bhai amrik singh ajnala... please inform yur baba jee that average people saw him go to the dera and leave.. we are not paprazzi nor do we have the time to take photos of you. there is no illaj for 'mare and mukre'

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With all due respect to everyone, no-one should be trusted in this age. Half of our problems will go away ONLY if we rely and trust solely on the basis of evidence presented and there is nothing wrong in that. I am no fan of baba dhumma or other political leaders but the age of trusting on other words is no more.

No offense but we balaities are too gullible to believe anything/everything.

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