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of course it was consumed, during Ranjit Singh's time. What vice was left that Sikhs couldn't be accused of at that time?

cowardice, running from battle (after Sham Singh Attari's shaheedi), to corruption, greed, If Ghulab Singh/Teja Singh/ Dhian Singh could be considered Sikhs

then of course alcohol was consumed.

The reason there's warnings in Guru Granth Sahib Ji is because Guru Ji knew it would be a temptation, even to Sikhs.

(I know u stated above that it's not acceptable in gurmat), but your answer was a bit ambiguous and misleading. You made it sound like if it was consumed during

Ranjit Singh's time than it's historical and okay to do it.......sort of like the Niddar's ppl.

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interesting to note alcohol isnt a new thing for sikhs...there are accounts of singhs in ranjits army being very excessive drinkers...but it being acceptable in terms of gurmat is a total different matter... historically though there is no doubt alcohol was consumed by sikhs

That's like Sikhs in 100 years time in the future, saying "in the times when that niddar was around Sikhs used to consume alcohol" no real basis because we all no those that consume alcohol and intoxicants in this present time are really Gursikhs!!

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Imagine all the stuff some Sikhs do now a days. Two hundred years from now they will claim it to be puratan maryada.

Hopefully they see both your and my post and save themselves for this trap though! lol

I genuinelly hope so too veeray, but I'm thinking some people are so thick headed that they will always argue that 'black is white' and 'day is night' even though all the evidence is exactly the opposite!! Chaal kohy nahee, a pawn will always think of itself as more, but everyone else knows exactly what they are!!

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Every community drinks. I used to drink as well but have stopped for the last two years. Sure it was fun at times, but at the end of the day it is not worth it. There is a reason why you always feel rubbish after drinking a lot of alcohol.

Let me explain my experiences with alcohol.

I found that there was not a single alcoholic drink that tasted good, i.e. something you can genuinely sip on for pure taste. Beer is just vile and spirits taste like petrol. I would rather drink juice and coke.

So why do people drink alcohol? It's because of the effect and nasha. It makes you more relaxed and lose your inhibitions which feels good initially. But to get to this state you have to drink quite a lot. You will then end up getting a headache, stomach ache or throwing up. Most likely you won't even remember half the stuff you did whilst drunk. As with any drug, after the high there is the depressing low. It simply isn't worth it.

A lot of people drink for 'social' reasons, they do this because they are uneasy with the people they are around, they cannot be themselves around these people, so it's all false. Since I stopped drinking, I've 'lost' some so called friends. Good riddance I say! Another reason people drink is simply boredom, they have nothing better to do. Do something valuable with your time, learn an instrument or martial art. It will be more rewarding in the end.

The simple fact that your body rejects alcohol should tell you that it's not good. It is literally abusing your body. It makes you do things that you regret.

Sikhs are the biggest drinkers in India. I read that Punjab has the most alcohol shops per square mile in the entire world! That is awful and not the kind of thing you want to be proud of. The English are the heaviest drinkers in Europe, so when you mix punjabi culture with this, you have a disaster.

I started a new job recently and an old Gujarati woman there told me that Sikh weddings are fun and brash and that there was plenty of drinking and a guaranteed fight. This is not the kind of image we want to portray of ourselves, yet some are even proud of this!

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