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Who are other parcharaks like Dhunda that we should be aware of?


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o'waheguru...soo many..........................I'am lucky, never listened to any of them.....did Dhunda 3-4 years back for couple of times...didn't like him..I didn't know at that time that he's sooooo bad........Bacha leya Guru ne....

"DasamSarbhlohGranth" ji what do you mean by the following????

  • Singh Sabha Canada

Like we have Malton Gurughar, known as Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara Malton....which seems good.......never heard anything opposing Sikhi...

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Singhsabha canada is a phoney organization without any street address and office. May be it is a one man show and noticed because of their presence on internet.

There is a person Hardev shergill from sacramento who started this drama in 1999 and he formed singhsabha usa.They name it singh sabha and all their activities are anti sikh.They openly preach that there is no need for a sikh to grow hair.He and jeonwala were monas all their lives and have no belief in growing hair but to misguide people for propaganda sake they grew hair and beards.

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In no particular order:

  • Gurbaksh (Gurbax) Kala Afghana
  • "Professor" Darshan Ragi
  • "Professor" Sarbjit Dhunda
  • "Professor" Inder Ghagga
  • Gurcharan Jeonwala
  • Harinder Sabhra
  • "Giani"/"Professor" Gurbachan Thailand
  • "Giani" Jagtar Jachak
  • "Giani" Gurbax (Gurbux) Gulshan
  • "Veer" Bhupinder
  • "Dr." Harjinder Dilgeer
  • "Bhai" Panthpreet "Khalsa"
  • Gurjant Rupowali
  • "Bhai" Brahmjeet Sarhali
  • Sukhwinder Dadehar
  • Paramjit Uttarakhand
  • Paramjeet Sarna and Associates of Delhi Gurdwara Management Comittee
  • "Giani" Jasvir (Jasbir) Vancouver
  • Kuldeep - Radio 'Shere Punjab'
  • "Giani" Surjit Missionary
  • Chamanjeet Lal (Ragi)
  • Joginder Spokesman
  • Harinder (SikhRI)
  • Tiger Jatha UK
  • Singh Sabha Canada
  • Gurmat Gian Missionary College (Ludhiana)
  • Guru Granth Da Khalsa Panth
  • Sikh Lehar/Sikhi Lehar
  • Khalsa News (website)
  • Sikh Marg (website)
  • Gurmat Parchar Jatha (leader: Baldev)
  • Manjit Sihota
  • Karamjit Gill
  • Amandeep Kang
  • Gurmit Sinh
  • Parminder Parmar
  • Jasbir Mangat

More individuals, groups, organizations, and associates to come...stay tuned.

Focus on You- forget all of them mate - aint worth the hassle

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