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Cheap bathroom fragrance near guru sahib

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I get so annoyed seeing that auto spray bathroom fragrance placed right next to guru sahib @ harmander sahib (see photo of two white plastic material on left side). This shows the education level of the manager and possible whole sgpc high level employees.


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Modern Sikhs ran away from dhoof/incense/lotus scent spray which they perceive as bhraminvaad only found themselves using cheap plastic bathroom fragrance with alcohol in it which is also perceived as modern westernvaad by sikhs as well...this is too classic...whats next? tommy hilfer perfume for maharaj...lol.lol..can someone compile a master card priceless commercial for this crazy sheer hysteria and paranoia..lol..

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They look bloody tacky!!

They also spray the chemically fragrance to quite a distance, in such close proximity to Maharaaj...

We dont consider the affects all these modern chemicals have on our heritage! What is the point of any fragrance in Darbar Sahib since the amazing architectural splender ensures there is ample cross ventilation at all times. Secondly, my nose goes numb as soon as i step out of the plane in india...

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These products first came out for commercial use. I am sure that most of you have seen this in public restrooms/bathrooms for decades. After seeing all commercial places using this product, some companies introduced modified version for household restroom use. (google "restroom spray automatic" and click on images)

I am not sure if members here have used this product but i am using this product for the past 6 years for the commercial place. Not only this product is extremely strong but it is specifically made for restrooms odor control. PLUS they should be hanged/kept at least 5 or 6 feet above ground and away from subject (human).

Try to put this auto spray on your bedside table and sleep with it and then in morning let us know how was your experience of inhaling this product?

There are many other similar options which are usually made for regular rooms .. products like air freshner outlet plugins.

I just hope they dont start putting this product near guru sahib.


What is the point of any fragrance in Darbar Sahib since the amazing architectural splender ensures there is ample cross ventilation at all times.


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"It takes you out of deep meditation when they spray that strong stuff."

Well, next time before you go there to sit in deep meditation what I would do is ask the Sevadars there as to why keep the sprays there.

Since they spend most of their lives there i'm sure they know what they are doing. It's easy for us to sit here back at home holding opinions about something.

Also with no offence intended, but is this meditation really deep if it is disturbed by a smell. Again, I know nothing about "deep" meditation so please don't think i'm trying to say you're not a deep meditator or anything of the sort.

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    • as long as no major panthic figure lays ungli on them lol  implausible at current state of affairs  we can have three sets shrimoni akali panth panj pyare of sikh sarbat khalsa along with 5 mukte and 25 mahakaali/giani singhs a mukhi of a really major dal (budha dal, taksal, akj, nkj, all the new ones lol) arent allowed to be in panj pyare or ppanj mukte  panj pyare can have more politically involved sikhs, meanwhile panj mukte be more panthic type folks like late bhai jugraj singh  one seat of panj mukte reconsidered every 2-4 years (some seats for 3, some for 4, one for 2) two of panj pyare for life till removed by 21 or more of mahakaal/giani (scholars, veterans, raagis, etc.) (i dont know how these are selected but perhaps a combination unanimously approved by 40 legislators mentioned below, they can be for life) other three chosen every 4-5 years by panj mukte  panj mukte advise panj pyare in joint session under a mukh diwan and meet diwan (chief minister of joint panj pyare/panj mukte session, secretariat minister of mahakaal assembly) who try to set up meetings and agenda and are chosen by small body of 40 legislators (need 37 or more to become) representing different parts of world and india and punjab and sampardiye  52 sewadars of sarbat khalsa enforce gurmattas under supervision of meet diwan third set of panch is akal thakt panj pyare (jathedari of akal thakt can be abolished) of which four must be most senior mahakaali singhs (the 25) and only one can be young if approved by same margin meet diwan is, this is like the jurisdiction that can remove a panj pyara anytime and de-ratify a gurmatta anytime  replaces sgpc a panj pyare can never be a panj mukta, a panj mukta can never be a panj pyare after retiring from former position mukh diwaan cannot be a former panj pyare akal thakt panj pyare cannot be former mukh diwan, and after retiring cannot serve panj pyara sarbat khalsa takes oath of restricting political activism to a certain region (perhaps pakistan punjab, punjab, haryana and maybe j&k, himachal, rajasthan) and beyond this region it confines itself to humanitarian relief, activism for sikh rights, gurudwara management, gurmatta/maryada enforcement) a politican isnt allowed from a another party to serve any position in this sarbat khalsa system but sarbat khalsa can recommend or back a panthic sikh up for a seat in the prescribed region  constitution (prescribing values of economic and relgiious freedoms, and promoting a federalist republican structure in india that candidates backed by sarbat khalsa must adhere to), code of honour (for scholars,intellectuals,officials), rehat maryada (mostly adopted from prior one) sikh intellectual council of free thought, free space for all sorts of intellectuals to discuss ideas, and a ultimate sikh reference library for all  sikh education front, trying to spread parchar in world, and impart worldy knowledge of stem onto youth in the north indian region described above (as our youth is behind rest of india)  revised anandpur da matta, reinforcing punjab's demand for autonomy, riparian rights, and additional territory (that we can get with help of our sikh education front working to spread sikhi in those areas and literate the poor with punjabi and other wordly stem sciences) we will harvest intellectuals, sikhs, and a stronger panth i think i got carried away, maybe panj pyare system is better for individual gurudwaras lol although we cant have a autocracy with all the division in the panth either   
    • really nice thread 👍 
    • idk if it is but if it is the r/sikh mod he is nice and not rude...
    • is it the same turbanator from youtube who comment on every basics of sikhi video 
    • yes bibi rajni was married off to a leper by her father for her refusal to worship him instead of raam/gopal/akaal purakh she remained firm and took her husband village to village and was now thrown into a life of poverty she was married to a disabled man with leprosy and was told by her father to deal with the consequences of not worshipping him and told her to go find her waheguru/akaal purakh/raam now she carried her leper husband in a tokra basket on her head through villages and did work like a banjaras at different households until she reached amritsar sarovar she left (probably for work), while husband went for sarovar and when he came out he was cured (some versions say sikh villagers around told him to jap waheguru as he took the dip) he held onto a twig on a tree with his pinky so he wouldnt drown as he took ishnan he was cured but bibi rajni his wife did not recognize him so there was commotion to which villagers told them to go to dhan dhan sri guru raam das ji to whom bibi rajni begged for the man in front of her to be punished thinnking he killed her husband  but guru sahib told the (husband) to show his chichi (pinky finger) which wasn't dipped in the sarovar and thus remained with leper marks which proved that he was indeed the husband (he was told by guru sahib to dip the finger and his finger was cured as well to which bibi rajni believed him) duni chand the arrogant father of bibi rajni came and asked for forgiveness, and i think he had four daughters or so and no son and thus adopted the former lepor as his son  one of my favorite sakhis from childhood 
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