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Fear is the root of all the dual existence.

Those that die in fear are said to become ghosts.

However, if one starts to believe and immerse themselves in other parallel existences, then they are immersing themselves in MORE Duality and AWAY from the One Divine God.

We shouldn't pay too much attention to this because there are other places where our attention should be.

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Ghosts exist and can stir a lot of trouble, leech off people, do Jadoo on people, possess people etc. if they come close, it's our own negativity that let them come close. If negativity exists, it's God teaching that a fault exists so work on it.

Practicing truth, ie understanding that everything and everyone is just God- means that we are able to see past the illusion of symbolic reflections of the 2nd energy like negatively charged prets and nothing can harm us as we have recognised the truth.

This is not protection- it is simply understanding the gyan of truth and applying it to begin to live in truth, and be the Truth and not illusion i.e maya.

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