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Gursant Singh has been outspoken for gun rights and I agreed with him, but he seems to be a bit unbalanced in hindsight. I personally stick by the constitution and believe all individuals should have

After kids at school saw this picture the racism I was facing decreased a lot. People started to act like turbans were a normal part of society (unlike before when they thought it was an abnormal thin

I can't understand what is the fuss all about? This ad is helping sikhs become more visible in America. All these years, Americans have seen turban wearing Osama Bin Laden on TV and associated turban

Personally, i've always felt that Gursant is nuts !!!! :lol2: :lol2:

He rants on as if he is a spokesperson for sikhs.

Yeah, I kind of get that feeling as well, but I don't think he's nuts (although I thought that). I can feel for him though as a fellow Sikh, he got betrayed by 3HO after finding the truth about a lot of the anti-Sikh bipran/manmat (brahman) practices.

Right now he's in a rock and a hard place and is trying a lot to get revenge for, what he would say, is betrayal. It's probably hard for him to relate to the average Sikh his age as well considering the culture and language barrier so I think a little bit of compensation is going on as well.

I think he should just chill because the truth comes out. Trying that hard sets off a lot of flags in my head.

With that said, I don't dislike 3HO, they've done a great job. There are always bad apples everywhere hence I think he's being a bit too much.

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Gursant singh is right wing christian nut bar converted to sikhism obviously bought lot of his right wing christian protestant fascist views inadvertenly with him. I posted this on another thread but anyone who is radicalizing youths, fingering youths to turn out to protest of silly issues is inadvertenty/advertently try to sabotage sikh interest.. They should be isolated and nailed to the wall totally..Let this goon feel the heat there should be hakumnama against this individual not because of his views (everyone can beleive whatever they wish) but the way he has trying to divide sikhs, damage sikh community reputation, making us look like extermist and idiots by actually planning to protest against this ad campaign under garb of sikh bana by hijacking sikh community.

Right wing christian protestant nut bar groups and gursant singh have many things in common, one of things is they both want ad removed..!!!!!!!. See below. Most sikhs would be up in arms if sikh saint just says hello to hindu saint in interfaith call them names but when it comes to this christian protestant hate monger hijacking our sikh community taking us for free ride we are sitting idle naively.

Anway here is response to angry arrogrant customer and groups want the ad removed and see the amazing response from the gap employee:

Dear Ignorant Woman,

When you entered GAP today, I was ready to greet you with a smile and try to help you find whatever you needed. Before I could even open my mouth, however, you were yelling at me and my fellow associate because of the large ad we have hanging in our window of that Muslim "terrorist" in the "do-rag." Upon informing you that he is not Muslim (and even if he was, who cares?), that he is Sikh, you didn't believe me when we told you they are a peaceful people. And you still insisted he was Muslim. And that we remove the offensive ad.

You went on and on about calling corporate, you asked if our general manager knows about the ad hanging in our front window (we assure you, he's not a terrorist, and yes, she knows), and how we live in AMERICA (and I guess that means we shouldn't have people who aren't white and Christian representing our brand or any brand). Your ignorance and rudeness are embrassing. I hope, perhaps, you can open your mind up and find peace. Please, focus that energy and passion (and get rid of the hate) and do something GOOD in the world. I doubt you will, but a guy can wish.

a proud employee of GAP

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He's not a bad guy or some hidden christian missionary just because he does not agree with the manmat hindu practices of the 3ho. But he does become an extremist when it comes to 3ho. <edited> I don't hate them to the point of being overly obsessed with them 24/7. As Sikhs we should not hate any group. We may have difference of opinion, but with Guru Jee's kirpa, manmat opinions can change for the good one day.

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They do idol worship, do yoga, in their smagams half naked women on the beach dance to kirtan. They go to Banaras(or some place in UP) and pay the Brahmins to perform some Hindu pooja. They practice some strange sexual practices. Their Panj Pyaras do not even have Nitnem Kanth and as a result they hold a Gutka Sahib while preparing Amrit(no other Panj in the world does this). I can go on, but what's the point.

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gap smashed it with that ad.....

beautiful sikh couple look amazing - people who are taking offence to any perceived eroticism are just reflecting their own sexual insecurity

jeda shisha ganda onoo sara ganda deedaa

one who's glasses are dirty - sees everything as dirty

Thank you! I was thinking of a quote that went along those lines. Well said.

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In his book "Confession of an American Sikh" his Autobiography he comes across as an extreme attention seeker. He was booked in Amritsar jail with his matchmaker on his suspicion of marriage fraud after meeting around fifty women. He has an agenda against 3HO and will go to any length to destroy their reputation.

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