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Israel Or Palestine Which Side You On?

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None! Since we don't have our own country so we don't need to take sides and make unnecessary enemies.

-Jewish vs Muslims -Christians vs Muslims -Hindus vs Muslims -Shia vs Sunni no need for us to get involved in any of these. Sikhs should just remain neutral and seize any opportunity that presents

And if you think about it based on historical perspectives, we had a sovereign Khalsa Raj when we didn't meddle in the affairs of others. The Marathas, Afghans, Mughals were entangled in a web of clas

There is plenty of propaganda on both sides, not spreading hatred either.

One side says children are being butchered.

The other side says they are being used as human shields.

I agree that innocents are being massacred but this is what happens when there is war.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

How does the sangat now feel about this question after the murder of Sikhs at Saharanpur?

Is Saharanpur a separate issue or do muslims have similar thought processes in other countries?

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I will have a biased opinion cause I have a hard time trusting muslims considering the history between sikhs and muslims

Cannot post videos but if you go on youtube search bill maher rips hamas over gaza

What should israel do as hamas shoots rockets into israel

Does israel not have the right to defend itself

Should israel just sit their n just hope the iron dome knocks down every incoming rocket from hamas

Plus this conflict is hurting israels economy cause 2 thirds of the population are running for bombsheltors daily rather then going to work running their businesses

Hamas is targeting innocent civilians in israel and their goal is to kill as many jews as possible

Israel is targeting hamas in gaza and their goal is to kill as many hamas terrorists as possible

Their are idiots in israels military who have become savages n terrorists them selves like the once who targeted innocent kids on the beach

Just like their are arabs who want to kill all jews their are ppl in israel who have lost loved once n so on who have grown to hate all muslims

Now hamas is winning the social media war

Their shooting rockets at israel knowing israel is going to retaliate in self defence and target the locations that hamas is firing rockets from

So stratigically they are firing rockets while hiding behind innocent civilians

Using the civilians as human shields then the civilians are killed they upload pictures onto social media an people who are easily manipulated start bashing israel when they see pictures of deceased children

Israel protects its people with bombs

Hamas protects bombs with people

Israel is unfairly held to a higher moral standard even though they have bin the underdogs since the 40's

The jewish people are extremely hard working driven and smart when it comes to education hence why they make up less then half a percent of the worlds population yet have almost a third of the noble peace prizes in medicine and science

Cause of this drive in education around the world they dominate every sector they get involved in hence why israeli lobby is very powerful in washington cause the jewish people are extremely successful in america

The jewish people are very liberal and in 2008 I think the jewish community had the highest percentage of barack obama supportors behind african americans

Smarter a civilization is the more advanced their military is

47 and 48 when un drew out the israeli map the muslim arabs got israeli citizenships who were living on the israeli side of the map

48 the arabs ganged up attacked israel an expelled all the arab jews from their countries and they fled to israel as refugees

Israel did a great job n wooped the arabs back n were talking about lebanon syria irawq saudia arabia egypt n jordan who had attacked israel

Israel was brutally out numbered n major underdogs but cause they are extremely smart they were able to put together a military far more advanced in tactics then the arabs

The arabs moved into palestine and the palestinian leadership allowed arab armies to set up base on palestine territories to launch attacks against Israel

Israel having a very educated population that was advanced in sciences were able to put together a better army then the arabs n won the war n drove the arab armies out of palestine n afterwards out of anger took the land from the palestinians an drove them into refugee camps

Palestine was controlled by egypt and jordan an palestinians were reated like second class citizens by egypt and jordan

Palestine in that time never demanded an individual state

67 arabs gang up on israel

N israel having a more educated population n more engineers an so on put together a supperior military and crushed the multiple arab nations that attacked israel in 6 days

N went on to occupy gaza an west bank n set up military basis to use palestinian territories as shields as road bumps to keep other arab nations from trying to attack israel

Once again I am coming in with a bias an I would like to learn from the palestinian side of things but right now i see israel as the good guys

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Drummer considering how small gaza is and the high concentration of people israels weapons are far more advanced in accuracy then early 90's

Now tell me what are they suppose to do if hamas member fires rockets from top of apartment complex

Have the rocket pin point the hamas member n blow him up with out their being colateral damage

Also drummer its hamas who are the savages using civilians as human shields

Tell me what should israel do??

You are the president of israel n hamas is firing rockets fro$ civilian locations into israel

2 thirds of the population are running to bomb sheltors daily

What would you do if you were the president of israel?

Also don't forget to research massive liberal jewish demonstrations in tela aviv israels capital were they want no more palestinian children to die an want both sides to disarm

Also remember jews tend to be extremely liberal n they have voted in liberal regimes that have moved their forces out of gaza an ended the occupation in 2005 only for gaza to vote in hamas as their govt

This type of stuff is what leads liberal jews to vote for the right wingers even though majority of israels youth are liberal including the older population that is half liberal

Honestly look at what type of culture comes out of the religion of judism were they value honesty character and hard work

Its cause of their character and integrity that jews are so tight as a community were other communities back stab and fight with one another

Then look at the religion of islam what type of culture comes out of islam

Does islam speed up or slow down progress in different nations across the world

Almost 2 billion muslims out of 7 billion people in the world

How many noble peace prizes do they have in science medicine an beyond

Less then half a percent of noble peace prizes have bin handed out to muslims

Let's look at jews 14 million out of 7 billion people

They make up less then 0.02 percent of the world population yet have almost a third of the noble peace prizes in science medicine n beyond

Let's compare jewish contribution to humanity vs muslim contribution to humanity??

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Drummer are you saying israel is the bad guys for targeting hamas militants that are shooting rockets at innocent civilians in israel

I would say going against israels right to self defence is anti sikhi

Sikhs are tought to defend themselves

An its hamas that is using civilians as human shields which is savage and cowardly

What should israel do sit on the side line n let palestine attack israel

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An its hamas that is using civilians as human shields which is savage and cowardly

It seems Canadian media is as biased and right wing as the American news media, where they force feed you lies and the public swallow it hook, line and sinker.

The only people saying 'Hamas uses civilians as human shields' are the Isrealis.

Hamas deny they are doing it.

The Palestinian civilians themselves deny it is being done to them.

And the United Nations say they have found absolutely no evidence of it happening.

And yet here you are, accepting the murderer's justification excuse for his murders.

What should israel do sit on the side line n let palestine attack israel

Put yourself in the position of the Palestinian and the pitiful second class existence he and his family have been subjected to for generations. What would you do ?

Every one of us, if we were being honest with ourselves, know in our hearts that we would rise up and fight.

I will have a biased opinion cause I have a hard time trusting muslims

Educate yourself.

For the first 40 years of Isreal's existence the Palestinians were represented by the PLO. The PLO themselves were representative of the Palestinian people in that they had a roughly 70/30 make-up of Muslims and Christians. The PLO were alcohol drinking non-religious secularists.

When the Palestinians were very non-religious you demonised them and drove many of them to radical islam.

Now that they are religious Muslims you find a different excuse to demonise them. It seems any excuse will do to deny them the most basic of human rights.

Yes I agree that radical Islam is a serious problem for all of us around the world. But what you need to realise is that the inhuman treatment of the Palestinians by the Isrealis has been the catalyst for muslims throughout the world getting radicalised.

Read this thread from start to finish. There is information here about how the state of Isreal itself was created through terrorist attacks against British officials and civilians. Brutal and barbaric terrorist attacks committed by Jewish immigrants into what was then British Palestine.

I have so much love for Jews as I see so many similarities between them and we Sikhs particularly in terms of spirituaity and suffering. But I resent the fact my humane support for the Palestinians can be labelled as anti-semitism.

Thankfully, there are many among the Jewish diaspora and North America and Europe who have been so moved by the suffering of the Palestinians they have began to make their voices heard. Read this by a Canadian Jew published the Globe & Mail yesterday:


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Both sides are wrong. There are no angels here. Hamas started this by firing rockets and they do it from areas populated by civilians, so when Israelis attack, they end up killing civilians. Israel on their part has used disproportionate amount of firepower. Previously they would do target assassinations of Hamas leaders which was actually much more humane as they are the main culprits and plus no civilians would get killed. Another mistake they made was to weaken PLO which resulted in the rise of Hamas. At least PLO is a moderate organisation and they are accepted by the international community as the representatives of the Palestinians. But now that Hamas is leading Gaza, the Israelis should accept that as reality and stop treating them as a minor terrorist organisation. They should deal with them. By not dealing with them, they are just making them more and more extreme. Allow bilateral trade, let their economy grow. That is the only way to peace.

Personally I am neutral on this subject. Sunni Muslims are such that they do not tolerate non Muslim minorities no matter how much you give them support at the end of the day you are just a hell bound Kafir to them, nothing more. And Israelis lost my sympathy when I found out they along with the UK sent advisers to India to help guide Indian army into Sri Darbar Sahib in 1984. Currently, they are one of the biggest strategic allies of India. And in future if Sikhs ever have an armed conflict with Delhi hakoomat, you can be sure the Indian armed forces would again get special training from the Israelis.

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West London Singh actually canadian media is better then england an america combined and tends to be pretty central

Another thing I hate right wing media and fox news and laugh at their conspiracies of the mainstream media being liberal meda but few decades ago social conservartives use to call mainstream media and liberal media the jewish media

Also jews usually control the left wing liberal media which focuses on ending human suffering in middle east

As well I already states many jews are protesting especially tela aviv the israeli capital cause their hearts break seeing innocent palestinians get hurt

Go back and re read what I wrote

Even though right wingers tend to be hardcore israel supportors the jews still support left wing politics

Also as human shields hamas is using human sheilds by firing rockets from crowded areas which is ticking off the israelis cause their trying to avoid as much innocent killings as possible

Over 2000 rockets fired by israel into a highly populated area small as gaza an under 1000 dead shows that israel is trying to avoid killing civilians an like I mentioned in my last post their are a few israeli soldiers who go rogue like the one who killed the kids on the beach

Also west london singh i am very educated

You need to educate yourself on the subject

Also read about how many hamas leaders are millionaires hiding in the safety of countries like qutar

Also gaza was given freedom an right to self govern in 2005 after the plo an they elected hamas into power in 2007

As well for first 40 years of israel palestinians never demanded a seperate homeland and were treated as second class citizens by the arab countries that occupied them

Palestinians never demanded an independent state till after 6 day war when israel wooped the arabs

Am occupied west bank n gaza

West london singh rather then critizise israel offer a solution for israel to get hamas to firing rockets??

An please answer this question cause all you pro palestinian supportors coward awat from this question

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Israel should not make more colonies and give the land back to the indigenous people.

Give lands back to indigenous people? who were the indigenous peoples of this land?

Put yourself in the position of the Palestinian and the pitiful second class existence he and his family have been subjected to for generations. What would you do ?

Every one of us, if we were being honest with ourselves, know in our hearts that we would rise up and fight.

The palestinians deliberately keep themselves in that situation to play on the sympathies of the world. They turned on those countries that took them in as arab brothers.

They need to follow the example of the Sikhs, at partition, where they were forced out of west panjab.

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    • I never said anything about life for Sikhs in the UK in the 70s, I was talking about the present day. I understand and respect the struggles that you all went through to get to the position where you are today. But I hope you all don't lose sight of the fact that the freedom and status that Sikhs enjoy in the UK today is very far from the norm. Sikhs in the US today are fighting battles that were settled in the UK decades ago (and without the benefit of a population density that gives Sikhs in the UK at least some visibility and political sway). But forget about the US. You don't have to go that far, you can just cross the English channel and see how precarious the position of Sikhs is in continental Europe. Thanks for giving details about the grooming issue. Do you think this had to do with Labour being more concerned about the Muslim vote (as Muslims former a larger voting block than Sikhs) or political correctness? Or both? I concede that leftists sometimes go to far with political correctness and "canceling" in order to try to show how "fair" and "unbigoted" they are. I am not going to question your take on the whole grooming issue. You know more about that than I do. But that seems to be a very specific situation in the UK. I stand by my general point that left-leaning people are by far the most likely to support the rights of vulnerable minorities (which is the category that Sikhs fall under almost everywhere).   I don't buy your point about a backlash to "wokeness" at all. I don't think that that is what is causing the growing popularity of far-right movements. The way information is shared and distorted today is radically different from what was the norm not very long ago, and that has been the game-changer that has led to today's division and polarization. You seem to think that if the "woke" people would just be quiet, the racists would not have a "rallying cry". That is simply not true. First of all, those people will ALWAYS find something to complain about. (That has certainly been true throughout American history. If it has been less true in UK history, that is probably because the white British majority did not feel threatened by a sizable minority until relatively recently. See my second point.) Second of all, the complaints of the more hardcore right-wing racists increasingly resonate with the more "passive" racists as the majority community diminishes in size and feels more threatened. And third of all, as I alluded to before, today's media/information landscape will allow for any complaints to blow up and go viral.   Any time anyone from the non-majority community asks for anything, no matter how reasonable, there is going to be a backlash from the majority community. And in many instances, the non-majority community doesn't even have ask for anything or complain about anything to provoke a backlash. Their mere existence is enough. This is what history has shown us.
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    • And people want to talk about poverty, look at how India was stripped of wealth. Here 2800 silver bars were taken for ww2 but didn't make it back here. Now that they've found it, look at what they are doing with it. The pillaging is still going on.      Treasure from the deep: Thousands of silver bars that were meant to fund Britain's WWII effort but were sunk by German U-boat FINALLY reach their destination - and will be sold as coins Merchant ship carrying silver from India for the war effort was sunk in 1941 Its cargo of 2,800 bars of silver has sat on the bed of the Atlantic ever since Record-breaking bid to salvage the silver from three miles down a success The Royal Mint is now making the metal into coins to remember the tragedy https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2596785/Thousands-silver-bars-sunken-WWII-ship-sold-coins.html
    • I was reading something on the internet and came across this article and thought it may be of some interest to everyone here regarding their perspective on the impact of brutalities of colonisation upon India and its people.  Here is the link:-   https://www.myindiamyglory.com/2019/03/10/atrocities-on-indian-women-and-india-by-british-during-their-rule/     Atrocities on Indian Women and India by British During ... - myIndiamyGlory 10 Mar 2019 — Raped Indian women were forcefully made prostitutes by British Christians. Prostitution houses were set up by the Britishers in 350   
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