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How important is height

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Guest Jagsaw_Singh
3 minutes ago, ipledgeblue said:

I didn't talk about staying at home. I am talking about those women who are out on long shifts/commutes while their offspring are getting drunk,groomed, doing shisha/hookah/smoking or some other wrong society.

Are they teaching them sikhi and dharmik values, naam bhagti? Or are they just tired out and also just teaching kids to just go towards money and forget about sikhi, dharam and kesh identity?

There's a big difference between kirat kamai and lobh/greed!!!

All the other 'stay at home mums - raising the kids' groups: Pakistanis and white chavs.....seem to church out drug dealing criminal kids at a very high rate whereas our Sikh hard work ethic has got us to where we are today....a good position. It has served us well and there is salvation in hard work. My grandmother worked 40 years in a factory in Southall doing double shifts and my dad didn''t turn out a drunkard.  My mum worked 2 jobs her whole life and I don't drink. Your ideas then, of where a woman / mother should be, are based more on your own gender prejudices about a woman's place in society rather than logic. Waheguru blessed women with the intellect and strength to work and blessed you, as a man, with the nurturing capability to play an equal part in raising a child. Question your prejudices.

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22 hours ago, Guest Jagsaw_Singh said:

That comment makes zero sense ipledgeblue. Generally, the stay at home mums fall into these 2 brackets, neither of which contribute anything to society: Chav council flat single mums and Pakistanis. Our Sikh society and diaspora, on the other hand, is built with a hard work ethic at it's core. A foundation of which is that the females work as hard if not even harder than the men. This part of psyche has been part of our DNA since ancient times as Alexander the Great noted in his letter to his mum as he sat in a field in Punjab. He'd seen it all but when he reached Punjab, he stated to his mother, he saw for the first time how in this land the women worked as hard as the men. So....going back to your point let me ask you this: When it is the white chav female's culture to stay at home and not work and the brown Sikh females 2000 year old culture to work, work and work.......How is it that you can call the one that works a 'coconut' ????????????

OIII!!! both of you need a warning stop generalising

I'm a stay at home mum ...true I retrained for another career whilst doing that but still I primarily did it because I didn't want my kids being brought up by non-sikh day-carers and infected with nastikpanna.

My Mum worked far away and did two jobs but none of us turned into druggies, alkies or anything despite living in the midst of a council estate with it all around us ....we all were sabat surat .

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