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I think katha of charitarpakhiyan in gurdware would be great and then a explanation of what you can learn from each story and put it into context of today's time and culture.  That would be great

Completely agree fella, i sometimes wish i lived under a rock in blissful ignorance of all of this kind of stuff, but hey, not the case, we live in a messed up world, just trying not to get messed up

I'm really lost for words, you can't make this stuff up, that dude best watch his back.

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7 minutes ago, RajKaregaKhalsa1 said:

We can't really say that she's a Sikh if she did something as horrible as that. Did she even ask for Maafi or show any regret for what she has done?

Anyone is a sikh these days, she probably calls herself a sikh so she is a sikh 

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10 minutes ago, Akalifauj said:

Why are these punjabi boys so foolish?

He will be safe for the time he remains a mayor.  But she will be plotting to find another sucker.  What's the term in UK for mayor, four years.  Another four years till we hear from this girl again.

And she got another Singh to kill gagandeep. There is a mugshot of that singh.   

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11 minutes ago, Redoptics said:

So the guy who got killed sexually harassed or abused her ?

thats what she claimed after she killed him, she never contacted the police when he was alive. 

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