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Amritdhari family doesn’t like my boyfriend

Guest Kaur

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Ok guys, before everyone goes on a massive witch hunt, please remember the original post was made over a year and a half ago. So there's no real point in laying in to her now (and the personal attacks are simply not needed). Whatever our personal opinions about the situation (and for the record even I don't agree with what she did), it's not really our job to be judge, jury and executioner, is it? 

The reason people come here is because they've done some things that they themselves are ashamed about, and they need non judgemental advice. Lord knows we all need that at some point in our lives. But personal attacks are only gonna drive them away.

So please consider before posting. Who knows, your post could be the one that either brings them closer to Sikhi, or drives them to suicide...

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That's not a question. You should just stick with that man, rather than ruining some other guys life. 

I come from an amridhari family as well thats very religious and respected and if I were in your position, my parents wouldve kicked me out the house, I would have become homeless, none of my family m

I don't think most amrit dhari families or even many respectful sikh families will not accept their children being part of boyfriend-girlfriend partnerships. If you are serious to become someone's par

Guest Messupppl

Im not sure if im more shocked about the OP situation or the advice being given by ppl on the forum.

Its certainly going to send her away from the sangat, just ppl casting judgement n slating her. Obv theres a load of wrongs actions shes done but telling her its wrong isnt really resolving anything. This is prob y we see more cases like this, ppl need to pull their fibger out n stop acting holier than thou. This situation is happening all the time, we need to pull together and help ppl.

A 20yrd old lost a baby n then having an abortion and being stuck in all this mess. Theres alot there which requires some serious counselling and support for her. 


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