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Remembering the Saints

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I have known Harry nkj since I was little, he’s not married yet no. I do believe it all (but I could be wrong). It’s so wrong to abuse religious power.

I think Ranjeet could possibly have groomed him.

I also know/knew Satnam, to me she seems alright. I get her and navreet was a love marriage but I try not to believe anything else just by reading it as it could be gossip. FYI if you meant harnam singh from basics being her brother, he’s from Canada, she’s from Coventry.

I also knew Manvir in the past... it’s so weird because I actually looked up to him a lot until I heard. He came across as someone who wouldn’t have any lust in him.... let alone for the opposite gender. 

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23 minutes ago, Singh375 said:

NKJ and Dhandrian wale started with good intentions. First it was a group of friends every week doing kirtan together. They did kirtan for their own bliss. But they made a conscious decision to turn ‘experiencing god’ into ‘preaching god’.

Their downfall was trying to imitate people like Sant Isher Singh Ji. The way Sant Ji had a jatha, they held divans, travelled around. This level of Sikhi parchar is a big responsibility, and Sant Ji was most serious about that

There downfall came when dhadrianwale spoke against dhumma aka humpty dumpty. Dhumma holds the funds of Taksal, so his paid employees, under the disguise as Taksal singhs, attacked dhadrianwale.  Had dhadrianwale stayed under the shelter of dhumma, he would have been a mouth piece for all the so called pro Khalsa jathas like dhumma Taksal, nihangs, akj, nanskar, etc, etc.   These groups were getting free advertisements from dhadrianwale stage.  Now all this is over and humpty dumpty was having none of it.

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