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The Age of Kalyug Thread


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1 minute ago, GurjantGnostic said:

The last quote in Guru Granth Sahib Ji about other things leading to satan makes me think that's whose in charge of the next place for some of us. 

The existance, influence, and followers are clearly referenced. 

Which I think we could we've run into by now. 

Its is clearly not a synonym for Kalyug though. 

Thanks for posting the lines.

Yeah it seems satan is different to Kalyug. 

Quite interesting.

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5 minutes ago, Suchi said:

And then they will replace real humans with clones, robots. That is why they are creating hatred against women so when the time comes they will be disposed of and no one will complain. Hence transgenders replacing real women. 

That's interesting. When cloning women with womens genes you only get women. So before a world clone order had to be female, in our concept of cloning to date. And didn't require but could enslave men. 

But with fake female dna and a fake womb...

Eliminate the competition...

And enjoy you tranny if you can afford it I guess...is their ...style..

And you wind up with men only. 

At least women would technically be spared this in a way. 

Watch infighting about which method to use causes the failure. Another case of men and women failing to communicate and collaborate. 

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1 minute ago, Suchi said:

From my research Satan is a demon whom is appeased by blood sacrifices through wars, disease/deaths (NHS) and child sacrifices. Those following are promised fame, fortune in exchange for their souls. They are encouraged to destroy their consciences as it gets in the way of their mission. They use black magic against their enemies. Those energies have been automated into AI. 

I work with robots. You ever feel like you can control, influence, or have authority over tech and AI?

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36 minutes ago, Suchi said:

They are uploading our data onto the cloud for future clones/robots. As part of this they delete all data related to prayer, spirituality as only a higher authority (God) has the ability to destroy them

Lol Gursikhs can't be cloned then. Nothing but. 

"What's this one good for?"

"Nothing. He did Naam Simran the whole time he worked. He has no useable data to corrupt"

"Well, put it in the pile with the others then."

-puts disk in a pile far smaller than we'd like to admit-


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