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BLM or alllivesmatter?


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6 minutes ago, Ranjeet01 said:

What does the origin meaning of the 'thug' got to do with this discussion. 

That is just clutching straws.

All the attacks are predominantly done by what is seen as the political left (your fellow white lefties)

The kkkrackers haven't unleashed their full rage yet, and funny enough thank fully they haven't yet.

But what do you think is going to think is going to happen?

Do you want a civil war in your country?


How did pommies come take the word thug from your people, while they opressed them, cut out your mother tongue, and get you thinking poor black folk are the thugs here? Leave you afraid of a group that never did anything to you. You've been thugged for sure bro. So hard it effected your memory and language. 

All what attacks?

My fellows are spiritual warriors bro. I don't associate with dualistic sham politics or political parties. 

The kkkrackers have already unleashed their full rage. They're in mainatain mode now bro. 

I think Kalyug will march on as idiots are baited by bipartisan politics. 

Do I want a civil war anywhere? No. I want self determination and human rights everywhere. I want Dharam Yudh. 

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1 hour ago, GurjantGnostic said:

@Ranjeet01 Since you like racist ideology and need to read more books maybe try the making of a slave by willy lynch. Then you can tell me who the real thugs are. 

If anyone critiques any actions by black american you shout it down as racist.

So someone who is black mugs, kills someone who gets arrested and incarcarated can claim to he released because his ancestors were brought over by slaves and lynched in the 1800s or early 1900s. 

This is the same tactic people of Jewish origin  play with the holocaust card.

Nice try.

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    • Everything in Gurbani points us towards the Atma. Atma and Parmatma are the same… Atama and Parmatma is the source that creates and causes everything… What have the following items got in common? A fan. A television. A fridge. A radio. A computer..? These things are powered by electricity. Without electricity these things are lifeless. It’s the electricity that causes these things to function… Atma is the source of energy that allows everything to happen.    without Atma, we are lifeless… Call this Atama RAGUNATH…call this Atma by any other name…the fact remains that it’s the life force energy… Dieties also have the same Atma as humans, but they still part of the creation, and not the creator…  
    • Hi I want to know who’s ragunath in gurbani Hindu claim this word appear for ram chandra if we read guru teg bahadur maharaj salok maharaj clearly rejecting ram gayo ravan geo but at the last pangti Kahu naanak īh bipaṭi mai tek ēyk ragɦunaaṭɦ ॥55॥ Says Nanak, in this calamity, the Lord alone is my support who is this ragunaath why would maharaj use ragunath as refrence for god?
    • Throughout history we have been tested and tried. We remained steadfast and resiliant. The events that took place in Punjab and outside of Punjab in the past years made it quite clear we are big players in the game which kept the world powers on edge. It started off with the drug pandemic in Punjab, to the uproar by Bhai Amritpal Singh to the Farmer's protest. Outside of Punjab the deaths of Avtar Singh Khanda (UK) and Hardeep Singh Nijjar (Canada) created a stir within our community. This was probably our first real opportunity to establish something but how quickly members of our own community forget history. We have been a threat to civilization in the past and this is probably what the world powers are concerned about. However, may we continue grow and learn through Gurbani and like Jaswant Singh Khalra said: 'May the spirit of equal rights Punjab continue to kindle'. 
    • This is why people used to get married earlier in puratan times. Think about it, nowadays you legit have to be brahmacharya at ages when you're supposed to be married and producing children, which historically speaking, is unprecedented outside of the Sants in Indic tradition. 
    • I think that user has not been on the forum since around 2011. You can message me if you want.
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