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Ukraine-Russia crisis


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Ukraine has had a reduction of about 15 million in it's population.

About 11 million have poured into Europe and 4 million into Russia.

The Ukrainians have lost approximately 150 to 160k troops, Russia about 18-20k.  The Ukrainians has a further approx 250k troops injured or incapacitated. So that  means 400k soldiers are lost.

The Russians are winning this war as it is a war of attrition. 

There was opportunity last year for a ceasefire but the US told Ukraine not to as this really a proxy war against Russia. One can feel sorry for the Ukrainians because there won't be much of a Ukraine left after this war.

I think that Russia will move to occupy Ukraine as they have hundreds of thousands of troops amassed at different parts of the Ukrainian border. There will be no peace talks.

The US bombed the Nord Stream pipelines. The US has deliberately f**ked over Germany a NATO ally. With friends like that who needs enemies.

Now Russia is piping their gas to China and India. They are free of the financial systems of the west. They have largely de-coupled themselves from the western economies and are more self sufficient. 

Now the US is itching for a war against China, which they want in 2025. Just how many wars can the US want? They just don't know when to stop.

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