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(RIP) Sidhu Moosewala Shot Dead


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6 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:

Lawrence Bishnoi - So this guy is behind it.. he's a 'Sikh' Jatt his father was a cop . Hes been in/out of jail 

No surprise.

6 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:

These videos Crimetak in Hindi is a watch...he mentions that main faces gang members are in Jail yet how do they operate gangs outside jail??


@dallysingh101 @MisterrSingh @proudkaur21

Some are saying that Akali are behind it too. Story is twisted 

It's pretty easy to operate gangs from jail. People smuggle in 'burner' phones (sometimes up their ar5e), or messages are sent via people who have completed their sentences or are finishing their sentences and get 'home leave' or parole (jam-roll).  Screws can be bribed too, especially in a place like back home. Or they can actually threaten and intimidate vulnerable members of staff. No surprise there. 

To me, no shock about the nexus between politicians and crooks too. Standard procedure.  Like we talked about before. 

How the Establishment covered up gay affair between gangster Ronnie Kray  and Tory peer - Mirror Online

By the looks of it, Moose was killed in revenge for that Brar blokes brother getting killed - but who knows what the truth is?  

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7 hours ago, Premi5 said:

Alternatively, some men seem to develop into more masculine men when they are forced to because of lack of father in their life. The toughest man I know grew up without his father. 

I was going to say. This is true. I think not having some bloke breathing down your neck all the time constraining you, and not being answerable to some bloke gives guys the opportunity to push boundaries like most people can't. 

I know in crews I've seen over the years, there is a disproportionate amount of guys from single parent families, and they are often some of the wildest ones there. It ain't just an absent father, some of them have fathers who have died young (naturally). 

I don't think there is any link to bhundupunh either. Yeah, if someone is got at young enough, and is weak willed, they could be 'turned' into a gandu. But personally I believe a person must have some (at least latent ) attraction to tau-taus and bum h0les in the first place.  


PS - I should add: There are a lot of closet gandus in the rural jut community - or maybe more accurately they are bi (?) - well, enough to get their wives pregnant (unless they are closing their eyes and thinking of blokes when inseminating?) . They don't even try and hide their faggotyness when no women are around. lol! The language is indicative - all bhundh maar this, and bhundh paarh that. 

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1 hour ago, Kau89r8 said:

You really buy into this...?  It set-up..don't believe a fiber in me this Hindu notorious gang leaders, dads a cop looks up to Sant Ji

Pigs flying over the moon sounds more believable lol

Might be a way to ingratiate himself to the crew he joined? If he's a sociopath or psychopath (most are) he wouldn't have any fixed identity and would become whatever works to his advantage.  

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