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    • https://www.sikhnet.com/news/concept-mind-body-and-soul-sikh-scripture-sggs
    • http://www.gurbani.org/gurblog/gurbani-defines-harmandir/
    • I know but why not start with basics. There is no article which covers both merit/demerit, physical/spiritual. Gurbani quotes in favour versus those against. So rather than posting an article go for series of write ups.
    • Evaluate your marriage build a better relationship  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1358979684283283&id=525096611004932&__tn__=%2As%2As-R
    • Like with everything else liberal SJW organisation have been subverting Sikhi and Sikh institutions in order to advance their own agenda. Langar was always a part of Pangat which was part of the Sangat - Pangat. Langar was served after the Sangat - the congregation was finished. But Gurdwaras started to serve Langar throughout the day rather than after Sangat which diluted the Pangat aspect of Sikhi. After ALL the congregation had sat as a Sangat then ALL the congregation sat in Pangat and had langar. Now anyone can go into the Gurdwara do matha tek and straightaway go to the langar. This gives the Gurdwara the feel of some kind of drop in centre where people just go for half an hour and within that time they are done matha tek and had langar as well. Perhaps this was something that was needed in the west given the lifestyle we have but still it was an innovation that diluted the aspect of Sangat-Pangat.  This was taken further by having event like Langar on university campuses while this gives more exposure of what happens in a Gurdwara but without have a Sangat first these events also affect the concept of Sangat-Pangat. While the changes may have done some damage to the Sangat-Pangat concept the SJW liberal Sikh organisations like Khalsa Aid use or in truth abuse Sikh concepts in order to further their SJW agenda. KA sees nothing wrong in describing food aid they give to places where they are neither in a Gurdwara or have the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib as Langar. This is totally contrary to Sikh teachings yet because not many Sikhs have knowledge of these deeper significance of what langar is, they do not call out KA and those that do are usually quickly shut down by KA and their ignorant followers. Ravi Singh in fact is a person with very thin skin and cannot take even a slight criticism of the way his organisation works. He's quick to block anyone off his social media..lol. In fact most of the comments you will now see are only those which congratulate him on what a great Sikh he is or people who have painted portraits of him! He may have started off with noble intents but today he is no different to the Gurdwara pardhans  who are only in that position for self promotion. According to the returns KA sent to the charity commission, KA had £5.5 million in the bank and cash in hand up from about £3 million in 2018. Yet whenever there is a disaster rather than use that money he is quick to put out post begging for more donations. In the lockdown in Punjab he has posted a few videos showing his KA volunteers giving out some rations to various people and based on that his calculations are that he will get many tens of thousands from Sikhs thinking that their donations will be helping Sikhs back in Punjab.  Now ask yourself, this Ravi Singh and KA are quick to accuse the SGPC and Gurdwaras of not doing anything for Sikhs. In fact he had a video a few years ago of a former Nihang Sikh who because a Christian because he was not helped by the Sikh organisations when he was in need and the Christian missionaries filled that role. So what is Ravi Singh now doing with £5.5 million in the bank? He is sitting on it while even if he used a half of that money in Punjab it could be a game changer in Punjab.  Not only are KA wasting millions of the Panth's money on causes which serve no Panthic benefit apart from promoting him and his organisation and which divert money which could have gone to help Sikhs, but they are also subverting Sikhi. He is quite happy to also subvert concepts like Daswandh which was a monetary collection which was used for the betterment of the Panth into a charity collection to be used where he deems fit. By referring to his charity collections as Daswandh especially when targeting a Sikh audience he knows he will get more because Sikhs have a sentimental attachment to Daswandh which is not the same as he used the word Daan instead.   
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