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Homosexuality in Sikhism

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Some peoples manmat moorakh views of Sikhi I consider homosexual now :lol:

the supposed statement of "you can be gay and be a "Sikh" is gayer than gay :6 :lol:

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The definition of homosexuality plays an important role in this debate.

The oxford dictionary defines a homosexual as the ‘feeling or involving sexual attraction to people of one’s own sex.’

On this basis, homosexuality is wrong for obvious reasons (kaam).

For those that say its OK to be homosexual but not have sexual intercourse…- this is stupidity in its purest form. why would it be ok to have sexual desires but not act on them? - all sexual desires should be avoided. One should only desire to merge with Satguroo Ji. Its good to love others providing theres no sexual contact. In the Sikh faith sexual intercourse is only permissible with the one you have had anand karaj (Sikh wedding) with.

So then people ask ‘'why cant man and man have anand karaj?'’It has never been recorded in any janam sakhi (let alone orthentic janam sakhi's) or any other part of our rich and gay-free history that anand karaj has been conducted with 2 people of the same gender so why would we change a tradition laid down by our Perfect True Guru Sahibs?...

Anand Karaj is the joining of 2 souls. Sikhi recognises the perfect balance and untimate way to evoke an unspoiled and natural lifestyle. these balances are always of two entities that are clearly evident in shakta and shakti, moon and sun, ridh and sidh, physical birth and death, sri akaal thakat and sri harimandir sahib, physical and mental, miri and piri, (spiritual sense of the bride and husband lord), double sided khanda, and evidently male and female.

So in terms of Gurmat what support is there for someone to be homosexual? NONE.

We do believe in equality, homosexuals are welcome in the gurdwara like any other person who can not become the master of their mind including alchaholics, meateaters, drugabusers etc. Homosexuality is a choise, Satguru Granth Sahib Jee tells us how to place our mind at the Charan of Sri Akaal Purakh.

Gurbani has already been quoted, I don’t feel it necessary to quote any more in this post.

We are very fortunite that our Beloved Satguroo Ji;s recognised we have the intellect and brain capacity to make our own decisions. Unlike other faiths (im sure I don’t need to mention them) we don’t follow a ridiculous amount of meticulous and unneeded rules that are more complicated then java programming (if x is true then y else z) lol these rules are often hidden under the discuise of ‘life guidence’. When a religion has so many rules it is easy for one to get trapped in them and lose track of Naam Seva Simran Amritvela.

Guru Jee has made us aware of the thieves (the cause of all evil) that try to conquer our minds (kaam kroadh lobh..)… Anything that brings us close to The Eternal is truth, all else is false. You do not need sexual attraction / abuse of anand karaj to get closer to the lord… they do the oppersite. We should respect the foundations laid by our Masters and respect the sanctity of Anand Karaj.

In summerary homosexuality is wrong, one should focus on getting closer to the lord rather then getin closer to nex manz.

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To know how a Sikh Gay wedding offends sikh sentiments visit: http://sikhinet.wordpress.com

Moreover, the damn sikh is chief of 3HO's (yogi bhajan) grand nephew.


Some peoples manmat moorakh views of Sikhi I consider homosexual now laugh.gif

the supposed statement of "you can be gay and be a "Sikh" is gayer than gay blink.giflaugh.gif

keerpa ik tu hi moorakh nahi hai haina ?!?!?!

sari dunia nu MOORKH kehnda firda hai ..kade aapni buthi v tak lai sheeshe vich... nakli Sikh kitte da

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