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Riots Throughout Uk

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BBC orders staff to refer to 'English' riots to avoid offending Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish

By Daily Mail Reporter

BBC staff have been told to refer to 'English' instead of 'UK' riots to avoid upsetting other regions, it emerged today.The move by the broadcaster came after it looked at feedback from viewers and to avoid offending audiences in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The violence has been confined to England, starting in London and then spreading to other major cities including Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

A BBC spokesman told The Telegraph: 'Our initial approach was guided by the story's impact for the UK as a whole - for example the UK Prime Minister returning from holiday and the decision to recall the UK Parliament.

'However, with the events confined to several cities and towns in England... we have listened to feedback from our audiences.'

The BBC has already been criticised for political correctness after initially describing the rioters as 'protesters' and attempting to blame government cuts and poverty.

It highlighted the plight of the 'poor and socially deprived' after the weekend's violence and interviewed members of the public who complained about government cuts and fewer police on the streets.

A confrontation between Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and a man who asked if this was what was 'going to happen in England now because of the cuts' was highlighted.

Critics accused the BBC of bowing to political correctness and said the national broadcaster was guilty of bias in its reporting.

Mary Hockaday, head of the BBC newsroom, hit back in her blog on Wednesday - insisting that the corporation had not portrayed the riots as protests.

She wrote: 'Our role as with any story is to accurately reflect what is happening - from the original protest in Tottenham on Saturday night through to the subsequent riots and looting.

'We have clearly reported the riots, looting and mayhem of the past few days.

'The word protest or protester may have cropped up in live fluid coverage, as has been the case with other broadcasters, but none of our audiences to any platform can have been left in any doubt that we have been reporting riots and looting.'

But some angry viewers vented their fury in comments below her missive, with particular anger that a report on Tuesday night suggested criminality was only 'partly' to blame.

One poster, writing as Mandy, said: 'I have just watched the BBC 10 O clock news and am livid. The BBC's coverage of the riots is a disgrace.

'Your journalist spent virtually his whole report filming and interviewing the morons and scumbags perpetrating this violence (with barely disguised glee) and then summed it all up by speculating on the reasons for the riots and stating that it may be PARTLY due to criminality.

'Are you out of your minds? This is all ENTIRELY due to criminality and it is disgusting that you even suggest otherwise.'

She added: 'I think it is about time you started acting responsibly and give more coverage to the outraged and sickened MAJORITY in this country...

'Whoever it is in the BBC that is allowing this flood of garbage should be thoroughly ashamed.

'It's about time the BBC started representing the views of it's licence payers - instead of those who are hardly likely to own one, seeing as though they would rather smash up shops and loot what they need rather than buying it out of hard earned cash like the rest of us. I am ashamed to be British.'

However, another poster writing as keeffeeley wrote: 'I think the BBC have so far done a very good job on a very difficult subject.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz1UiFs633N

So when Muslim Pakistani gangs are reported to indulge in criminal activities, why does the whole ASIAN community get tarred with the same brush? The BBC are too afraid to say "Pakistani" and they'd rather not face the ire of the Islamic community. Cowards.

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London riots: Timeline of Redbridge looting and violence

Thursday, August 11, 2011

9:18 AM

Across the borough, opportunistic looters and vandals damaged property and stole hoards of goods earlier this week.

There has been relative calm in the last two nights, as police ramped up their presence on the streets.

Below is a timeline of every key moment of the disturbances, as police battled to gain control:


2am – Looters strike at T-Mobile and Virgin Media in High Road, Ilford and JD Sports in Newbury Park. Windows smashed and widespread damage caused.

11am – Senior police write to councillors and community leaders asking for information of "tension indicators" in the borough. All police stations except Ilford are closed to the public.

3pm – An enhanced police presence in High Road, Ilford. Shops begin to close early on police advice.

4.30pm – Gangs of youths start to gather in Ilford Lane and around High Road, Ilford.

6pm – Skirmishes between police and a handful of youths take place outside Lynton House, High Road, Ilford. Bottles and rocks thrown at officers who charge at youths.

6.30pm – Officers in riot gear form lines outside of Ilford Police Station, High Road.

7pm – Gangs begin looting jewellers and a convenience store in Ilford Lane, Ilford.

7.35pm – A 25-year-old man suffers injury in an unconnected hit-and-run collision on Ilford Hill, Ilford.

10pm – Five looters hit the Co-operative store in High Street, Barkingside, with rocks and a crowbar. Raiders escape with gold and silver jewellery from Richard Miles Jewellers in George Lane, South Woodford.

10.50pm – Raiders steal £1,000 in cash after smashing into a Tesco Express store in Manford Way, Hainault.

Overnight – Fire crews are called to at least four car fires across Redbridge. Looters strike again at Vodafone and Orange in High Road Ilford, where windows are smashed and displays ripped out.


3am – The Woodford Carpet Shop, High Road, Woodford Green, is set alight by suspected arsonists. The store is gutted by the blaze.

2pm – Officials start to advise businesses in the borough to close early and secure their buildings as a precaution against further unrest.

6pm – Currys Digital in High Road, Ilford, puts up steel shutters.

7pm – 100 members of the Sikh community gather to protect the Gurdwara Karamsar, Ilford, and the Singh Sabha London, in Seven Kings. The night passes without trouble.


9am – Ten people are known to have been arrested in the borough and three charged in connection with the disturbances.

7pm – People gather outside Redbridge Town Hall, High Road, Ilford to show their solidarity against the looting and vandalism.

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I just want to say that I hope 'Moneh' Singhs will be respected also from now on, a sikh is a sikh by deed and those Singhs were ready for matyrdom, they would not have turned up if they were not...

I also noticed alot of the singhs were from India and think that it is beautiful that that they care so much for gurdwarras and people in England aswell...

I humbly bow at th feet of All of those who put their lives at risk for Truth...

A sikh can read paath until the cows come home but if it not applied/ sikhs are not ready to accept a potential matyrdom like this, there is no point...

This was a true test by Parbrahm Ji of love for Him and faith and all of those singhs, Including the Monah Singhs passed....Satnam Ji

Does the majority of UK sikh community sangat (especially sikh girls) even respect paghwalay Singhs these days? I get too many negative comments against my beard and turban from uk sikhs especially sikh females!!!

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A turban does not make one pure, it is the cleanliness of the inside through naam that makes one pure- Khalsa means pure, the term khalsa is spread too loosley these days, the pure are those who live in truth/naam 24/7 and are actually pure- through and through...

A man who wears a turban who makes every effort to purify the inside is absolutely amazing, who cares what others think, if you know you are applying gurbani then who cares, the gurus and bhagats were slandered to the ground- doesnt matter if you look like a prostitute or a leper, purity is untouchable and undefeatable, if someone slanders you they give you their bhagti/ good deeds automatically so don't rise to theslander, thank them for helping you...

You know and other truth seekers know they should be bowing at your feet, the fact that they are stuck deep in the sh***t of maya means they feel who you are but refuse to recognise/admit it so in their ego and choice of ignorance and above all, jealousy- they slander... but the lowest on earth is the highest in God's court- also remember its just god slandering you- if you feel the negativity of their words etc, he's teaching a fault still exists in you so work on it, the clean soul is beyond the nashas of pleasure and pain, only the Truth/balance exists...

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I just want to say that I hope 'Moneh' Singhs will be respected also from now on, a sikh is a sikh by deed and those Singhs were ready for matyrdom, they would not have turned up if they were not...

true brother. at wednesfield gurdwara there were more moneh than singhs, and they stayed all night as well, to guard the gurdwara, whereas only some of the "youth" sewadaars (all singhs) came, and stayed.

These guys were prepared for a ruck, make no mistake, and I was humbled to see them there as well, as they were prepared to give more for the safety of our guru's house than some who pride themselves on wearing guru's bana.

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