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Biggest Threat To


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Sikhism's biggest threat...


Sikhs biggest threat are panj chhor... but yes you are right, history has shown that we have had trators but more inportantly we have had amazingg inspirational gursikhs in the panth which has outweighed all of the negative points listed here today.

fact remains, Sikhi is a threat to islam in a positive way because:

- we offer a universal brotherhood

- we offer a equality between all groups, sexes, etc

- slavery is not exclusivly permitted in sikhi

- we dont have a caste system where (7) heavens is concernd lol

- we dont have a desire for materialistic things on earth or heaven

- we are are compatible with living in the future - this included men and women! - in sikhi you will never find singhs debating whether or not kaurs should be allowed to drive a car!!

- we are not given bashk to lie in sikhi

- Sikhs see God in all

- we defend the rights of all

- sikhi doesnt have sexual motives to make you behave your self (muslims believe theres virgins (72 infact) in heaven and PERL EYED BVOYS!!?!! - wine and virgins in heaven sounds to me more like a drunken orgy to me.

- Gurbani is wrote by the Guru's them selfs - yes.... our Gurus could read and write!

one way how muslims gain converts in by insisting that every religions founders / prominant figures were islamic : moses, jesus, veds predicted mohammed coming etc etc (these are all things muslims propagate). many muslims say guru nanak dev ji was muslim in an attempt to make sikhs convert. never in history has 1 man been claimed by so many different faith communities (hindus, muslims even budhists say guru sahib was in incarnation of the buddha)..... muslims beg until theyre red in the face that guru sahib was a muslim!.... this is how amazing the jewel of gursikhi is... it will always be looked upon with jelous eyes.

even now one singht old me muslims are trying to say that 10th guru sahib was a muslim!! LOL... theyre trying it big time.

if a muslim trys to convert you just say "gold, silk and virgins dont keep poeple content in this world, how would it keep poeple happy in heaven?" - here they will flop.

bottom line is it is permitted by the hadiths that muslim men can marry non muslim women however muslim women are only allowed to marry one muslim man who she may need to share with 3 other wives. in islam a man can have a 5th wife if he decides to devorce one of the 4 pervious wives.

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Having loads of gfs and braggin about it on here is wrong and not a action of a SIKH,

Maybe we need to have a re check on what our brothers are doing out there and think I have a sister at home and think I should see this girl I meet I look her in the eye as a sister and nothing else.

I get what your saying and not every girl is like that but it's all about education at home not letting girls out for all hours without questioning where or who they have been.

Maybe you could start some group on tackling this issue to help 'sikh girls' instead of going out with 'girlfriends'.

Mandy Sorry If I come across as bragging about it if thats how it sounded.

That was in my past anyway and not something I'm proud of. But I think we need to pay more attention on helping Sikh girls rather then the Sikh boys. Because girls are more vunerable to abuse, being taken advantage of and converting and its the girl who usually comes off worse in these situations. rightly or wrongly but that is how society is. Yep parents definantly need to be more knowledgable with what their kids are getting up to. So they can nip it in the bud at the start. Before these inter-religious relationships start.

Overall I think most Sikh girls are very respectful and alot more so then Many Muslim girls. Ive had muslim girls throw themselves at me.

I would like to set up some kind of group to talk to the girls who a vunerabale. like a help line number. But I also think we need some Sikh sisters to help the girls out their and put them on the right path.

when a muslim girl goes with a Sikh or Hindu Guy. You can bet that all her friends, family will be advising her to ditch the guy. But when a Sikh girl goes with a muslim guy. her freinds will probably not bat an eye lid. so this is like a cultural aswell as a religiou thing. People tend to think that Muslims are more strict because of their religion. this is not neccesarily the case. Muslims from Paksitan are generaly more reserved this is a cultral trait rather then a religious one.

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These interfaith mariages happening in the gurdwara, aren't our OWN people to blame here for carrying out such marriages that are against Sikh principles?

Sometimes people don't want help, they would rather turn a blind a eye to whats happening. It's the gurdwara responsbility to be strict on such issues otherwise we ail have incidents where Sikhs will marry Muslims in a gurdwara I mean there was a case I think a few years back at ramgharia gurdwara in Birmingham for allowing this marriage! It's not anyones fault but our OWN people. How does anyone expect the younger generation like us to believe this act is right if we have granthi,reallly religious people who we look up to for guidence and more knowledge of sikhsim to perfrom anand karaj not Sikhs marrying Sikhs but Muslims/Hindus/gore etc? What is the young generation going to think?

This is our own errors within our own communties, we are so tied up in work and money that it becomes a greed, we are out all hours earning while our children are out earning a different agenda mixing around with peope they shouldn't, let's face it everyone knows whats right and whats wrong. Education does partly come into it but this is not always the case if we don't care about whats happning on our doorstep how we going teach a whole generation? Things like this happen because now we care more about money than promoting a true way of life of Sikhism. We have no fear, everything is too easy in this world we see we get regardless of who gets hurt in the process. It's like people lose self respect for parents/family because they don't put fear into girls/boys hence they get away with anything.

Who needs enemies when our Sikhs are turning against our OWN people?

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People choose their own path sometimes in situations no matter how hard one tries they don't want help they want a boyfriend pathetic really.

We already have other issues such as beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji again carried out by our own people not all but most, what we doing to tackle this issue?

There are already groups set up to help victims such as sikh helpline, maybe we are investing too much time in other aspects and less time in others and nothing gets done because we are just words. Who can change the world except waheguru,but we have a right to help people in need, we can't help every Sikh girl in the world likewise we can't stop corruption everywhere so whats the solution?

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I have to agree with the OP. My experience only - our women are letting the side down big time.

There was a wedding recently where there was a violation of Sri Akal Takt marayda. a Gora was marrying an apni in anand karaj at a Gurdwara that had already passed the resolution that only a Sikh will marry a Sikh. It was an "undercover" wedding, but singhs found out and there was a confrontation.

The girls mother, an punjabi born aunty, whos parents are keshdari, who is also a regular gurdwara goer said "you singhs are nothing, my daughter is marrying a GORA! and hes a SOLICITOR" and you lot are kachey pakeh.. meaning illegal immigrants.

The lads were all educated, mostly Gursikh uk born.

This is the Girls MOTHER.. and the daughter was shouting out "smelly singhs, call the police on them!!"

Even the girls dad and brothers seemed ashamed, didnt say a word.

I've seen it time and time again.. our bibiyan, mothers and daughters are letting the side down big time.

Even in india, theres areas of dehli where hindu guys brag about how easy sikh girls are, and they brag no "surd" (what these b*stard kachties call Sardars) marries a virgin.

By no stretch of the imagination would i say our brothers are in any way perfect. but ratio's speak for themselves.

Forget the Panth, or Sikhi.. most girls have ZERO loyalty to their own family. They will happily break evryones heart for abit of you know what.. its disgusting.

I read alot of books, social science, physiology, etc etc.. and we can sit here go over the billion reasons of what needs to be done, parchar, social upbringing.. blah blah... bottom line for me is... there's no fear.

There was a time if a white girl walked into a pub with a black, they would both get lashed. Those days are gone, now what? 1000's of half caste babies to single mothers.

When singhs stand up and have zero tolerance on those that betray their koum as well as those that want to p*ss about with our sisters, then we will see change.

dandeh naal kum hoana - no other way

Wow, just wow. Why on earth did that family want a Gurudwara wedding? So they could have live out some politically correct fantasy? I hope the gora converted at least.

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I got to agree with the original poster and SarabhaPunjab Jee. Amongst non Sikhs (namely Hindus and Muslims), our girls have a reputation that is not good. They are known to be very easy. Unfortunately Sikh girls are attractive, as a result they are prime targets. But what is really sad is how they reject Sikh boys because of Daari and Pagh, but will go to any other boy from other religions who basically just wants to take advantage of them.

I agree with Paneer monster Jee who said that we need to stop beleiving and propagating that all religions are equal and lead to the same place. This absurd notion may sound all fine and impressive to the PC world, but it is causing a lot of confusion, especially amongst Sikh females who think they they do not need to be so loyal to their religion since all religions are equal and going out with a Muslim or Hindu guy okay since Sikhi says all religions are equal.

When singhs stand up and have zero tolerance on those that betray their koum as well as those that want to p*ss about with our sisters, then we will see change.

dandeh naal kum hoana - no other way

I agree with this. This is the only way. Plus we seriously need to rethink the way we raise our girls. We need to bring them up with religious yet conservative values instead of the liberal bs we have been raising them with. Dandahs will have to be used brother. NO OTHER WAY

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I agree with Paneer monster Jee who said that we need to stop beleiving and propagating that all religions are equal and lead to the same place. This absurd notion may sound all fine and impressive to the PC world, but it is causing a lot of confusion, especially amongst Sikh females who think they they do not need to be so loyal to their religion since all religions are equal and going out with a Muslim or Hindu guy okay since Sikhi says all religions are equal.

We cannot reject or distort what the Gurus actively preached in the hope of it simply stopping a selection of females from purusing relations with Muslims and Hindus - what an insult and a crime that would be to their message let alone their memory. The Gurus preached the oneness of humanity and equality of all people and all faiths- there is no ifs or buts about that - just look at the many lines in Gurbaani. The only thing that should change is our approach to this predicament. That partly lies with the Sikh community as a whole who has a responsibility to educate the youth, with it also being heavily dependnt upon the females parents.

With that being said, its not our responsibility to "save" everyone single one of our sisters. They are subject to their own karam and whether they want to play it out or not thats up to them. However, do not mistake me for saying we are to do nothing - I am not advocating that either.

Although a lot of these cases of Sikh girls going off with men of other faiths are carried out due to acting upon lust or because its the product of a lack of knowledge and understanding of Sikhi, I am no doubt that a small percentage of such relations are due to the pure and true love between the female in question and the male. If that is the case, all we can do is air our opinion on the matter and share some views but then we must simply leave it at that. Who is to say that the relationship will even last or become serious let alone lead to her either willingly or forcefully "converting" to her partners faith. All we can do is try our best to educate all Sikhs, males and females about such a beautiful path. Once we have done that, the rest is in God's hands.

Although I do not know what the best strategy is to stop a large proportion of such false relationships from occuring, I do know that sending our sisters to every Sikh Camp going, dragging them to Gurdwara every waking minute and locking them up until marriage isn't the answer either.

I would also like to say that there is no such thing as being "loyal" to a religion, it is not a club.

Vaaheguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!

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