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Why Follow A Strict Rehat Maryada

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hahahahaha @innergear, our innergear is back again! Eh ki likea?

I think he's asking "can moneh do simran nicely, so they too can make water crystals? Take care."

Or it maybe " Can moneh do tooneh, nicely, so the tooneh can make water crystals? Take care"

lol@ omg thanx for cheering me up little bro. Tell us what you are saying....

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can someone translate innergear post please.

mona ??? can do simran ??? so they ??? can make water crystals.

HAHA make water crystals?! lool what the hell does that mean!? xD This guy is getting funnier!

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I think i got it. Because paji Onlyfive mentioned water crystals in the last post. Did a search and found this: MIND AND SOUND IMFLUENCE

One of the most heart stopping investigations about water properties is Dr. Masay Emoto's that proved that human thought, emotions and sounds can change water crystal's shape.

And then the amazing happened, Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made a one hour prayer practice beside the dam.

After the prayer, new water samples were taken, frozen and photographed, and the ugly blobs become the following clear bright and crystals:

So I think Innergear is asking "Can moneh, if they do simran nicely, (meaning with pyar,sharda have the same effect) to make the water crystals? Thank you."

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Mona 2n cn do simrn nizli so dey 2n cn mak watr crztlz ? Tk

I think this is what innergear is asking "mona can do simran like nazis so they too can make a war crisis..tick tock" hehe

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