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Best Areas In West Midlands

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^^ What west london singh said. Midlands accent is the worst

Also, most non sikhs would tell you that the areas mentioned in this discussion are some of the worst and least desirable places in the country to live. Poor schools, generally dirty, noisy, and ugly urbanised areas. High crime levels, poor employment prospects and low demand for housing.

Being near sangat is good, but majority of our jeevan is built alone, sitting in sadh sangat is beneficial but most confuse socialising with others as being in sadh sangat.

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I think you are getting negative replies about some places of west midlands.

Its all how you choose to live in your home that counts. And with a bit of research from other areas like estate agents, websites such as upmystreet and myneighbourhood you Will get more of an idea of what area you want to live in.

London is more expensive than midlands so your budget Will buy a nice spacious house in most reasonable areas of midlands towns.

Wolverhampton is not a bad area neither is Birmingham. You just need to choose what amenities you need and schooling, which also can be researched on the net.

I used to live in a very posh city with lovely scenery quiet and could not hear a pin drop. Then we moved to a busy area with lots of punjabis and even thou wish it was quieter and cleaner, its the culture that i like here, which i never experienced for years with no apne, or stores gurdware nearby.

20mins from a gurdwara is ok too.

Every town has bad areas, ask locals too, rather than just on this forum as you Will get confusing views.

Wolves is great as you got areas within 30mins travel by car, such as wednesfield, willenhall, west brom, Birmingham areas. With all the gurdware nearby any of these areas.

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Leamington Spa. It's got great housing, good schools, easy access to Coventry (a stones throw away) and Birmingham is 20 mins on the Motorway. The majority of the ethnic population is also Sikh, and they have integrated well with the White English in that area. Warwickshire University and colleges are also close by for your 'future' childrens education. Most people in the Midlands find it hard to move there because of its higher house prices, but you should be able to do well within your budget moving from London. Crime rate here is very low comparedto all the above mentioned areas.

All the best with your move, take your time - keep considering all aspects as you are and get it right first time. No need to rush.

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Ignore people talking about accents. I'm 30 and was born and raised in Brum. Don't have an accent and people are surprised when I tell them where I'm from. Some of the older generation do have strong accents but in this day and age, it's wearing out.

All areas have rough patches and good ones. West Midlands has a higher percentage of Asians, including Sikhs.

There are loads of grammar schools to send your kids to.

I accept that most sangat will be found in Asian-dense populations and these areas are known for higher crime rates so you need to balance things. If you go for quieter areas, they tend to have more Caucasians and this may pose problems with fitting in, racism etc.

Do your research and don't rely on the heavy biased views above.

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