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Amitabh Bachchan’S Invitation To Leicester Event Causes Outrage In Uk Sikh Community.

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Amitabh Bachchan’s Invitation to Leicester Event Causes Outrage in UK Sikh Community.

“Indian film star incited mobs to kill Sikhs”, say survivors of ’84 genocide.

Amitabh Bachchan was the first high profile personality alleged to promote the killing of Sikhs during the November National Genocide of 1984. Seva84 is a charity that works solely for the victims of the Nov...ember 1984 Genocide. Volunteers of Seva84 have recorded first-hand accounts from the survivors of 84 who witnessed Amitabh raising slogans which prompted the looting, raping, killing and torture of 30,000+ Sikhs in November 1984.

The accounts of eye witnesses detail Amitabh making calls for Sikh blood "khoon ka badla khoon (blood for blood)" and other blood thirsty slogans at Teen Murti House, thus making him a key figure in the November 1984 National Genocide, where voting lists amongst other government data was used to identify Sikh homes and businesses which were marked in red before being blazed to the ground. Sikhs of all ages were raped, hacked to pieces and burnt to death. To date, the Indian State has failed to deliver Justice.

Keith Vaz is a British MP and is celebrating 25 years of his membership in parliament. Keith Vaz has invited Amitabh Bachchan to join him in these celebrations. The Sikh community in the UK and abroad have written letters to Keith Vaz to inform of Amitabh Bachchan’s role during the Genocide. As Keith has not yet replied, Seva84 organised a peaceful protest to coincide with the visit of Amitabh Bachchan at the venue he is due to attend (Saturday 16th June 2012 outside the Platinum Suite, Cobden Street, Leicester LE1 2LB). This protest is to express the distress suffered and the collective feelings of the Sikh community regarding Amitabh’s visit, and also to highlight his role in November 1984.

The Leicester Police have been informed of the protest. Furthermore, the protest has backing from the Sikh Sangat (Congregations) in London, midlands area and strong support from Sikhs living in Leister.

Today, 11th June 2012 the police have contacted a Seva84 representative and advised them that Amitabh may not attend on Saturday as he claims he maybe i’ll on that day. The police will have further information regarding Amitabh’s presence at Platinum Suite.


We will keep the sangat updated with any progress regarding the protest. Please keep your Saturday night free, as the FIRST person witnessed to promote the killing of Sikhs in November 1984 may be in Leicester. Stay tuned to Seva84 Facebook page for updates.

The surrent situation: Seva84 will be informed of Amitabh's attendance tomorrow, however we have been notified that Amitab's family will be present at the event. On this basis, the protest is going ahead. The protest has been organised by Seva84, and is supported by two other Sikh organisations. If their are any changes we will inform the Panthic organisations that are supporting the protest, and also we will also notify sangat on our facebook page www.facebook.com/seva1984

If there are any other organisations that would like to show support for this protest, please email contact@seva84.com from your organisations adddress, and we will also list these on our facebook page.

We would also reccomend more sangat contact Kieth Vaz to express their concerns of Amitabh attending this event.

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Sikhs have always fought injustice and the treatment of minorities from 1947 - present only shows that sikh grievances against the indian government are justified. If I was the pm and as per your sce

What Bachchan did was to incite the ordinary person to join the government organised mobs. We all know the star power of indian actors. This actor had thousands of people outside the hospital when he

This is an amzing opportunity to raise the profile and much more awareness of this issue within the media, at the very least the local Leicester media. Lets not get bogged down with Amitabh Bachan, b

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Amitabh Bachchan’s Involvement In “84' Sikh Genocide”

  • During “84' Sikh Genocide”, Amitabh Bachchan was shown on television inciting
    people to kill Sikhs after the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
  • He said, “Sikhs had not only assassinated Indira Gandhi, they had killed the mother of the nation.”
  • He raised the slogan ‘Khoon ke chheente Indira ko marne walon ke gharon tak pahunchne chahiye (The bloodstains must reach the houses of those who killed Indira)’

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definetly not his twitter above!

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US based Sikh group has a lodged a criminal complaint against superstar Amitabh Bachchan for his alleged role in November 1984 anti Sikh riots

Above video report in relation to Amitabh Bachchan's "stand" on the Gujrat Violence of 2002

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Keith Vaz has a bit of dodgy past himself. Google 'The Hinduja Brothers Keith Vaz' and you'll realise why. I'd be rather careful before we start placing trust in him to help Sikhs in this cause. I could be wrong, but he usually moves towards where there is prestige and power, and I'd think he's likely to defend Bachchan than speak against him.

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Keith Vaz has a bit of dodgy past himself. Google 'The Hinduja Brothers Keith Vaz' and you'll realise why. I'd be rather careful before we start placing trust in him to help Sikhs in this cause. I could be wrong, but he usually moves towards where there is prestige and power, and I'd think he's likely to defend Bachchan than speak against him.

It is Vaz's high profile do, so he needs to take responsibility. But you're right the power and prestige is likely to prevail.

It's the power and contacts that's successfully kept Bachchan's involvement in 84 massacres out of the public eye. Interesting article below from TOI dated Oct 2011, an interview with the inspirational Bibi Jagdish Kaur.


1984 riots: 'Why nobody noticed Amitabh Bachchan spewing venom in India’

Yudhvir Rana, TNN Oct 20, 2011, 05.54PM IST

AMRITSAR: A prime witness in 1984 anti-Sikh riots said that everyone who had been watching Doordarshan saw how superstar Amitabh Bachchan provoked the rioters.

"I wonder why no one in India lodged case against Amitabh Bachchan for provoking killing of Sikhs," said Jagdish Kaur, prime witness in 1984 anti- Sikh riots while talking to TOI on Thursday.

Following Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination by her Sikh bodyguards Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, India erupted in riots against Sikhs in 1984. Reminiscing the sad memories of hate crime against Sikhs she said, "I watched live relay on Doordarshan and saw Amitabh Bachchan raising his arm and shouting the slogan, 'khun ka badla khun sae laengae' (Blood for blood) two times. "

Jagdish Kaur said that everyone who had been watching Doordarshan was witness to how the bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan provoked the anti- Sikh riots. "I am not concerned that a case has been registered against him in Australia but all I want to know why nobody noticed Amitabh's provoking statement in India," Kaur asked. She said that ever since she saw Amitabh spewing venom in full public glare she never watched any of his movies or programmes on TV. "Any mention of him or his work reminds me of his role in the 1984 riots," she said.

Recently a US-based Sikh human rights group lodged a criminal complaint against Bachchan in Australia for instigating and abetting 1984 anti Sikh riots. Australia's 'Criminal Code Act 1995' states that Australian courts can have jurisdiction over cases involving crimes against humanity irrespective of whether the offense was committed in Australia or not.

Jagdish Kaur, then 42, had seen her husband and son being murdered in cold blood by a frenzied mob inside her house in Palam Colony (West Delhi) on November 1st 1984. She also saw her three brothers Narinder Pal Singh, 35, Raghwinder Singh, 28 and Kuldeep Singh ,21, all contractors with MES, burning to death by the mob while they were trying to save themselves.

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