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Amitabh Bachchan’S Invitation To Leicester Event Causes Outrage In Uk Sikh Community.

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Keith Vaz has a bit of dodgy past himself. Google 'The Hinduja Brothers Keith Vaz' and you'll realise why. I'd be rather careful before we start placing trust in him to help Sikhs in this cause. I could be wrong, but he usually moves towards where there is prestige and power, and I'd think he's likely to defend Bachchan than speak against him.

Kieth vaz shouldnt be trusted at all, he supports violent political thugs like the UAF (BOGUS SO CALLED UNITE AGIANST FACISM) The uaf have been conatcted about attacks on Sikhs in Oldbury by Muslims, but they laughed.

Vaz also denies any racial element to the grooming of girls by Pakistani men.

As for Batchan he is the same Scum, he was close to the ghandis he had power, due his populairty, Tully writes he raised slogans in october 84, so i am all for this protest against Scum like Bachan and Vaz.

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**The Protest IS Going Ahead**

This is a Peaceful Protest to Educate the public about Amitabh Bachchan and the November 1984 National Genocide.

Keith Vaz along with Amitabh Bachchan’s family and fans will be attending the Platinum Suite on Saturday. The Leicester police have informed Seva84 that Amitabh will not attend as he claims he will be ill on the day.

A meeting was called earlier today where it was agreed that the peaceful protest will still go ahead on the following grounds:

-The event in question... will still be going ahead with the presence of Amitabh’s family members and fans from all across the UK.

-MP Keith Vaz needs to be made aware that the Sikh community will protest the visit of any perpetrator of the 1984 Genocide against Sikhs (even if they have not been brought to trial yet)

-As the press will be present, this is an excellent opportunity to highlight Amitab’s role in 1984 to his fans, the public and the media that will be present.

Protest details will be posted on www.facebook.com/seva1984

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Protocol for Peaceful Protest 16 June 2012

Sikhs are requested to start gathering at the Platinum Suite, Cobden Street, Leicester LE1 2LB at 5.00pm – 7.30pm

All Sikhs attending are requested to note the following Protocol:

-Sikhs must respect and participate in the Naam Simiran, Mool Mantra, Chaupai Sahib Jaap that is intended to take place on the day, so that the Khalsa Panth receives blessings from Guru Ji.

- Intimidation, swearing or violent behaviour will NOT be tolerated. Do not come looking intimidating i.e., do not wear hoodies or any face coverings. No swearing will be permitted. Smart dresscode is preffered.

- Sikhs must show restraint and conduct themselves respectfully when addressing members of the public, the police or any attendees of the event. Do not engage in any arguments, direct difficult persons to the sevadars present at the protest.

-Sikh and non-Sikh media will be present for us to voice our concerns to the wider Community - we do not want to show the wider community we are violent, rather we would like to educate them on November 1984 in an articulate way.

- Support those Sevadaars who will be taking a lead on the day

We will get our message across through leaflets and placards. We want this protest to be remembered as “the protest that highlighted Amitabh Bachchan’s contribution to the November 1984 National Genocide”. We would also like MP Keith Vaz to also realise the distress his invitation to Amitabh has caused to the British Sikh community.

FINALLY, REMEMBER, you will be representing the roop of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj.


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"Smart dress code is mandatory". Don't have "preferred" because some will prefer not to dress smartly.

I assume it is to avoid the attire of those protesters who come with hoodies and face coverings.

As the event is likely to be a "stylish" and "posh" occasion perhaps a smart outlook would not be such a bad idea, but I wouldn't get too hung up on the point.

My trainers cost me more than my smart shoes...

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i dont think smart necessarily means expensive.

True however that if your dressed in joggers and trainers more likely to be classed as the "working feral class"

All about perception and people will be intrigued by seeing well dressed protestors.

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so sikhs killed the prime minister is that not a crime which these bodyguards need to be punished for? if some hindues killed a sikh leader surely all sikhs would incite their fellow to kill hindus..

It was a crime and they were punished but there were reasons behind their killing of a tyrant. Are you posting in all the forums about hitlers death and saddams death?

No for unlike you we wouldnt call for the death of all hindus but for people to be tried for their crimes. The singhs who recently killed that <banned word filter activated> from a dera handed themselves in to the police, whereas the masses who killed sikhs still go about there lives and try and forget. Lets you know who the lions though

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    • "I'm a devout Sikh -- and married to a man." What an absurd statement. I'm glad that Jasvir Singh has a trimmed beard, as it helps make it obvious how inaccurate his claim of being a "devout Sikh" is for people who may not know that same sex marriage is not compatible with a gurmat lifestyle.     The funny thing is, just observing the organization from its online presence, I would have guessed that it was created primarily to help guys like Jasvir Singh and Param Singh (remember how he appeared on a dating game show?) meet women. How wrong I was.
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