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[Stuff] Jathebandhi Fanboys Say

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After reading Mehtab Singh's post I do appreciate the other side of the argument as well. Although I do believe the intention of the young Singh was not to mock the various "ways" to be found in Sikhi, I do think he wanted to highlight how much we get lost in the differences rather than uniting over the similarities.

But yes I also agree with the fact that non-Sikhs would view the video and think it's okay to mock us in the same manner. What such people would overlook is that whilst the Singh was doing it in a way to almost teach us a lesson in overcoming our differences, non-Sikhs would do it to hurt our beliefs.

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I don't deny that the intentions behind the making of this video might be a concern towards how obsessed we've become with the alliances we've formed with our favorite Jathebandis, which is fine. What I don't get is what was the need to portray the usual chores of a GurSikh in a way thats almost close to mockery? Its almost hypocritical because the same people who have their pants on fire each time a Hindu/Muslim makes fun of a Sardar are actually enjoying all this. Don't get me wrong, I am all for humor, but these kind of videos give me an impression of a person (like myself) who probably isn't at a level where he could actually abide by all the Rehits that he tries to make a joke out of. I read through the Singh's clarification rant as well. Good points, well said, however nothing justifies this kind of video. Not only it gives non-Sikhs encouragement to further shoot videos mocking Sikhs (and now may be even Sikh chores), it puts forward the impression that Sikhs themselves mock their faith, they are probably frustrated with what their religion teaches and so they are venting it out by making such videos. I personally found it offensive towards all the 4 kinds of Sikhs he portrayed, including those missionaries who utter nothing but manure. Rather than responding to the venomous propaganda of the missionaries, why mock them? Doesn't it make us look weak and ignorant to answer their questions? Gives them an excuse as well to further taunt us.

Why do I say this? Because unlike you guys I was once a non-Sikh, and if I was a non-Sikh today and saw such a video, the first thing I'd probably do is show this to all Sikhs I knew and tell them how their own folks are mocking their faith, and would enjoy the sight of embarrassment on their faces.

So guys, just a reminder, the Sikhi saroop you carry around with you is not just you, its the representation of the entire Khalsa Panth. Every move you make will be remembered by everyone who sees you. People will forget your face, your name, but will remember what you did and will tell 100 others as to what they saw a Sardar do. Likewise, people will forget this guy's name and face, they will forget all the actions he did and the stuff he said. What they will always remember is they saw a Sikh mock Sikhism, no matter how much you try to justify that it was done in good spirits and light mood.

Here is a response to his video...

Its one thing to laugh at oneself, but something else to become the laughing stock for the world. So please be careful and choose wisely.

For those who enjoyed it, I respect your opinions as well, so no further arguments from my side. Just remember one thing, next time a Hindu/Muslim makes fun of a Sardar, I will be reminding you your laughter towards this video.

And I repeat, I am not going to argue with anyone over this. If you enjoyed it, if it made you laugh, I am happy for you. May Guru Sahib always keep you happy, smiling and laughing.

Nice to know that atleast there is 1 person who still has bibek budhi on this forum.

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