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Simran before or after paat? Experiences and opinions please.


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What have you experiences been in respect to doing simran (naam japping) before or after paat?

I know we aim to do it rom rom 24 hours, but until some of us amateurs get there (if we are graced to that is), what have the regularly practicing simran sangat's experiences been?

Does order matter? Do we have a choice? How does it make a difference? etc. etc.

Please share your thoughts and experiences.

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On 1/1/2023 at 9:33 AM, Premi5 said:

Gurbani first can also put one in the right mindset to do Simran properly 

This is true. 


I think also doing simran after helps with stilling the mind. It's like paat conditions the mind for the subsequent practice of stillness.  

But all said and done, however anyone is doing it, the fact that they at all is great. 

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Gurbani is very clear regarding this question when it says:


There is no any  before or after this or that as such thing, Simran is the foremost expression of love and devotion to Guru Jee and Waheguru at all times, it is our only link with the Lord, all other things are surplus.

When we shall  leave this world, it is only the wealth of Simran of His Name  gathered,  that which will count up there, nothing more, nothing less.

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