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Suppose some girl falls in luv with u.....but u dont luv her

She tries hard to convince u about how much she luv u.... She does whatever u like ....

One fine day u also starts luving her....but that till that time girl looses her patience n she decides to move away from u

Her heart broken n she starts doing all wrong stuffs

One day when u finally decide to tell her that yes u also luv her.... But unfortunately after seeing the condition of that girl ur heart brokes

So now what will u do or think????? Let me know what will be ur reaction....compare this with luv not god....

Now what step u will take...leave her or will still luv her??

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Mushrooms or mescaline are all good short term fun.

yes, with some acid you will have an experience and it does wake up neurons in your brain that have never been stimulated.

Some even feel more spiritual and connected when they have them and I remember feeling that.

But they don't ever just stop there.

I have NEVER ever known anyone who has no regrets for ever taking drugs.

They fool you at first and then they slowly take over you like the devil.

I can't stop you trying them , but Guruji warns us not to take anything that affects our mind and senses.

The mind is victim to the 5 thieves even when it is completely sober or soffee.

it is never ever worth it.

You are getting this feeling out of anger because you feel God owes you one for all your simran effort.

Now, that you have not experienced anything you feel betrayed and like a loser.

In Sikhi the relationship with God is NOT about give and take.

It is not like you need to be rewarded.

You really need to read Gurbani to understand.

If you don't understand now, you will in months or years to come if you go away and play with your body.

You will enjoy the short term highs and hits and then eventually God will make you realise your foolishness and you will be begging him for forgiveness.

Then you will come back and realise what I am saying here.

It's up to you to choose your path, but I can guarantee you will come back to this same starting point and wish you had not taken it.

Guru Nanak ji advised that we shouldn't be doing bhagti whilst locked away from the world.

He made it clear that one should be finding the Lord within whilst living in society as a householder who studies, works and earns.

The other problem you have is that you have locked yourself away and you don't even know yourself anymore.

If you went back out into the real world, you will come across people who are left behind,

Then you will realise how the meditation and simran has put you ahead with some understanding that they don't get !!

Go out and try it !

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Guest seiker

To the original OP,

If you provide me more details regarding your sadhana, we might be able to help you. I am hinting at how strong your rehat was, did you maintain utmost brahmcharya etc etc.

Have you noticed a change in your thought pattern?

How were you doing bhagti, what were you chanting etc.

Dont say that your time has been wasted, saying waheguru for a split second doesnt go waste, you have spent two years. Tell more about your experience those two years. Sometimes, you get subtle signs.

And read some jeevans of Mahapurakhs to learn bit about ego/ahankar and handle it as well ;)

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Yep lucky paji is right, gristhi jeevan also.

Op you sound like me locked away, but me without the bhagti bit or the yoga bit. God has given you wat you need to do in this life, why are you locking yourself away especially in this day n age, you are young too so should be happy not lock yourself away from the world.

You have the chance to sit in sangat, go and do that you will enjoy it. Maybe hard to adjust to, but slowly you will adapt.

Take small steps, then few bigger ones to mix back again into the world. I remember when i didn't go out for 5yrs out the house and a lady used to come to take me out first for 5mins, then 10, then half hour every time she came. It was very hard but i did it. That's wat you will need to do, dont hibernate it will be harder the longer you leave it. Sangat is important too, dont deny that if you are able to partake in it.

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Rick strassman MD psychatrist did research on DMT where most of the volunteer subjects had temporary high only last 15-30 min after injecting. Most of the volunteers after 2years of follow up for change in quality of life ended up back in therapy meaning back to shrink probably for life.

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U need to live/accept waheguru ji's panna (will), but by taking drugs you will clearly show that you do not accept his will that he does not want to give u darshan etc yet, its not a competition where you do so much meditation etc and you will win a prize.

Sikhi is about living under gods will and not looking for rewards in this world or the next , (Nishkam seva) but just loving his lotus feet !

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Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa !! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !!

Waheguru ji.

maybe you had lot of previous janams pararabdh and it reduced a lot in 2 years :)

keep going also do beant sewa and jap in sangat . sangat is most essential part dont miss out on it.

also smoking isnt going to help you . if you want to smoke . Smoke lords name

maybe he is testing you .

as i said lot of your karm's of previous life got cut. please keep going and stay with sangat + do simran while ur at it .

nishkam sewa you will get fal dont worry . just do not miss sangat

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    • I am in big dilemma.  As we all know that waheguru ji everywhere. I also understand that it is important to go to gurudwara sahib as well. My question is that if i do ardaas at home or any other place other than  gurudwara sahib, will it be heard and acknowledged by guru sahib or it is always important to go to gurudwara sahib and do ardaas at gurudwara sahib for guru sahib to acknowledge it? I always do path and ardaas at home in front of harmandir sahib photo or hazur sahib photo  and then for important things i make a list and go to gurudwara sahib to do the ardaas there because i think that if i do ardaas in front of guru granth sahib then it will be more accepted by guru sahib. On the other hand i think that if i am doing ardaas in front of harmandir sahib or hazur sahib photo and redoing the same ardaas at gurudwara sahib, i feel that i am not respecting the authority of harmandir sahib or hazur sahib. Because of all this, I wait to find a quite time at gurudwara sahib when there is less or no sangat  so that I can open my list and read and do ardaas spend 10-15 minutes on average to do ardaas. If there are lot of people, i can't do ardaas due to people in the lineup and I don't want to block access to them while i am spending so much time doing ardaas. If i leave without doing ardaas then i am embarrassed, disappointed and sad and then OCD kicks in. Kindly help!    
    • Play/do gurbani, simran and keertan often, make sure you do your nitnem, use sarbloh and wear sarbloh!
    • process is to find a vichola and then the vichola talks between your family and theirs. The process should be similar to how rishta is done in India side!
    • No. If you read the histroy of Guru jis' times and even centuries later, usually marriages were done in childhood. Then when they were old enough to start their grihast jeevan partnership, the bride is brought over to her husbands's house in muklawa ceremony. 4-5 years engagement is silly. You get Anand Karaj now, and then after university she you do muklawa, that is much more in the guidelines!
    • you need to explain that even the devtay kept their kes, and is a part of the ancestors' culture, that sikhi is also preserving the kshatriya and dharmik cultures!
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