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Naamdharis Given Air On Sangat Tv


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"sachasoorma" the Nirankari show was broadcast on 21 October around 9PM. Not sure of the presenters name but the show was derogatory to the Sikh faith. No one answered calls at the channel and have yet to respond to Emails.

As far as the Ealing councillor is concerned, many complained and the matter has been progressed. I have confirmed this from sikh channel.

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Some people need to remove the hatred from within them and stop making blanket statements, here is a post I made on this forum a little while ago, here it is with a few 2 more added videos at the end:

What gives people mixed opinions, is when we have such amazing Keertan like the following, Bhai Baljeet Singh Bhai Gurmeet Singh namdhari...

Skip to 1 hour 20 minutes....

if only people like them could come 100% into Gurmat and leave behind the manmat things that the namdhari cult has attached itself to.

If you weren't impressed by the above, then watch/listen to this video...

I don't know if constantly criticizing Namdharis is the best choice....when I watch/listen to videos like the ones above, it gives me some type of compassion/hope for them, because the potential is obviously there in them.

Bhai Tejinder Singh Shimla Valey and Bhai Davinder Singh Khanne/Sohana Valey really have set a beautiful tone by having them come and join with the rest of Sikh Panth and do Keertan.

However, we must also be aware that not all Namdharis have this mentality, etc...and we can never accept them manipulating Ik Oankaar and also having any Guru beyond Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

It really is a balancing act of being protective, but not so overly protective that we destroy the chance of Namdharis coming fully into Gurmat.

Here is one video more which you will thoroughly enjoy:

Raag Dhanasari Bhai Baljit Singh Delhi : Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Samellan 1996 (Jawaddi Taksal):

No one is hating anyone and people need to stop twisting others words and also as i said previously stop making excuses for the kookas, if anything why are they hating our way of sikhi to start their own, do you not think for one minute that Brahmgianis like Bhai Mani Singh, Baba Deep Singh and Baba Banda Singh Bahadur could have been made the next Guru by Guru Gobind Singh JI if they wanted to continue a dehtari Guru and do you not think that these mahapurkhs would not have known if Maharaj had proclaimed any other human as Guru After themselves, people need to get their heads out the sand and start using logic and stop trying to convince true loyal amritdhari Gursikhs of SGGS JI that its all ok because a group sings shabads but lets ignore the dehtari guru part, get real we are not interested so stop trying to sell us a dead horse!

Some of us have allegiance to SGGS ji only and will live and die according to SGGS ji and the orders left to us by Guru Gobind Singh JI that sab sikhian ko hukam hai Guru manyeo Granth !!

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"Toofana" you say the show was derogatory to the sikh faith.........

Do you have any examples??


Thought not.......

That encounters is a new thing and started at 8.30pm......

Like i said i have been watching a few times and find the presenter quite reasonable and fairly knowledgeable regarding sikhi.

And your source for all things anita kapoor is........sikh channel told you???? Lmao

Like i said i spoke to the conservative party leader of ealing council.......why dont you try the same, rather than foam at the mouth about perceived derogations without the quotes to back it.

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Sangat television are a disgrace. They had Nirankaris on the week before too. May be a deeper rooted conspiracy behind it all. AP Mann is pathetic.

If that is a picture of Aps Mann smoking then the members of sangat trust which i think includes Bhai Mohinder Singh of Nishkam Sewak Jatha Soho road Gurdwara and Joga Singh etc need to think again unless he has changed his ways as this is not what a sikhi media channel manager should be.

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I asked the question simply - i dont want this to go in to hate this hate that - issue is sangat tv should be adhering to Akal Takht edicts - they shouldnt be airing naamdarhis at all.

Please if sanagt tv is reading this debat - answer why they did they air this prograame - i watched it - the guy talked of SATGUR PARTAP SINGH quite a few times on the show, it was crystal clear where he was coming from . I am all for naamdaris to come on here once they accept SGGS as there Guru and retake amrit as per akal takht maryada - neeldahris have done this of recent. So please dont paint everyone with the same brush.

I need an answer from sangat TV or they should apologize to sangat via their channel for airing such individuals - i'm sure they are reading this debate - if no answer than my Direct debits are coming off to this channel by the end of this month.

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Veerji will you say the same if they interview a muslim or catholic??

They may.......shock........horror.......say mohammed....and......peace be upon him........aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Open your mind my brother......no one got converted............or.........did they?

Its upto you what you do with your money brother, but will you still be paying for the sky platform and the abp news that comes with it?? Or pay for tv license so sonia deol can dance with the hindus who stood by and watched sikhs being burnt alive or maybe nihal can call guru nanak a thief who stole bits and bobs from hinduism and islam??

Still dont understand why every one on this site acts like paranoid schizophrenics looking round every corner and under their beds for anti sikh monsters.

Stop wetting your beds and practice what you preach.............er...........second thoughts..........don't.

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Aps mann is an arrogant person he wont apologise best way is stop supporting sangat tv financially then the trustees will have to think why ? I have seen their dirty tactics in the way they cut out representatives of other channels when they air Smagams etc and i spoke to mann about this, his attitude was if you dont want to support us fine, so guess what i dont ! :biggrin2:

And if you notice some of their presenters have jumped ship to Akaal channel like Ranjit Singh Rana and the other guy Sangha i think his name is, i wonder why ??

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Satgur Partap Singh once visited Baba Nand Singh who said to him that Guru Gobind SIngh dictated Guru Granth Sahib ji from memory can he ( Partap Singh) recite panj Granthi to him from memory. Partap Singh said to Baba Nand Singh that you are trying to test me and left nanaksar quickly. Lately Radha swami Guru went to Darbar sahib and Akal Takht Jathedar proclaimed that he believes that Guru Ganth Sahib is Guru not him. All this is just causing more confusion among the already confused Sikh people that who's who.

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    • Too add another piece of the puzzle of what apnay experienced during the colonial period (as requested in the OP).         It’s easy to be mistaken by this picture of a gentle, stooped, grandfatherly 95 year-old. He was in fact one of the most feared and dangerous men in British India. So feared was he by the British that, shackled in irons, he was held for 16 years in near solitary confinement 1000kms off the shore of India for fear of the revolution he tried to spark. This is Sohan Singh Bhakna, founder of the revolutionary Ghadr Party. When India joined WW1, every young Punjabi man was vigorously encouraged to join the Indian Army; British officials, Indian nobility, Indian district bureaucrats, even the Indian National Congress and Mahatma Gandhi joined forces to promote recruitment. Opposing that consensus was a vociferous, violent energetic group, operating from North America called the Ghadrs, or revolutionaries. Sohan Singh Bhakna became active in the early nationalist movement before he joined the small pioneering stream of men who moved out of Punjab to the Pacific Northwest in the early 1900s where he worked in lumber mills. America wasn’t colonising India but there was no lack of racism and discrimination toward the ‘Hindoo’ labourers and Bhakna rapidly joined the early Indian labour movement. He founded the Ghadr party with other North American Indians who agitated for the overthrow British colonial authority in India by means of an armed revolution. The Ghadrs viewed the Congress-led Independence movement as soft and unambitious so adopted a harder stance with their principal strategy to entice Indian soldiers into armed revolt against the British taking particular advantage of the vulnerability of the First World War. Their revolutionary plans included smuggling arms to the passengers of the Komagatu Maru on their return to India, making overtures to the German Embassy in the US, pumping out revolutionary messages to Indian soldiers via their prolific pamphleteering. Their most seditious and dangerous plot was to coordinate violent armed revolutionary activity with Indian soldiers in SE Asia. Alarmed, the British promptly arrested Sohan Singh as he tried to enter India in 1914 and tried for conspiracy. Found guilty, he was sentenced to death. A sentence later commuted to life imprisonment in The Andaman Islands, 1000kms off the shore of India. There Sohan Singh settled into a period of revolt and activism with repeated hunger strikes to improve the conditions for his fellow prisoners. Both in the Andamans and back in India where he was imprisoned until 1930 he carried out hunger strikes for Sikh prisoner’s religious rights, the rights of lower caste Indian prisoners and in support of Bhagat Singh. By the outbreak of the Second world war, Sohan Singh had been released 10 years and was an active and fearsome political voice for the Communist Party. War brought new rules, and the Indian Government arrested and interred the now 70-year-old Sohan Singh for 3 more years in an Indian jail lest he revive his violent tendencies during a time of wartime vulnerability. He lived another 20 years after Indian Independence and the Partition, a constant and prolific voice in early Indian politics. He died in 1968, ending a phenomenal life of 98 years, in his home district of Amritsar. -Amandeep Madra https://barusahib.org/general/sohan-singh-bhakna-the-man-who-shook-the-britishers-with-fear/
    • I've worked around a lot of them over the years. For all their faults, none of them (that I've met) seem remotely concerned with the colonial thing, they seem too shrewed and self-serving for that. It's some western raised apnay that do this.    
    • I agree that the situation is improving among western born Sikhs, but I don't think there has been any significant growing consciousness in that regard among Indian Sikhs.
    • You're right, but I don't see hordes of apnay queuing up to join in, like before. We do have a ground level movement that questions the past in the UK like never before. 'No more sepoys'. The whole colonial period is under scrutiny across the board these days.  Interestingly, this is part and parcel of a growing consciousness in broad areas amongst Sikhs. Of course we will have opportunists and the gullible who struggle to put the past in proper context, but then that just makes the job of de-brainwashing apnay all the more important. We might not be able to educate every last person, but we can make a big difference, enough to reign in the confused.  
    • This is no big mystical revelation imho.  European whites fighting amongst themselves has been on the cards for ages. It's the natural state of things if long term history is anything to go by.  The only good point right now is that we don't hordes of our own illiterate pendu peasants lined up to do goray's dirty work for peanut money that was stolen off them in the first place (like in the previous conflicts with krauts/nazis).  Shasters will be/are important, but anyone who doesn't recognise how important ashtars i.e. projectile weapons like guns, canons, missiles etc. are today is a bewakoof of major proportions. Those of us in the western diaspora: abled bodied young men and women, get ready to defend your own community in the potential face of a rise of racism. It's been done before. Plus the indigenous nazis in many western disaporas have now been reinforced by 'refugee' eastern european ones.  It doesn't take a genius (or a mahapurash sant) to figure out what we may have to face.  
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