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Basics Of Sikhi Vs Dawah Man

Mehtab Singh

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I once went to my local Asda and i met my old school fellow who is a muslim and a friend now still after 20 years. He is an advanced Muslim has a lot of knowledge about his religion.

We shook hands and started talking about religion- he said "we beleive Guru Nanak was a Muslim". In reply i said well that implies that the Prophet Mohammed was a Sikh and then i told him how Guru Jee clearly Na Ko Muslim Na Ko Hindu I shall follow the path of God. Then he said to me how is it you beleive God is everwhere in reply i said " God's Noor is in his jahan" meaning Gods light is manifested in the world. He got a shock when he heard me say this with Arabic words. Then i told him how great sufi Fakirs such as Mansoor saw God's light (divinity) everywhere and how he told of his previous lives. He was shocked and had no answer. Theres is no doubt that Prophet Mohammed was a great soul. If you listen to Maskeen Ji's katha he talks about how Prophet Mohammed would enter into samadhi and say to his wife that God was speaking to him.

However he has several criticisms aswell and so does the Quran Sharif. But there are NO criticism of any of the Guru's lifes.

This challenge about the 40 rhetorics can easily be answered by Gurbani and my benti to all the scholars is to find out because Gurbani contains many rhetioric verses. In islam they say God has 99 names and in Jaap Guru Sahib on purpose made 199 names.

The main problem with Islam is the emphasis on sharas (code of conduct) and lack of spirituality. Other criticisms are no beleif in Karma, reincarnation and heaven rather than merger with God, and Jihad. How can you justify ramming a vehicle into the unarmed Drummer Lee Rigby from behind and say that you will go to paradise for this. Thats not bravery it cowardice

Please could the sangat highlight more criticisms of Islam. Please note that we have nothing against Islam i just would like to see a comparison between the two religions. Any links to previous threads would be appreciated.

Criticism of Prophet Mohammed is when he was circumcised

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paaj i appreciate hearing about the exchange.

I would think any nam rassiyah person who stands with a muslim would be sooo strong spiritually that the muslmaan will be trying to fathom out of his depth. The rehat of a practicing sikh would be flowing through and affect the other person because their now dealing in the Naam of Waheguru Essence Source of Light. Nobody can withstand that..

We are going in the right direction now with some great parchar

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Giani Hari Singh Randava did a rare katha on SC where he talked about a muslim book which contains the talks between Guru Nanak Dev Jee and one of the great Muslim fakirs in either Baghdad or Mecca. I think it was Peer Dastageer. He says that this peer actually converted to Sikhism afetr the gosti and then Guru Ji gave him the highest spiritual state and accepted Guru Nanak as his Pegambar. This Peer was given a fatwa whereby he was dug up in a sand pit and had stones thrown at him till death.

If you listen to one of the kathas on Gurmatveechar by Sant Kartar Singh Damdami Taksaalvale he says there is a muslim book that talks about Guru Nanak Dev Jee and that all Muslims must follow him. I think even the Prophet Mohammed talked about Guru Jee aswell and told his followers to listen to him.

Please share more sakhis such as those of great Muslim fakirs who were given Fatwas by Muslim clergy for going against the teachings of Islam and following the teachings a spoken by Guru Nanak Dev

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    • Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Please someone shed light on the following situation: I understand that waheguru ji is everywhere.   This is what I feel: when I go to gurughar to do ardas, most of the times my ardas is accepted and when I do from home, sometimes ardas is not accepted.  This makes me believe that  i need to go to gurughar to do ardas in order to fullfill the ardas wishes. Now, here the problen is,  I do regular path and ardas at home and when something is important, i do ardas at home and go to gurudwara sahib to do the ardas and if i don't do that i feel something bad will happen and my wish will not be fullfilled. Sometimes the list gets so big, i had to write it on a piece of paper and look at the paper while doing ardas at gurughar. Sometimes I get frustrated because sometimes there is hukumnama, sometimes ardas happening, sometimes sukhasan, sometimes there is a big crowd (lineup) that I can't peacefully stand and do ardas and wait until everything is over. Also, i think if I do full ardass (means like the way the pathi sahib do), that's the only way fullfill my wishes. I think if I don't do full ardas and simply request for my wishes to be fullfilled (point to point talk without full ardas), waheguru will not listen and won't grant me those wishes. This all is driving me crazy with frustration and mental peace.  is it real that only ardas has to be done at gurughar to be fullfilled or it can be done anywhere anytime? Kindly advise what should I do and please guide me to the right path.  
    • we shouldn't be worried about meat. I know this forum is allergic to meat discussions, but meat is hardly an issue for a sikh to be worried about! If you want we can discuss privately. Bhangra is dreadful these days. However music if required for keertan, so without bhangra music is actually good, if we do music with gurbani or something helpful and chardi kala! However it is unfortunate I am seeing modern keertanis bring keertan down to the level of bhangra from the past few decades!
    • Is that...? ਵਖੜਿਆ ਦਾ ਝਟਕਾ? and not ਬਕੜਿਆ ਦਾ. Unique ones not goat ones. 
    • 4 days total.  First 3 days Akhand Paat for the auspicious occasion.  4th day Anand Karj followed by Kirtan, Katha and Guru ka Kangar.  In my attendance of 20+ weddings I have only seen ONE such wedding. Zero party... party brings meat, alcohol and bhangra / music.
    • I can see this old post has popped up on feed.  I am 34 was 17 when I was blessed with Amrit. Due to my kacha (raw/ uncooked) jeevan I dwell on this; if I had not taken Amrit wouldn't I have enjoyed sex, going pubs and eating meat sometimes? All before the age of 25? Then take Amrit later on in life? And if you have indulged in such activities... ENJOY IT! Why worry about hell / heaven?  As an Amritdhari we have other responsibilities; reunion with God whilst in Grisht jeevan. But if you're Non Amritdhari why worry? JUST ENJOY! 
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