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Gurdwara Marrying Sikhs To Muslims

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no the colleague is a mona sikh. But I think you have all missed my point.....why oh but WHY? why are our gurdwars allowing this??..It is surely sending out the wrong message to our future....

On a given Sunday our gurdwaras preach to us one thing and the following weekend they are blessing the wedding of a Sikh to a Muslim.

In this case I do not think the girl will embrace Sikhi.

I just find it very disheartening and sad that our religion is stooping to this low and encouraging this.

Please not this is not to say that ALL gurdwars allow this.....they DO NOT

I pray and pray this practice is not adopted by all gurdwaras..

But how do our people and religion allow this???...Given our history?..

These gurdwaras in the west make tons of money from marriages, so this is why they keep doing it. I am sure deep down they all know it's wrong, but they need money to run Gurdwara. Nothing is free in the west if you're foreigner.

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Still the OP won't tell us what Gurdwara this 'sikh to a muslim' marriage is about to take place in.

Until he tells us as far as I'm concerned its an imaginary scenario he dreamt up in his mind about some imaginary boy and girl about to get married in some imaginary gurdwara.

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new age sikhs are marrying out of the sikh religion. HOWEVER if the muslim girl becomes a sikh and takes our tenth master as her master unlike following the teaching of prophet mohammed then its all good. The shame is whem you see all sardaaars with big turbans and long beards standing around a tabaya watching a kala marrying their daughter and he hasnt converted to sikhi. The sikh women on a massive scale are marrying out of sikhi.

To the point...

The gurdwara committees who run the gurdwaras are not practising the rehat as set by the main sikh leaders in india. These guys are often older businessmen who can read gurmukhi and do path however havent lived strictly by the tennets set by guru gobing singh ji. So they bend the rules is its a mates son or if bookings are down and cash flow is low. The gurdwara is also a business to these people. So theyl marry their own son to muslim, hindu or whatever without a blink of an eyelid IF it brings in the business and a bonus if the person marrying their daughter or son has a good profession!

Singh Sabha Gurdwara in bradford follow strict tennets of sikhism and would not allow this conduct as they put faith, following sikhi appropriately and running the gurdwara accordingly. If you go down the road 1 minute walk to Gobind Marg gurdwara they marry hindus and sikhs mixed marriages...etc

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The gurdwara has allot of money coming and going through it. The bent sevadaars often take advantage of the benefits of even taking loans from the golak when they are in power. many of the old school gurdwara pardaans who we all saw wearing smart blazers and shirt and tie with a big desi pagh and mercedes parked up outside where bent. Then the you see the second generation come through who are their children and grand children who are also showing they are religious butvalso draining the system. I seen this behaviour many times! Often theres a power struggle between large extended families to take over the committees.

The benefits...

1.They get into the network of the councillors.

2.Funds and Grants information and people who offer this.

3.Because its a charity so there are many people who offer services for free. The committee take advantage of this on a personal level.

4. Being part of the gurdwara estabilishment gives prestige and gives them a higher sense of living higher than the common individual. "Power trip"

The "Gurmukh" sevadaar will often be humble and keep his head down and be ready and willing to help where he or she can...as humbleness is the whole meaning of seva. The worldly power trip sevadaars look down on the gurmukhs and think they are pushovers as all these people would normally say is "han ji". If you meet certain amritdhari sevadaar in the gurdwara you can tell whos practising, seva, simran and nimrataa and doing seva with a true heart.

Im pretty fed up of the power trip sevadaars myself and their families Taking advantage of the so called seva they are doing in the gurdwaras.

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Sas Sri akal to all....

Please I am asking for all here not to assume mona Sikhs are all like of a certain kind. I myself am a mona....but to me the most important thing to me is my religion even though I do not have a turban. I dont drink or smoke and certainly dont take drugs.

My religion Sikhi is more foremost. I bring my children up in the same manner and have explained the certain do and donts of being a sikh and paths to avoid in life.

And no people from faiths outside of Sikhi and NOT embracing Sikhi when participating these marriages. I know this for a fact as I have now like us most, many cousins who have married non sikhs in Gurdwaras. T

Hence why is disappoints me greatly why the most sacred place for me in my life is allowing this to happen.

Some gurdwaras have even built a seperate room at the back of gurdwara premises where these Anand Karaj wedding take place on the quiet.

It saddens me a great deal. Really saddens me and I worry for our future.

I am fully aware that some of you may be interested in knowing which gurdwara this is. Very sadly I will not for obvious reason post on here which gurdwara is allowing this. But you may private message me and I can share further with you.

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Still the OP won't tell us what Gurdwara this 'sikh to a muslim' marriage is about to take place in.

Until he tells us as far as I'm concerned its an imaginary scenario he dreamt up in his mind about some imaginary boy and girl about to get married in some imaginary gurdwara.



No you have got me wrong. It would not be right for me to post this for obvious reason you are free to pvt message me to discuss further.

And same applies to it being an imaginary scenario that has been dreamt up. I am not here to stir trouble or to wind people up. Im just saddened that this is allowed to happen. I repeat once again I think all have drifted off the subject a little. I cannot understand why our sacred homes are allowing this. What I find difficult to get a grip with is how easy our older generation have accepted this in society.

All the best

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Im not goin to copy and paste whole article, as its quite long mods, however i wana post this 1 example of these sham marriages have taken the pure p!$$ out of our dharam n gurus.

"2.6 Some examples have emerged where the Anand Karaj has taken place without the non-Sikh partner accepting the Sikh faith. Then the Sikh partner is converted for the second religious ceremony. A particular example illustrates this issue whereby a Sikh girl had an Anand Karaj first and then had a church wedding where she was converted to Christianity. Sadly she died shortly afterwards and she was buried according to Christian rites. It was only at this point the distraught family realised what had actually happened."

The thing is, ppl only have anand karaj, coz it looks good on their crappy little video/pics to look at years later. Also these foolish atheistic parents r also to blame, as theyve given pure shabaashi to their dumb kids that sikhi is some sort make up your own dharam crap, where the classic line is "sikhi is personal, jus be a good person" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thing is, most ppl dont/havnt even read wat the 4 verses of the anand karaj means, and wat it represents. Example, the 1st verse says, how the 2 couples should meditate, believe in 1 god and make the guru centre of their world, now how can this happen, if 1 of the couples, belongs 2 a religion which believes in multiple gods, follows a religion which doesn't do naam and worships other prophets n not our guru?

And to those sayin, wats difference if 2 patit/mona sikhs get married in anand karaj, well, at least their kids will still come gurdwara in the future, even if it isnt regularly, but the connection is there, n u never know thats their lifeline, despite their parents not bein overly religious.

Mix marriages inevitably will produce confused kids, who dont know where their loyalties lie. Theres a gorah who rings up nihals show on bbc, who's married a an apni, n he says how their kids go both gurdwara n church, n participate in both religious activites n how they worship both gurus and jesus. He tries makin it out like its all rosy in his hippy cookoo land, wat a friggin joke man! The 2 faiths have so many contradictory beliefs. Whats he gona tell his kids wen it comes to evolution/adam n eve? Kids sikhi side says no halal/kosher, christian side says, "meh eat wat u want".

1 of my cousins is goin to be in a anand karaj in few months, with a HP (who is a complete h@rami btw), havin been turned away by 1 of our local gurdwaras (coz they have sharam). Instead of this awakenin her to this illegal wedding, she goes n finds anotha gurdwara where they r happy for this 2 go thru. I will not be attending the wedding, along with few fam members, sadly all the parents will b goin, as theyre "resigned" to goin. Its only us kids who r standing firm on this. I even asked her, wat religion ur kids will follow, she jus keeps ignorin me n stayin silent. Pure lust weddings shall fail, hopefully.

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Starstriker singhs have started protesting outside gurdwaras against this. The girls are chasing the lust BigTime and parents turn a blind eye at least shes married and gone...thats what they want...

As for guys. Many sikh boys get married in mixed marriages but dont seem strong to convert the women...again lust over faith and religion.

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